A Comparison of Download Sizes: Starfield vs. Fallout 4

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Starfield's Download Size

As the launch of Starfield approaches rapidly, there are numerous questions circling around Bethesda’s upcoming game and what it will involve. It’s well known that Starfield is a daring endeavor, offering more than 1,000 distinct planets for players to discover. While Bethesda is familiar with creating vast open world games, Starfield is anticipated to be a major title, indicating a correspondingly substantial download size.

Bethesda has prior experience with expansive sci-fi open world adventures, most notably seen when they took charge of the Fallout series. The eventual release of Fallout 4 marked a significant triumph for the studio. At that time, Fallout 4 was an immense game, presenting players with an extensive, engaging world that contained hours upon hours of gameplay. Similar to Fallout 4, Starfield is shaping up to be an expansive world teeming with seemingly limitless content. However, much has transformed since Fallout 4’s launch, and Starfield’s sizable file size serves as a clear illustration of how games have progressed.

Starfield’s Download Size Casts a Giant Shadow over Fallout 4

Starfield's World

It’s clear that gaming has undergone significant changes since Fallout 4’s launch in 2015, but comparing the sizes of both Fallout 4 and Starfield helps highlight this shift. These two games share expansive worlds that allow players to explore at their own pace, yet Starfield is promising something of an unimaginable magnitude. From the commitment to more than 1,000 distinct planets to the game’s markedly enhanced graphics compared to previous titles by Bethesda, Starfield’s download size is substantial, rendering Fallout 4’s size minuscule by comparison.

For Fallout 4, the file size varies from a modest 30GB on PC to around 28-39GB on consoles, depending on whether one opts for Xbox One or PS4. This stands as quite typical for game file sizes, and Fallout 4 is able to encompass a rich world within these boundaries. However, juxtaposing this with Starfield’s file size, Bethesda appears to be presenting an experience that goes beyond the scope of their prior releases.

The download size for Starfield is an impressive 125GB, undoubtedly dwarfing Fallout 4 and all other past Bethesda titles. Starfield stands as one of the most eagerly anticipated releases this year for numerous gamers, and this file size pledges a content-packed offering from Bethesda at an unprecedented scale. For those enthused about the game’s launch but daunted by the vast file size, preloading the game would likely be a prudent decision. Bethesda has been teasing fans about Starfield‘s sheer magnitude for some time, and yet, when observing the game’s size alongside Fallout 4, which already contained a wealth of content, the contrast is striking.

Even though Fallout 4 is now eight years old, many gamers continue to relish its offerings and make fresh discoveries, despite having played the game for years. With a title like Fallout 4 boasting such an intricate and immersive world, Starfield’s substantial file size implies a game by Bethesda that could herald a new phase and benchmark for what open world games ought to embody. While there may be some concerns about this potentially being too remarkable to be true, Bethesda could finally be on the verge of a positive turnaround following a few years of disappointment for certain fans. Starfield showcases remarkable ambition, making it genuinely remarkable to witness the game achieve success, and in just a few short weeks, gamers will ascertain if it lives up to its lofty expectations.

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