New Xbox Controller Leak Reveals DualSense-Inspired Features

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New Xbox Controller Leak Reveals DualSense-Inspired Features

The recent Microsoft FTC leak has unveiled plans for a new Xbox controller set to debut in 2024, which is expected to incorporate some of the features reminiscent of the PS5’s DualSense controller. While Xbox regularly releases controllers, often offering additional functionality with a higher price tag through its Xbox Elite Series line, most releases tend to be variations of the base Xbox Series X/S controller, mainly changing colors.

Xbox enthusiasts can anticipate an array of new color options for the original Series X controller in the years to come, and they also have the option to design their own controllers through the Xbox Design Lab. However, it appears that Microsoft is gearing up to introduce a new Xbox controller next year that promises to be more than just a cosmetic update.

The leaked information from the Microsoft FTC leak reveals details about the upcoming Xbox controller, tentatively known as Sebile. This new controller is expected to retail for approximately $70 and will feature a sleek black and white design. It’s set to introduce new mobile app features, haptic feedback, and VCA haptics that can serve as speakers. Haptic feedback, a feature that has garnered attention with Sony’s DualSense controller, is making its way to Xbox, showcasing the industry’s push towards immersive gaming experiences. The controller will also include an accelerometer, quieter buttons and thumbsticks, a rechargeable and swappable battery, and other enhancements that elevate it above the current Xbox controllers.

As of now, Microsoft has not officially announced this device, but the credibility of the FTC leaks suggests that fans can anticipate its release at some point in 2024.

The leaked Xbox controller seems to be part of a broader hardware initiative by Microsoft in 2024. Other leaks from the FTC have hinted at a digital-only Xbox Series X console and a slightly revamped Xbox Series S. While it’s plausible that all this hardware will be available in time for the next holiday season, no official announcements have been made as of now.

Looking beyond hardware, the leak also provided insights into Xbox’s software plans, particularly concerning Bethesda. It appears that Xbox has remasters of Oblivion and Fallout 3 in the pipeline, along with a new Doom game titled Doom: Year Zero, and the development of Dishonored 3. While the realization of these projects remains to be seen, it’s clear that Xbox fans have exciting times ahead in the coming years.

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