Starfield Insights: Your Questions with Informative Answers

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Starfield Characters Suit

Starfield marks Bethesda‘s inaugural new intellectual property (IP) in over a span of 25 years, heightening the anticipation surrounding the innovative elements it brings to the gaming genre.

With the imminent launch of Starfield, enthusiasts are eagerly seeking additional insights into the game’s captivating gameplay mechanics, possible online components, and other particulars that have largely remained enigmatic. Concurrently, Bethesda has adeptly maintained an air of mystery around this groundbreaking role-playing game (RPG), revealing only general tidbits of information that, regrettably, fail to satisfy the curiosity of players.

This guide, therefore, seeks to tackle some of the frequently raised questions pertaining to Starfield. These inquiries encompass aspects such as the game’s expected release timing, potential multiplayer functionalities, and the range of available editions.

How to Get Early Access to Starfield?

Securing a pre-order for Starfield’s Premium or Collector’s Edition will reward purchasers with an advantageous five-day head start. Because both the Premium and Constellation Editions entail digital game downloads, players won’t necessitate a physical disc to embark on this early access journey.

What Is Included in Premium and Collector’s Edition of Starfield?

Starfield game editions premium edition upgrade

When you pre-order Starfield, you earn the Old Mars Skin Pack, featuring a Deep Mining Helmet & Pack and a Laser Cutter. Additionally, those who opt for the game’s Premium Edition gain the perk of enjoying up to five days of early access, the Shattered Space DLC, the Constellation Skin Pack, and access to Starfield’s digital artbook and soundtracks.

Starfield also introduces a Collector’s Edition named Constellation, which encompasses the Chronomark watch and case, five days of early access, a credit stick carrying a game code etched by laser, the Shattered Space DLC, the Constellation Skin Pack, a Steelbook Case, the Constellation Patch, and entrance to Starfield’s digital artbook and soundtracks.

When Will Starfield Be Released?

Bethesda’s highly anticipated RPG, Starfield, is scheduled to launch on September 6, 2023. Nevertheless, gamers who have pre-ordered the Premium or Collector’s Edition will have the privilege of playing the game starting from September 1.

What Will Be Starfield’s File Size?

While the precise file size remains undisclosed, it’s speculated that Starfield might occupy around 125 GB of storage capacity on both Xbox consoles and PCs. For comparison, The Elder Scrolls Online, which stands as one of Bethesda’s most expansive games, holds a file size of 95 GB.

How Long Will It Take to Beat Starfield?

Using the details available before the official release, Starfield’s main storyline is reportedly 20% lengthier compared to previous games from Bethesda. This translates to a story mode spanning around 30 to 40 hours of gameplay. Naturally, given that Starfield adopts an open-world RPG format, fully exploring all its planets in a thorough, completionist manner could extend the playtime to over 100 hours.

The September release of Starfield arrives after an initial postponement from 2022, since the game was initially slated to become available on Xbox and Windows-based PCs in November of the preceding year.

Is Starfield on Xbox Game Pass?

As stated by Xbox, Starfield will be included in Game Pass Ultimate right from its initial release day. Those with Game Pass subscriptions can download the standard edition of the game as soon as it becomes globally available on September 6, 2023.

Will Starfield Come to PlayStation?

Given that Starfield falls under the Microsoft exclusive umbrella, it won’t be accessible on PlayStation 4 and 5. The sole supported platforms for experiencing the game encompass Xbox Series X|S and Windows PCs.

How Many Planets Are in Starfield?

Starfield Systems and Planets List

As outlined by the developers, Starfield will incorporate over 1,000 planets and several hundred star systems. Yet, it’s worth noting that only a fraction, approximately 10%, of these planets will host life, with the majority remaining uninhabited.

What Are Starfield Factions?

Much like the Fallout series, Starfield includes factions or colonies that players have the option to align with. In Bethesda’s fresh IP, a faction constitutes a military or religious organization characterized by distinct beliefs and objectives. These factions bring forth fresh side quests and rewards exclusively for their members. Among the notable factions within Starfield are the United Colonies and Freestar Collective.

Are Planets in Starfield Procedurally Generated?

The majority of planets in Starfield utilize procedural generation, implying that they’re generated in a random manner as players explore them. Nevertheless, the game also boasts a substantial volume of pre-crafted content. The story mode unfolds across several pivotal settings, including New Atlantis, the capital city of the United Colonies.

What Are the PC Requirements for Starfield?

For optimal performance in running Starfield on your PC, you’ll need 16 GB of RAM, 125 GB of available storage, either an AMD Ryzen 5 2600X or an Intel Core i7-6800K CPU, and either an AMD Radeon RX 5700 or an Nvidia GeForce 1070 Ti graphics card.

Will Starfield Have Character Customization?

Starfield Character Creation and Customization

Starfield boasts the most comprehensive character customization ever seen in Bethesda’s lineup of games. Gamers will have the ability to modify their character’s appearance, physique, and even movement style, in addition to assigning specific traits that influence their overall personality.

Beyond the depth of character customization, players will also possess the freedom to personalize their armor, weaponry, and spacecraft. This flexibility allows for crafting a distinctive arsenal and personalized outpost within the game.

What Kind of Gameplay Will Starfield Have?

Starfield falls under the Action-RPG category and incorporates aspects of both third-person and first-person shooters. The gameplay centers on venturing into space, exploring the unknown, and navigating survival challenges. This approach resonates with Bethesda’s established approach, drawing parallels with the acclaimed Fallout franchise.

Is Starfield 30fps or 60fps?

To ensure a satisfying visual experience and smooth performance on consoles, Starfield will maintain a frame rate of 30 FPS on Xbox Series X/S. Despite this consistent frame rate, players on Xbox Series X will enjoy the game at a 4K resolution, whereas Series S users will have a maximum of 1440p. Conversely, the PC iteration will offer 60 FPS and enable native 4K resolutions.

Is Starfield a Multiplayer Game?

Drawing from pre-release information and Bethesda’s official statements, Starfield is expected to lack multiplayer or co-op gameplay upon its initial launch. The game is primarily designed to offer a single-player experience, with potential incorporation of online gameplay elements in subsequent updates.

Will Starfield Have Romance Options?

Starfield Blonde Woman

While not as elaborate as the romance options found in Baldur’s Gate 3, Starfield will indeed incorporate romantic possibilities between the main character and their companions. As outlined by the developers, players will have the opportunity to establish emotional connections with their allies and potentially develop romantic relationships by selecting dialogue options and engaging in side quests.

How Long Did It Take to Develop Starfield?

Bethesda initiated the development of Starfield back in 2016, right after the release of Fallout 4. Consequently, the game has undergone a seven-year development process, setting a record as Bethesda’s lengthiest creative endeavor. This duration contrasts with the earlier IPs, which typically took the company 4 to 5 years to bring to fruition.

It’s a commonly held misconception that Starfield’s development period was even longer. In actuality, Bethesda successfully concluded the game’s development within the span of seven years, with a budget hovering around $200 million. However, it’s worth highlighting that Starfield holds the distinction of being Bethesda’s first original intellectual property introduced in over a quarter-century.

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