Bethesda and AMD Reveal Limited Edition GPU and CPU for Starfield

Bethesda and AMD Starfield GPU

AMD and Bethesda have recently revealed a special edition collection of 500 GPUs and CPUs tied to the upcoming space exploration RPG Starfield. This unveiling occurred during QuakeCon 2023. Starfield has garnered significant anticipation as a game of high interest for this year, and Bethesda is actively introducing a range of Starfield-themed merchandise to build excitement among gamers in advance of the game’s release.

QuakeCon, not only marked by significant news like the announcement of Quake 2 Remastered, is also being utilized as a platform to maintain the momentum of Starfield‘s marketing campaign. As part of this event, Bethesda took the opportunity to showcase a Starfield Special Edition chair. This gaming chair is designed in the same color scheme as the forthcoming space exploration game, promises comfort, and will be accessible in both white and blue variants.

AMD, Starfield’s official PC partner, has teamed up with Bethesda to present an exclusive line of GPUs and CPUs influenced by the game. The GPU will adopt the Ryzen 7 7800X3D model with a custom design, while the CPU will be the potent RX 7900 XTX. Regrettably for enthusiastic gamers envisioning acquiring this equipment, there’s a catch: only 500 units of each device will ever be manufactured, and they will not be up for sale. According to the official announcement, the limited hardware will be given away exclusively to 500 fortunate gamers participating in the QuakeCon event during the weekend.

These hardware components will provide gamers with ample power to enjoy Starfield at elevated graphical settings. The collector’s pieces exhibit a visually appealing design, drawing from Starfield’s “NASApunk” visual style, characterized by generous white spaces, accompanied by blue and red accents. The GPU even boasts Starfield’s logo and incorporates elements reminiscent of the game’s heads-up display (HUD). Generally, the design aligns closely with the Starfield Xbox controllers revealed a few weeks earlier, creating a harmonious pairing. Although the aesthetics are impressive, it appears that no distinct engineering features set these components apart. Gamers should anticipate that both the GPU and CPU will perform on par with their standard counterparts.

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Given their limited quantity and association with one of the year’s most significant games, these items are sure to become sought-after collector’s items rapidly. Scalpers were recently selling the Starfield Constellation Edition at exorbitant prices, implying that those wishing to acquire this exclusive set of GPUs and CPUs from lucky recipients will likely need to make a substantial financial investment.

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