Starfield: Systems and Planets List

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Starfield Systems and Planets List

The expansive Starfield Galaxy presents a staggering expanse, harboring an excess of one thousand planets and moons awaiting exploration within this dynamic action RPG. Throughout your odyssey, you’ll command your personal spacecraft, voyaging between solar systems to discover novel and unfamiliar planetary realms. While the developers have verified that a substantial majority of planets will remain devoid of life (approximately 90%), a minimum of 100 planets will showcase distinctive alien ecosystems, both flora and fauna. All celestial bodies will proffer diverse resources to exploit, accompanied by distinctive attributes such as diminished gravitational pull, heightened density, radiation, and other elemental traits.

Starfield Star System

Gamers possess the freedom to alight upon any terrain of a planet or moon, with the added option to conduct orbital scans unveiling distinctive features and resource hubs. Regardless of your chosen landing site, points of intrigue are strategically positioned within walking distance from your touchdown location, providing opportunities for exploration, encompassing caves, mining installations, scientific platforms, and more. Select planets even encompass exclusive quests or specialized missions that merit thorough investigation.

Starfield Galaxy

Every solar system consists of an arrangement of planets encircling a central sun, each planet harboring the potential to host one or multiple moons, these celestial bodies likewise holding the potential for alien lifeforms and valuable resources. By default, numerous planets derive their nomenclature from the system they inhabit. As an illustration, within the Porrima System, you find designations like Porima 1, Porima 2, Porima 3, and so forth. Any appellation suffixed with a letter designates one of the moons accompanying that specific planet. As an example, Porrima 1-C designates the third moon of the primary planet within the Porrima System.

Yet, there are instances wherein certain pivotal planets are labeled differently from their originating system. An exemplar of this phenomenon is our own Sol System, which encompasses appellations like Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, and others.

Solar Systems and Planets List

Presented below is an ongoing compilation detailing the recognized systems, planets, and moons contained within the expansive Starfield Galaxy Starmap. It’s important to acknowledge that this compilation is grounded in pre-release details derived from developer videos, and its scope and content might undergo expansion or modification upon the game’s official release.

System NamePlanetsMoons
Alpha Centauri System48
Aranae System56
Arcturus System3?
Cheyenne System21
Jaffa System??
Kryx System??
Linnaeus System??
Nairon System78
Nirah System11
Porrima System615
Procyon A System3?
Sol System921
Tau Ceti System82
Volii System65

Alpha Centauri System

Within the realm of Starfield, the Alpha Centauri System assumes a significant role as a prominent planetary network. It proudly hosts the sprawling and extensive human settlement, New Atlantis City, situated upon the planet Jemison. Moreover, it serves as the central hub for both the Constellation faction and the Vanguard arm of the United Colonies. Similar to the Sol System, the Alpha Centauri System features planets distinguished by their distinct monikers and is further enriched by an extensive array of accompanying moons.

Planet Moons
JemisonJemison Moon-A
Moon 4-D
Moon 4-E
Moon 4-B
Moon 4-C
Planet 1Moon 1-A
Moon 1-B

The Sol System

The Sol System stands as our native celestial domain, notably renowned for encompassing well-recognized planets like Earth, Mars, Venus, Saturn, and additional celestial entities. Each of its planets, along with their accompanying moons, possesses distinct and individual appellations. Within this system, Mars takes center stage as the location of the prominent settlement known as Cydonia City, overseen by the United Colonies.


Cheyenne System

In the expansive cosmos of Starfield, the Cheyenne System holds a pivotal status as a significant planetary network. It serves as the central operational base for the Freestar Rangers, who spearhead the Freestar Collective from their prominent stronghold, Akila City.

Planet Moons
Al-Battani 5TBA

Volii System

The Volii System commands a significant presence as a major planetary network. It serves as the locus of operations for Rujin Industries, who have established their central hub within the settlement of Neon situated on Volii Alpha.

Volii AlphaVolii 1-A
Volii 2N/A
Volii 3Volii 3-A
Volii 4Volii 4-A
Volii 4-B
Volii 5Volii 5-A
Volii 6N/A

Porrima System

The Porrima System assumes a position of prominence as a substantial planetary network. This distinction arises from its association with the enigmatic Red Mile located on Porrima 3. Diverging from the norm of other significant systems, its planets lack distinctive individual appellations.

Porrima 1Porrima 1-A
Porrima 1-B
Porrima 2Porrima 2-A
Porrima 2-B
Porrima 2-C
Porrima 3Porrima 3-A
Porrima 3-B
Porrima 4Porrima 4-A
Porrima 4-B
Porrima 4-C
Porrima 4-D
Porrima 5Porrima 5-A
Porrima 5-B
Porrima 5-C
Porrima 6Porrima 6-A

Nirah System

Planet Moons

Aranae System

Planet Moons
Aranae 1TBA
Aranae 2Aranae 2-A
Aranae 2-B
Aranae 3TBA
Aranae 4Aranae 4-A
Arnae 4-B
Aranae 4-C
Aranae 4-D
Aranae 5TBA

Nairon System

MagrethMagreth A
Nairon 2Vectera
Nairon 3Nairon 3-A
Nairon 3-B
Nairon 5Nairon 5-A
Nairon 5-B
Nairon 6Nairon 6-A
Nairon 6-B
Nairon 7TBA

Procyon System

Planet Moons
Procyon 1TBA
Procyon 2TBA
Procyon 3TBA

Arcturus System

Planet Moons
Arcturus 1TBA
Arcturus 2TBA
Arcturus 3TBA

Tau Ceti System

Tau Ceti 1TBA
Tau Ceti 2TBA
Tau Ceti 3TBA
Tau Ceti 4TBA
Tau Ceti 5TBA
Tau Ceti 6TBA
Tau Ceti 7TBA
Tau Ceti 8Tau Ceti 8-A
Tau Ceti 8-B

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