Unlocking the Power: Acquiring the Bloodskal Blade in Skyrim

Unlocking the Power Acquiring the Bloodskal Blade in Skyrim

Skyrim players who specialize in the two-handed weapons skill tree often find themselves in situations where they need to seamlessly incorporate destruction magic into their combat repertoire. Whether it’s dispatching a distant foe or dealing with multiple adversaries simultaneously, the juxtaposition of physical combat and mystical spells in the game can be somewhat off-putting for some.

However, within the vast array of greatswords that Skyrim has to offer, there exists a remarkable solution to this dilemma. The Dragonborn DLC presents us with the Bloodskal blade, a nostalgic nod to the “bloodskal” weapon from The Elders Scrolls 3: Bloodmoon. What sets this blade apart is its extraordinary enchantment – it can unleash crimson energy blasts with each powerful swing, effectively reaching and striking down foes even at moderate distances. This unique feature makes it an indispensable choice for those who aspire to embody the role of an arcane-focused warrior.

Location of Bloodskal Blade

Bloodskal Blade - Location  Skyrim

To locate the Bloodskal Blade on the island of Solstheim in The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim, there are a few steps to follow. You’ll need to have completed the initial meeting with the Greybeards quest at High Hrothgar and have the Dragonborn DLC installed. If you have the anniversary edition or special edition, you’re already set. However, be prepared for some mid-game level draugr encounters that might pose a challenge. It’s recommended to have a player level of around 20, but not strictly necessary.

To begin your journey, make your way to Windhelm, the oldest city in Skyrim. New players can use the carriages found outside major cities for a quick trip. Once in Windhelm, head to the docks and seek out Gjalund Salt-Sage, a sailor tending to his ship’s mast. You’ll need 250 gold as a one-time fee for passage to Solstheim. Upon arriving at Raven Rock, the first town near the docks, head northwest. After a gradual ascent, you’ll come across Raven Rock Mine.

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Inside the mine, a couple can be seen in a heated dispute over the safety of the mine. Talk to Crescius Caerellius, and he’ll give you a key to open the mine doors. This initiates the “The Final Descent” quest, but completing it is not necessary to obtain the weapon.

The mines beneath Raven Rock are infested with spiders, and the dungeon leads deeper into a Nordic Ruin filled with draugr enemies. After dealing with these adversaries, you’ll reach the end of the dungeon, known as the Bloodskal Barrow. Here, you’ll find an intriguing door with slits emitting red energy, and in front of it, lies the lifeless skeleton of Gratian Caerellius. You can acquire the Bloodskal Blade by searching his skeleton and taking it. If you’re interested in delving deeper into the lore surrounding the Bloodskal Blade, reading Gratian’s journal can provide additional context.

Bloodskal Blade – Information and Stats

Bloodskal Blade - Information and Stats

Here are the details for the Bloodskal Blade in Skyrim:

  • Base Damage: 21
  • Weight: 16
  • Upgrade Material: Silver Ingots
  • Range: 15 feet

This unique greatsword stands out in the game due to its ability to unleash red energy blasts that deal 30 damage to multiple enemies within a 15-foot radius. This effectively eliminates the need for constantly switching to a ranged attack style when facing distant foes. Additionally, the Bloodskal Blade is exceptionally valuable for leveling up the two-handed skill tree, as the ranged energy impacts count as hits, resulting in doubled XP gains. The best part is that the enchantment doesn’t require any maintenance and doesn’t consume soul gems to function.

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It’s worth noting that the energy blasts can be employed both vertically and horizontally, depending on the direction of your power attacks. However, it’s important to be cautious when using horizontal energy blasts to prevent unintended hits on random NPCs, which could lead to an undeserved bounty. Additionally, followers cannot utilize the ranged attacks similar to the Dragonborn when on horseback.

Unlocking the Power Acquiring the Bloodskal Blade in Skyrim

The energy attacks produced by the Bloodskal Blade offer the unique advantage of penetrating through walls, significantly expanding the offensive capabilities available to the Dragonborn. However, enhancing this remarkable greatsword demands the Arcane Blacksmith perk and doesn’t receive any enhancements from smithing perks you may have unlocked previously. This implies that you’ll need a smithing skill level of 100 to maximize the potential of this weapon to its fullest extent.

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