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Invincible TV Show Character Wiki

Mark Grayson, who goes by the alias Invincible, takes center stage as the main protagonist of the eponymous series. A unique blend of Viltrumite and Human heritage, he is the courageous hero known as Invincible and the beloved son of Nolan Grayson, also known as Omni-Man, and Debbie Grayson. Born with Viltrumite and human ancestry, Mark gradually unlocks his incredible powers and embarks on a journey to become a hero in his own right, guided by his father’s wisdom.

Initially, Mark briefly joins forces with the Teen Team before teaming up with Samantha Eve Wilkins, alias Atom Eve, and the second generation of the Guardians of the Globe. Together, they stand as Earth’s defenders, shielding the planet from both local threats and interstellar invasions.

Mark_Grayson Invincible

Attention, the following content contains numerous spoilers!


Early Years

Invincible Mark, annoyed at his parents' display of affection in front of him.
Mark, annoyed at his parents’ display of affection in front of him

Mark Grayson entered this world as the child of two vastly different beings: Nolan Grayson, a powerful Viltrumite male, and Debbie Grayson, a human woman. One fateful day, Nolan decided it was time to reveal his extraterrestrial origins to his son. He disclosed that he hailed from a distant planet called Viltrum and possessed incredible abilities like immense strength, the power of flight, and lightning-fast speed. Nolan had journeyed to Earth in order to safeguard it from potential threats. Naturally, this revelation filled Mark with excitement, knowing that extraordinary changes awaited him as he entered puberty.

During a baseball game, young Mark took to the field, ready to swing the bat, while Nolan observed from a distance with visible anger. Concerned, Debbie approached him and inquired about his mood. Nolan expressed his preference for watching from the sky, but Debbie insisted that he join everyone else and not act strangely. She reminded him that the game was an essential part of being a kid, offering cherished memories and insight into the essence of life. Her words had a heartwarming effect on Nolan, causing a smile to grace his face.

As Mark stepped up to the plate, his parents watched intently. But suddenly, Nolan couldn’t contain himself any longer and approached Mark with urgency, claiming he had seen something noteworthy.

Mark Grayson Awakens: Unleashing His Extraordinary Powers

Mark Grayson found himself in the bathroom, engrossed in a comic book, when his mother unexpectedly barged in to grab some soap, irritating him. They both headed downstairs and watched the news together, learning about the Mauler Twins’ recent attack on the White House. Mark mentioned that the Guardians had been involved, and his mother, Debbie, commented that the White House seemed to be rebuilt quite frequently these days.

Shortly after, Nolan, Mark’s father, arrived home and warmly kissed his wife. Debbie playfully suggested that he should change out of his suit. Mark felt uncomfortable with his parents discussing such matters in front of him and voiced his disapproval. However, Debbie reminded him that it was a display of their love, which he should appreciate.

Invincible Mark confronting Todd
Mark confronting Todd.

During the conversation, the topic of their upcoming trip to Berlin came up, and Mark couldn’t help but feel envious. But his father assured him that once his superpowers manifested, he could go on such adventures by himself. As Mark left for school, he watched his parents take off into the sky. Feeling determined, he attempted to fly himself, but his efforts only led to embarrassing jumps up and down. To his dismay, someone witnessed his awkward attempts at flight.

During school, Mark’s friend William Clockwell expressed surprise over the Guardians allowing the Mauler Twins to get close to the President. Mark defended them, pointing out that the twins hadn’t made it inside the building and Omni-Man was present. William playfully called him an “Omni-Maniac” and invited him to play a game. However, Mark had a job and couldn’t afford comic books, leading William to tease him. Nearby, Mark witnessed Todd harassing a girl, and he couldn’t stand by. Despite the size difference, Mark confronted Todd, who ended up punching him. Fortunately, Amber intervened and saved Mark from further harm.

Later, while taking out the trash at his job, Mark discovered his powers had kicked in when he effortlessly threw a bag far away. Excited, he returned home to share the news with his mother, Debbie. When Nolan arrived home, Mark informed them about his powers, and Nolan agreed to train him.

Unable to sleep, Mark remembered his father’s revelation about their Viltrumite origins and how his powers would emerge during puberty. Convinced he could fly, he leaped off his roof but nearly collided with a plane, causing him to pass out. Waking up the next morning, Nolan began Mark’s training in flying and combat.

As they soared through the sky, Nolan advised Mark to focus and relax using momentum. Mark had practiced the night before, impressing his father. However, he struggled with landing and crashed into the ground. Nolan instructed him to use his entire body in a punch and demonstrated, accidentally hurting Mark during the training.

Thus began Mark’s preparation for his newfound powers and the extraordinary journey that lay ahead.

The following day, William inquired if Mark was still feeling sore from Todd’s punches, to which Mark responded that he was fine. Todd confronted Mark, pinning him against a locker, but Mark challenged him to hit him with all his might, realizing that Todd’s punches no longer hurt him. Todd insulted Mark and left.

Invincible Mark

Seeking an outlet for his pent-up frustration, Mark heard gunfire and witnessed three criminals fleeing the scene after a robbery. He intervened and fought a large alien, proving himself capable of causing harm. Omni-Man appeared, criticizing Mark for skipping steps and causing excessive destruction. Mark asked his father to hit him to prove his readiness, but Nolan refused, choosing instead to embrace him.

Mark and Nolan visiting costume designer Art Rosenbaum

Nolan took Mark to a tailor, Art Rosenbaum, to get a suit. Art was delighted to meet Mark and offered him an orange and yellow suit, but Mark desired something more iconic. Art asked for a name to inspire the design, and Mark promised to decide later.

Back home, Mark practiced his landings, accidentally causing destruction. Debbie found him and advised him to rest for school, noting how important his hero journey was to him. She shared her own experiences to comfort him and assured him that she was still there for him, even if he spent more time with his father now. Feeling inadequate compared to his father’s achievements, Mark expressed his doubts. Debbie reassured him that he didn’t need to be like his father, only the best version of himself.

The next day, while playing catch with Nolan around the world, Mark confessed his fear of not being a capable hero. Nolan encouraged him, emphasizing that it was a long journey for both of them and that it was okay to be scared. He reminded Mark that he possessed true invincibility.

Later, Mark visited Art’s shop with his chosen superhero name. Then, donning his new suit, he took to the skies and flew through the city. However, he noticed a distant laser attack and quickly intervened. He confronted a man shooting lasers, and despite being shot at by the police, Mark unleashed his powers, pummeling the man until he was incapacitated.

Invincible Faces his First Fight

Mark and Debbie visiting Nolan
Mark and Debbie visiting Nolan in the hospital

Debbie Grayson woke up to find Nolan missing. After fixing herself breakfast and taking a shower, she prepared to go outside. Concerned, Mark asked her what was wrong, and she mentioned Nolan’s absence. Mark brushed it off, suggesting Nolan might be caught up with something, but as Debbie opened the door, she was greeted by agents waiting outside.

At the secretive Global Defense Agency (GDA), Debbie was informed that Omni-Man was in a comatose state at their secret hospital and that the Guardians couldn’t be revived. Donald, a GDA representative, explained their advanced technology but Debbie was uninterested in a tour.

Inside Nolan’s room, they found him unresponsive. Cecil, another GDA member, introduced himself and admitted they were clueless about who attacked and killed the Guardians. Distraught, Debbie confronted Cecil, who explained that the news would eventually spread, but he wanted to inform her first. Debbie asked for materials to help Nolan, as she had been taking care of him for twenty years. Meanwhile, Donald received a report about an ongoing attack with multiple casualties, and Mark decided to leave to offer assistance.

Arriving at the scene, Mark witnessed a massive army attacking. He tried to intervene but was blasted back by an energy cannon, resulting in multiple deaths. Feeling overwhelmed, he hesitated until an old woman was shot at, prompting him to save her. Despite Atom Eve’s aid, the team faced a challenging situation, with Robot trying to coordinate their efforts. The situation seemed dire until the attackers mysteriously started dying and retreating.

Later, at a hospital, Invincible (Mark) encountered GDA agents, but he was eventually allowed to leave after paramedics attended to him. Debbie found Mark bleeding and asked if he was okay. Mark confessed that he had tried to be like his father (Nolan) but ended up crying while his mother comforted him.

At school, Mark seemed emotionally detached until he confided in William Clockwell about his father’s attack. William expressed support, and Mark sought out Eve Wilkins to talk to her.

Mark and Eve got to know each other a little better after school
Mark and Eve got to know each other a little better after school

Mark thanked Eve for saving him during the battle, and she recognized him as Invincible. The two left to have a conversation, where Mark admitted to never connecting her with her superhero persona. Eve explained that she used psychology to maintain her secret identity and that they were part of the Teen Team, everybody’s fourth favorite superhero team. They discussed Mark’s rookie performance, and Eve shared her own experiences of overcoming fear before fights. Mark realized that superhero fights were not as glamorous as depicted on television.

Eve invited Mark to meet the Teen Team after school, and he agreed. Later, Mark encountered Amber, who mentioned his recent punch for her. He jokingly attributed it to a new strategy. As he left, Amber noticed him meeting up with Eve.

Mark and Eve flying
Mark and Eve flying

Eve and Invincible soared through the city, but at one point, he feared losing her and accidentally crashed into a billboard. After regrouping, they continued flying and encountered Teen Team when a hole in the ground opened up. Rex showed particular interest in Eve and teased Invincible about their absence during the recent fight. However, Dupli-Kate revealed that the fight had been won by the aliens dying. Robot welcomed Invincible and briefed the team about the Flaxans, asking for his assistance in the future. Initially hesitant, Invincible eventually agreed to help.

Later, Mark visited his father, expressing his admiration for Teen Team except for Rex Splode. He kept Eve’s identity a secret when his mother, Debbie, overheard their conversation. Mark thanked his mother for the meals she had prepared and they discussed the challenges of being a superhero.

After leaving, Mark checked in on the woman he had saved, Maya, but her condition remained uncertain. Mark confided in his friend William that he and Eve were just friends, prompting William to suggest he might be sabotaging his chances with her. However, when Mark spotted Eve in the cafeteria, she encouraged him to approach her.

Rex questioned why Eve and Invincible were together on a rooftop, to which Eve reminded him they went to the same school and he never attended high school. Robot urged them to focus as the Flaxans returned, having found a way to resist the timestream. The battle ensued, with the aliens having superior technology. Eve managed to fend off some of them, but a substance covered her face, rendering her temporarily incapacitated. Mark faced off against their powerful weaponry and became trapped in immobilizing glue. The team realized the Flaxans had used their time wisely and had to target their wristbands to defeat them. Invincible’s powerful yell caused a shockwave, aging the Flaxan leader once his bracelet was broken, ultimately saving Eve and driving the aliens away. Rex praised Invincible and congratulated him, followed by Eve.

Mark was happy to find his father awake after his coma

Mark rushed to the hospital to find his father, Nolan, awake and wanting to hear about his heroic endeavors. However, Mark learned that Maya had tragically passed away, with Nolan explaining that such losses were part of the job. Nolan demanded his suit back from the authorities, and news surfaced about the missing Guardians of the Globe.

During training, Mark attempted to spar with his father, Omni-Man, but struggled to land a successful punch. Nolan emphasized the importance of being able to take hits as well as deliver them. Before Nolan could continue, Debbie interrupted, and soon after, Cecil arrived with news of a visitor from Mars approaching Earth. Debbie refused to let Nolan handle it, so Mark volunteered to handle the situation himself. Nolan instructed him to knock some sense into the visitor and send him back to Mars.

In space, Mark encountered Allen the Alien, who communicated telepathically and mentioned that he had shaved his mustache. They engaged in a brief fight, but Mark tried to talk and understand Allen’s intentions. Allen revealed that he was an evaluation officer for the Coalition of Planets and was assessing Earth’s ability to defend itself. Confused, Mark corrected Allen’s misunderstanding about the name of the planet and introduced himself. Allen playfully teased Mark about his name, but they eventually sat down to talk.

Back on Earth, Flaxan portals started opening, and the city faced another invasion. Mark received Amber Bennett’s number through a friend at school. Meanwhile, the Flaxans seemed immune to the timestream, leading Robot to consider requesting a nuclear response from Cecil, though the team disagreed.

During the Flaxan attack, Invincible struggled against their leader until Omni-Man arrived to defend the city. The team was surprised to discover that Omni-Man was Mark’s father, Nolan. He fought fiercely but eventually disappeared into one of the portals with the Flaxan leader.

Upon returning home, Mark and Debbie hugged Nolan, who had grown a beard, relieved that he was safe. A news report confirmed the Guardians’ death, leaving everyone in shock.

Teen Team fighting a further invasion by the Flaxans
Teen Team fighting a further invasion by the Flaxans

The Funeral Gathering

As Mark gazes at the graves during the funeral, he wonders if they have to go through this process again. Eve informs him that the actual bodies are elsewhere to prevent people from taking souvenirs. Nolan addresses the gathering, expressing sorrow for losing his friends and mentors. Olga expresses her frustration at not being able to see her late husband’s body and throws herself to the ground, prompting Debbie to rush to her aid. Mark confides in Eve, uncertain about his emotions, as it could have easily been his mother burying his father.

Omni-Man tried to tell Mark to separate his professional life from personal
Omni-Man tried to tell Mark to separate his professional life from personal

Back home, the Grayson family settles in. Nolan offers to get pizza from Naples and back before it gets cold, but Debbie suggests ordering delivery instead. As Nolan flips through channels on TV, all he sees is the funeral speech he gave. When Debbie suggests calling William, Mark gets angry and sarcastically asks if she wants him to buy comic books. However, Nolan advises him not to bring his anger home, stopping Mark on his way to his room. After Mark requests permission to go out, Nolan grants it, promising to resume their training the next day. Debbie finds it odd that he’s talking about pizza right after his friend’s funeral and telling Mark not to feel anything. Nolan explains that they were coworkers and that’s how their lives were. He reassures Debbie that they can do more outside than just sulk at home. Unbeknownst to them, Donald’s team across the street overhears their conversation.

In his room, Mark contemplates calling Amber and finally decides to do so. He awkwardly introduces himself, but she pretends not to recognize him initially. Eventually, they arrange to study together, and Mark confesses that he thinks she’s amazing.

At the Pentagon, Robot and Invincible oversee the tryouts for new members of the Guardians of the Globe. Robot urges Invincible to try out, but Mark declines, stating that his father wants to train him personally. After the tryouts, Robot introduces the new members: Black Samson, Shrinking Rae, Dupli-Kate, and Monster Girl. Monster Girl’s transformation surprises Rex, and he makes a rude comment. She retaliates, showing her strength, but eventually apologizes for the dick joke. Robot announces that Atom Eve will be the last member, but Eve objects, unwilling to be on the same team as Rex and Kate due to Rex’s cheating. Invincible follows Eve and learns the truth about Rex’s actions.

In Mark’s room, William helps him clean up and offers homework and advice for his study date with Amber. Mark downplays it as just a study session, but William advises him to treat every date as a special one. The doorbell rings, and Mark hastily throws his mess out the window, instructing William on where to leave it.

Robot announced the new Guardians Invincible

In the final moments, Robot introduces the new Guardians: Black Samson, Shrinking Rae, Dupli-Kate, and Monster Girl. Rex chuckles at Monster Girl’s petite size, prompting her to humorously inquire about a potential size requirement. Rex’s irritation leads him to charge his arm, yet before he can act, she swiftly punches him with her enlarged arm, assuming a towering, green humanoid form. Despite Rex’s attempts to deploy his powers, they prove ineffective against Monster Girl’s might. As Monster Girl lands a blow on Rex, Invincible steps in, urging her to cease, only to be effortlessly tossed aside. Fueled by anger, Invincible lunges at her, delivering a forceful blow that reverts her back to a young girl. Expressing remorse, he acknowledges Monster Girl’s sensitivity to being called a child, and she even apologizes to Rex for her earlier jest.

Once again, Robot introduces Monster Girl as a Guardian and mentions Rex’s pending inclusion upon recovery. He proceeds to announce Atom Eve as the final member, postponing the public announcement. However, Eve voices her reservation about being on the same team as Rex and Kate, ultimately departing.

Following Eve’s exit, Invincible seeks her out, seeking an explanation. Eve reveals that Rex had betrayed her trust by falsely declaring that they were romantically involved, a claim that Kate accepted. While Invincible acknowledges Rex’s negative behavior, Eve reminds him that this wasn’t always the case.

Meanwhile, within Mark’s room, William aids in tidying up and provides study materials, while also sharing insights into Amber’s preferences. Mark downplays the significance of his upcoming study session, yet William insists on treating every encounter as a first date. As the doorbell rings, Mark hastily discards his clutter out the window, directing William where to leave things.

mark and amber invincible

Amber greeted Mark, picking up a book that William had brought along. Mark introduced himself somewhat nervously as a comic fan. Amber inquired about his favorite comic, prompting Mark to enthusiastically launch into a discussion about them. Intrigued, Amber asked if she could borrow one, to which Mark readily agreed. Just as they settled into conversation, Mark’s phone rang, leading him to quickly end the call. Growing annoyed by the repeated interruptions, he decided to turn his phone off.

However, Mark’s surprise turned to bewilderment as his phone rang once again, prompting him to reluctantly answer. To his astonishment, Cecil’s face appeared on the screen, relieved that Amber had departed. Mark confronted Cecil, questioning whether he had been spying on him. In response, Cecil explained that privacy was a luxury a hero couldn’t always afford. Mark protested, noting that he wasn’t even employed by Cecil, to which Cecil retorted that he wouldn’t be offered a role unless he displayed respect and commitment to becoming a hero. Pressed to make a decision, Mark admitted his desire to become a hero.

Cecil handed Mark a communication device, informing him that Eve would also be part of the team. Cecil instructed Mark to head to Mount Rushmore, but Mark confessed his lack of knowledge about its location. Cecil expressed frustration about the education system’s shortcomings and left abruptly. As Amber returned to the scene, Mark hastily concocted a flimsy excuse to leave. Just as Mark was making his exit, Debbie entered the room with snacks. Mark offered a nervous smile and left the room.

Doc Seismic (TV) Invincible

Invincible and Atom Eve soared through the skies en route to Mount Rushmore. Cecil communicated with them, explaining that while he wasn’t explicitly seeking their assistance, Omni-Man was occupied and the new Guardians were proving to be less than effective. He briefed them on their target, Doc Seismic, whose actions were perplexing and seemingly illogical. It was suspected that the gloves he wore caused him to suffer concussions with each use.

Doc Seismic triggered eruptions, leading to the splitting of Mount Rushmore. Just as Abraham Lincoln’s carved face was about to plummet, Invincible acted swiftly to catch it and prevent harm. Engaging with Doc Seismic, Invincible and Eve found themselves in a confrontation. The villain employed his bracelets to evade them at remarkable speeds, even attempting to persuade them to join his cause. Doc Seismic showcased immense strength and unleashed chaos, endangering countless lives were it not for the intervention of the two heroes.

In a tense moment, Mark narrowly rescued a group of people, leading to a clash with Doc Seismic. However, Eve’s actions damaged his bracelets, leaving him teetering perilously close to a pool of lava. Eve managed to grasp him, with assistance from Invincible. Despite their efforts, Doc Seismic ultimately plummeted into the molten substance. Invincible leaped after him, but the force of a massive explosion made it impossible to save the villain in time.

With a sense of urgency, Mark departed, promising Eve that they would discuss matters later.

Upon returning home, Mark encountered Nolan, who advised him to take a breather. Mark explained that he had left Amber in his room while he handled a crisis. Nolan praised Mark, acknowledging that handling such situations was the challenging aspect of being a hero, but also urged him to change his clothes. Mark heeded his advice and reentered his room.

Inside, Amber was visibly upset, having been waiting for an hour. She expressed her frustration, questioning why Mark had invited her over in the first place. Feeling the tension, Mark attempted to explain, but Amber’s anger was palpable, and she abruptly left the room.

As Mark attempted to make sense of the situation, he questioned why she had even come, considering that she had only noticed him when he confronted Todd. Amber retorted, reminding him of Todd’s attack on him. She shared her perspective, revealing that she wanted to get to know the person who had taken a punch on her behalf, demonstrating her appreciation for his actions.

Mission to Mars

Mark Grayson says yes to the Mars mission
Mark Grayson says yes to the Mars mission

Omni-Man pointed out to Invincible that he was causing disturbance in the desert due to flying too low. When Invincible looked back, he realized he had stirred up a massive cloud of sand. Omni-Man advised him to work on building his speed and endurance by pushing his limits, emphasizing that being a Viltrumite came with its challenges. Displaying a spin, Omni-Man encouraged Invincible to replicate the move, but the attempt led to loss of control. Omni-Man then suggested a competition—reaching Mount Everest—with the loser washing dishes for a week.

Omni-Man reached the mountain’s peak first and warned Invincible about the thin air, urging him to take deep breaths. A passing hiker was surprised to see both of them at the summit but descended shortly after. Omni-Man reflected on the beauty of the planet and shared insights about Viltrum’s accomplishments in the universe, including ending wars and uplifting alien civilizations. Invincible expressed disbelief that his father had left everything behind for an unfamiliar planet. Omni-Man revealed that after his grandparents’ passing, he felt adrift and saw Earth as an opportunity for a fresh start. He explained how his perception of Earth shifted from a job to a home, thanks to Debbie’s influence. Invincible confessed uncertainty about leaving everything behind, prompting Omni-Man to underscore that their path required sacrifices. Omni-Man playfully turned the conversation to a race, and Invincible took off before he could finish, leading to a friendly yet determined competition that Omni-Man ultimately won.

Later, Mark and Amber strolled along a street, sharing a dessert. Amber recounted her experience volunteering to build schools in the Philippines, which provided her with a new perspective. She inquired about Mark’s travels and he mentioned a trip to Mount Everest with his father. Amber probed for his thoughts on Nepal and China, but he skillfully deflected and changed the topic, purchasing a gift for her.

As Amber and Mark returned to her home, she playfully challenged him to plan the next date. Mark welcomed the idea. Their closeness led to a romantic moment, culminating in a kiss. With newfound happiness, Mark soared into the sky and headed home.

Upon his return, Mark found Cecil and his parents discussing NASA’s upcoming Mars mission. They requested Nolan’s involvement to ensure a smooth mission, but Nolan declined, citing the need to train his son and attend to Earth’s needs in the absence of the Guardians. Cecil emphasized Earth’s need for a positive outcome, but Nolan firmly prioritized his family and the safety of the planet.

Mark and Eve talk about Amber
Mark Grayson and Eve talk about Amber

Mark volunteers, recounting a previous instance, but Nolan clarifies that it was the moon, not space. Nolan emphasizes his larger responsibilities beyond a mere four astronauts. Cecil appeals to Mark’s sense of assistance, and Nolan seeks Debbie’s backing. Debbie expresses reservations about Mark missing school, but acknowledges the noble cause. Mark jests that he could reach Mars in seconds, to which Nolan highlights his lack of understanding about the distance, emphasizing the importance of education. Cecil discloses the mission’s two-week duration, and Mark aligns with his father’s stance, stating his unpreparedness and his flourishing relationship with Amber. Debbie imparts wisdom, underscoring the significance of Mark’s decisions regarding his powers. Ultimately, Mark agrees to go, and Cecil instructs him to pack a lunch for departure the following day.

At school, Mark confides in Eve about his dilemma of lying to Amber or revealing the truth. Eve criticizes dating regular people, citing her failed relationship with Rex. Mark proposes mutual assistance: he’ll support her with her concerns, and she can help him navigate his situation with Amber. Eve, grappling with uncertainties about her superhero role, thanks Mark for his offer and departs after advising him to disclose his identity only if he’s committed.

Amber watches news coverage of the Mars mission before Mark arrives, bearing an expensive gift from their previous date. Grateful, she invites him in, but he reveals his imminent two-week volunteering absence. They share a tender kiss, and Mark flies off alongside the Mars shuttle.

In space, Cecil informs Invincible of his need to stay hidden unless emergencies arise, and also his significance to the Martians, who reside underground.

Invincible settles beside the spacecraft but is dismayed by the hardened sandwich. Onboard, he wakes up to a view of Mars and disembarks ahead of the astronauts. The astronauts inform Houston of their arrival, and one spots Invincible, although the others remain oblivious. The astronaut dismisses it, and they begin their tasks as Mark reminisces about Amber. When his phone dies, he ponders the availability of a charger on the shuttle, only to witness the abduction of the astronauts.

Invencible Mark meets Martian Emperor
Mark Grayson meets Martian Emperor

Recalling the Martians’ subterranean habitat, Invincible lifts a rock, triggering an attack by sequids. He fends them off, discovering a crystal-like object that is revealed to be a Martian. Encircled by Martians, Invincible urges non-hostility. He faces another sequid attack, suggesting they control their “squid-dogs.” The Martian leader marvels at Invincible’s resilience and inquires if other humans possess the same trait.

Taken to the Martian leader, Invincible is welcomed and awkwardly exchanges greetings. He explains his mission’s purpose and urges them to allow the crew members to return safely. Invincible underscores the Viltrumite desire to aid, but the Martian leader refuses, revealing the crew’s impending execution due to the danger posed by the sequids. He elucidates that the sequids, capable of devastation, are lethal when coupled with a host. While shape-shifting provides some resistance, contact with sequids could lead to the destruction of Mars and Earth. Invincible’s unique resistance to sequids surprises the Martian leader, who questions his origin. Invincible discloses his Viltrumite heritage and mission, appealing for the crew’s release. The Martian leader, however, cites the immediate threat and rejects the plea, safeguarding against potential catastrophe.

Invincible comprehends the situation, prompting the astronauts to rush back into the spacecraft. As they hurriedly prepared for liftoff, Invincible confronted the outnumbering Martians. Unable to hold his ground, he resorted to lifting the spacecraft, ultimately succeeding in aiding their escape. Upon returning to Mars’ surface, Invincible informed the Martians of his need for a rock.

Inside the spacecraft, a Martian camouflaged as an astronaut noticed an upside-down flag and rectified it using telekinesis.

Back on Mars, the Martians realized one astronaut had fallen prey to sequids, indicating a takeover.

Earth’s news celebrated the successful Mars mission. Upon returning home, Mark encountered his parents in an awkward manner, leading Debbie to inquire about Mars. Mark, evading the real events at home, downplayed his Mars experience, deeming it less eventful than whatever had occurred in his absence.

At school, Mark reunited with Amber, receiving a kiss and her curiosity about his trip. He described it as dull, providing a few vague details. Amber playfully noted his lack of specifics, prompting Mark to present her with a rock. Amber humorously expressed her underwhelmed reaction, and Mark jokingly advised her not to consult geologists. Grateful, she thanked him for the gesture.

The Battle Against Machine Head

Viewers witnessed a video in which Invincible engaged in a fight with a man who initially surrendered. However, despite the surrender, Invincible struck the man once more. Meanwhile, at school, Mark greeted Amber, but she disregarded him due to his twenty-minute tardiness. Mark explained his delay, revealing he had brought a cake for her. Despite his efforts, Amber insisted he accompany her.

Later on, Invincible confronted another villain and expressed gratitude towards the cheering crowd. Subsequently, Mark’s boss, Mr. Sayer, berated him for his repeated lateness, leading Mark to resign from his job.

On a different day, Invincible and Omni-Man battled a villain they intended to converse with. Omni-Man educated the villain on intimidation tactics before releasing and catching him.

Omni-Man battled a villain

In the realm of academia, Mark rushed to school and was informed that his attendance issues needed addressing if he wished to pursue higher education.

Mark intervened to prevent an asteroid from colliding with Earth, successfully redirecting it into space. Despite his monumental feat, Omni-Man informed Mark that the asteroid was comparatively small, leaving Mark astonished. A text from Amber granted him permission to leave.

Mark arrived at Amber’s house and apologized for his tardiness. He praised the food, but Amber revealed dinner had taken place two hours earlier. She questioned Mark’s commitment and expressed doubt about his priorities. Mark apologized, acknowledging life’s challenges, and though he earned another opportunity, Amber set a boundary before he departed.

As Mark strolled along the street, his father beckoned him to thwart a store robbery by a criminal called the Elephant. Reluctantly, Mark complied.

In the skies, Invincible soared to a rooftop where he encountered Titan. Titan’s past resonated with Invincible, leading to a conversation. Titan sought assistance in dismantling the city’s controlling figure, Machine Head. Invincible initially declined, focusing on grander matters, but Titan persuaded him to consider real-world impact.

Titan introduced Invincible to Machine Head and explained the extent of his influence. He proposed that taking down Machine Head could genuinely help people. Intrigued, Invincible questioned Titan’s motivations for initially accepting money from Machine Head, learning it wasn’t for personal gain.

Titan talked to Invincible

Over dinner, Mark shared his plan to confront Machine Head with his parents. Nolan dismissed the idea, warning Mark that he could be manipulated and asserting that the problem was beneath him. However, Debbie disagreed, emphasizing that helping others was never beneath anyone.

After a class, Mark complained about a test to Eve, who stressed its importance. Eve divulged her uncertainty about her path after leaving home. Amber joined them and praised Mark for volunteering at the Beckwell Community Center, which impressed Eve.

Titan provided Mark with insights into Machine Head’s security, despite Mark’s skepticism. They devised a plan to bring down Machine Head and hand him over to the Global Defense Agency (GDA). Curiosity led Mark to inquire about Titan’s daughter, who frequented the Beckwell Community Center.

Titan and Invincible infiltrated Machine Head’s headquarters, confronting him. Unexpectedly, Machine Head revealed he had foreseen their arrival, thanks to Titan’s new chip. Isotope, Machine Head’s teleporter, also emerged. Machine Head acknowledged his defeat but highlighted his financial advantage, summoning numerous supervillains Isotope had transported into the room.

Invincible and Titan engage in a fierce battle against the supervillains, their efforts met with overwhelming resistance as Omni-Man observes from a distance. In the midst of the clash, Invincible endures an electrifying assault, while Titan falls victim to searing burns. Suddenly, a surge of newfound energy courses through Invincible’s veins, propelling him to assert that their adversaries are destined for defeat. He dispatches two foes swiftly before being forcefully driven into the ground by the relentless Battle Beast.

Medical personnel from the Global Defense Agency (GDA) assess Mark’s condition, expressing concern over his significant blood loss. Cecil arrives at the scene, confronted by the grim sight that unfolds before him. Recognizing the urgency of the situation, Cecil implores the doctors to save Mark, underscoring the vital role that Invincible plays. Concurrently, he instructs them to procure a blood sample as a precautionary measure.

Amidst the turmoil, Mark’s desperate cries for his father echo, his eyes closing as the medical team fights to stem the tide of his waning vitality. The doctors grimly acknowledge the gravity of the situation, fearing that they may be losing him.

Campus Adventures: Exploring, Confronting, and Reconnecting

Invincible, Monster Girl, and Black Samson rushed to the GDA’s ER. Monster Girl, intubated and bleeding, transformed into a monster while being treated. Robot arrived, stating he understood her physiology, and leaving the room would lead to her death. Her healing abilities needed triggering for hope. Invincible, seriously injured, received care as his parents arrived.

Mark awoke to his parents, surprised to learn he was out for six days. Amber was informed that Mark was hit by a bus. Mark asked to start over with Amber, and she agreed.

At school, Mark planned to hang out with William, who had a tour of Upstate University with his crush, Rick. Mark asked to join and bring Amber.

Eve visited Mark, who invited her to Upstate University. She declined, preferring hands-on help.

D.A. Sinclair

At the university, Mark, William, and Amber met Rick, explored the campus, and attended a biology class. A missing poster for Doug Cheston was noticed.

During a class disagreement, Amber confronted D.A. Sinclair, who offended Rick. Explosions occurred, and a cyborg attacked, saved by Invincible. Amber was upset with Mark’s absence during the incident.

Mark took William flying, keeping his identity secret. Mark left to find Amber at a party, and William called for help after Rick was attacked.

Mark reached the party, observed Amber with Kyle, and answered William’s call. He rescued William from Sinclair’s cyborgs in the sewer. Rick was revealed as a manipulated cyborg, controlled by Sinclair. Invincible fought Sinclair, saved Rick, and apprehended Sinclair.

Cecil understood Invincible’s actions, promising care for Sinclair’s victims. Mark and William returned, and Mark hesitated at Amber’s door.

Rising Clashes

The ride back from Upstate University is quiet, as Amber avoids listening to Mark. She bids farewell to William, explaining to Mark that she’s done tolerating his nonsense. Just as Mark is about to reveal his identity as Invincible, she closes the door. However, Mark flies up to her room as Invincible to clarify his habitual tardiness. Amber, already aware of the truth, accuses him of dishonesty and a lack of trust, demanding he leave.

Mark and William sit in William’s car eating fast food. William ponders Rick’s potential recovery, with Mark assuring him that Cecil will handle it. They discuss how prompt assistance would have prevented Rick’s plight, a fact Mark acknowledges. Reflecting on Mark’s absence due to superhero duties, William points out their strained friendship and Mark’s shortcomings as a partner. Mark admits he wasn’t a good friend or boyfriend and confesses his father’s true identity as Omni-Man. William comforts Mark, who seeks sympathy and plans to confide in someone else.

Eve crosses paths with Mark, sensing his need for help. He confides in her about the Amber situation, and she empathizes, sharing her own experiences of self-discovery. Uncertain of his identity, Mark seeks direction, paralleling Eve’s journey. An explosion interrupts them, and Eve proposes calling Cecil. Mark dismisses their responsibility due to her past departure from superhero duties. Eve counters that she couldn’t ignore the world’s needs, prompting Mark to consider taking action. She departs to assist.

Mark told Eve about his breakup with Amber
Mark told Eve about his breakup with Amber

As they rush to the scene, Mark admits he’s there to protect Eve. Witnessing Omni-Man’s struggle, Mark intervenes to rescue him from a colossal creature. Afterward, Mark informs Nolan of their long-awaited team-up. Despite their cooperation, Cecil advises Eve to abstain from involvement and reach Guardians HQ.

Fighting the creature proves difficult for Mark and Nolan. Debbie urges Mark to halt the battle, but Cecil fears their alliance due to Omni-Man’s past actions. Debbie reveals her resentment towards Omni-Man, and Cecil sympathizes.

Curious about the creature’s newfound strength, Mark questions Omni-Man, who explains that Cecil dispatched it. Mark suggests discussing this post-battle. A new threat, The Immortal, emerges and assaults Omni-Man. Despite countering The Immortal’s attack, Omni-Man worries for Mark, who falls under the creature’s control.

In the midst of battle, Mark electrocutes the beast with a cable, while Nolan and Immortal continue fighting. Nolan ultimately defeats Immortal, causing global shockwaves. Immortal’s unexpected revival ends gruesomely, witnessed worldwide via news helicopters. The brutal aftermath prompts a decisive confrontation between Nolan and Mark.

Unveiling Truths and Embracing Choices

The Immortal falls lifeless to the ground. Nolan urges Mark to converse, leading Mark to question his actions against the Guardians. A scuffle ensues as Mark contends someone controlled Nolan. Nolan dismisses Mark’s claims, revealing his origin on Viltrum. Viltrum’s greatness required strength, determination, and courage. Weeding out the weak, they became unstoppable. Nolan joined the war effort, then was assigned to weaken planets. Earth was next, aligning with Viltrum’s plan to conquer.

Mark cries, Nolan asserts it’s for the greater good, only revealing truth when Mark gains powers. Ensuring Mark’s Viltrumite heritage, Nolan emphasizes Earth’s value to the empire. Angered, Mark questions Nolan’s intent. The conversation diverges, with Nolan explaining his longevity and Mark’s future isolation. Mark resists, asserting Earth’s importance and his love for his family and friends.

Nolan started fighting Mark when he disagreed with his views
Nolan started fighting Mark when he disagreed with his views

Nolan’s attempt to reason ends in a violent clash. He defeats Mark, illustrating his power. Jets arrive as Nolan enforces his cause, causing Mark to intervene. Despite Mark’s efforts, Nolan persists in his violent path. Nolan confronts Mark, highlighting human fragility. Mark’s attempt to save lives ends tragically.

Mark questions his father’s actions, Nolan defends his convictions. The altercation escalates, causing destruction. Mark confronts Nolan, who emphasizes Earth’s insignificance. Nolan inflicts more pain on Mark.

Nolan’s revelation of his loyalty to Viltrumite ideals shocks Mark. The battle continues, Nolan overwhelming Mark. He expresses regret for raising Mark as a human. Deep underwater, Nolan tests Mark’s resolve. A final showdown ensues, Nolan’s power and conviction unyielding. Mark’s resistance falters, leading to his unconsciousness.

Nolan refrains from delivering a fatal blow to Mark. Nolan beside him, Mark gasps weakly. Nolan questions Mark’s motives, implying that Mark’s actions only resulted in the suffering of those around him. He challenges Mark to envision his existence after 500 years, to which Mark responds that he would have his father. With a heavy heart, Nolan gazes at his hands and departs, flying away through the atmosphere, overcome by tears.

Nolan can’t punch Mark in order to kill him

A helicopter arrives at Mark’s location, accompanied by Debbie and Cecil. Mark lies unresponsive. In the GDA’s hospital, Mark regains consciousness. Reassured by Debbie, he remains distressed. Cecil praises Mark’s efforts and expresses a wish that it were all a dream. Mark is set to leave in two days.

Accompanied by Cecil, Mark enters a white room. Cecil reveals that Debbie overheard everything. Mark questions why his mother was exposed to the truth but concedes that she deserved it. Cecil and Debbie were aware of Nolan’s actions against the Guardians and sought a reason behind it. They discuss Immortal’s revival and the need for an Omni-Man replacement. Despite Cecil’s urging, Mark hesitates to fill his father’s role.

Cecil escorts Mark and Debbie back home, arranging for school and work notifications. At home, Debbie retires to her room, distraught. As Mark navigates the house, memories of his father flood back. He encounters Amber, who embraces and kisses him. Amber hints at rekindling their relationship, revealing she knew Omni-Man’s identity. William and Eve appear at Mark’s door. Mark suggests they go out.

In a restaurant, Mark’s friends inquire about his mother’s condition. He expresses his emptiness and disconnection from reality. When they attempt to shift the conversation, the worldwide discussion of the incident angers them. Mark receives a call from Cecil, who alerts him to an incoming object from deep space.

As Mark departs, an impact shakes the restaurant. Eve reveals her identity as Atom Eve to Amber and William. Mark confronts his father in space but encounters Allen the Alien instead. Allen relays that the Coalition of Planets was astounded by Mark’s Earth-bound decision. Allen discusses Mark’s Viltrumite nature and the potential advantage he could offer to the Coalition’s efforts against the Viltrumite empire. Mark shares his plan to finish high school and continue his life.

Mark’s Personality

Mark, also known as Invincible, shows bravery, competitiveness, kindness, and nobility as a hero. He sticks to his own values, especially when he faces the tough realities of being a superhero. He struggles to figure out his identity as a hero while juggling the challenges of saving lives and managing his schoolwork. However, beneath his confident exterior, he harbors insecurities and doubts.

At the start of his hero journey, he didn’t believe he had the strength required to be a hero, much less be like his father, Omni-man. Discovering the truth about his father and the Viltrimites brought a sense of seriousness and introspection to Mark. Despite this, he remains committed to his goal of becoming a hero and safeguarding Earth.


Mixed Heritage and Viltrumite Traits: Mark, known as Invincible, possesses a blend of Human and Viltrumite lineage, which grants him access to Viltrumite abilities. Viltrumite genes are notably potent and versatile, allowing Viltrumites to interbreed with various races. The degree of compatibility influences the prominence of Viltrumite traits within the hybrid genetic makeup. In Mark’s instance, he is closely akin to being pure Viltrumite.

Mark stopping an asteroid from hitting the country

Superhuman Attributes: Mark’s lineage from the Viltrumite race bestows upon him an array of superhuman traits that go beyond human capabilities.

  • Incredible Strength: Mark’s Viltrumite heritage grants him strength far beyond that of humans. Upon gaining his powers, he showcased this by propelling a trash bag all the way from the United States to England. His might was further demonstrated when he effectively blocked a punch from Monster Girl. Notably, his strength has been seen to surge when he experiences anger.
  • Exceptional Speed: Possessing Viltrumite lineage grants Mark the ability to move at incredible speeds. Within Earth’s atmosphere, he effortlessly breaks the sound barrier, and his pace in space surpasses multiple times the speed of sound.
  • Enhanced Endurance: Mark’s half-Viltrumite nature ensures that he enjoys significantly heightened stamina compared to ordinary humans.
  • Aerial Prowess: Mark’s Viltrumite ancestry equips him with the power of flight.
  • Extended Lung Capacity: With his Viltrumite lineage, Mark’s lung capacity is remarkable, allowing him to hold his breath for an extended duration, even lasting weeks.
  • Formidable Durability: As a result of being part Viltrumite, Mark possesses an impressive level of durability, rendering him nearly impervious to most types of harm. Notwithstanding, it’s important to acknowledge that potent weaponry can injure him, and beings of comparable or superior strength can cause damage. Instances like his intense clash with Battle Beast and the near-fatal encounter with his father stand as evidence of this vulnerability.
  • Accelerated Healing: Mark’s partial Viltrumite heritage empowers him with an accelerated healing factor, enabling him to recover from injuries that would prove fatal to humans. Nonetheless, his regenerative abilities have limitations, as evidenced by his need for surgery after a battle with Battle Beast and hospital care following a severe beating by his father.
  • Extended Lifespan: Mark’s half-Viltrumite nature blesses him with an exceptionally lengthy lifespan. According to his father’s account, he is expected to live for thousands of years.
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