Boosting Population Limit in Age of Empires 4: Proven Strategies

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Boosting Population Limit in Age of Empires 4: Proven Strategies

Age of Empires 4 stands as the next chapter in the renowned lineage of real-time strategy games developed by Relic Entertainment in collaboration with Xbox Game Studios. At a juncture where many believed the genre to be waning, Age of Empires 4 emphatically demonstrated the fallacy of such notions.

This title continues to captivate a substantial player base, yet within their ranks are those harboring inquiries about the game. Among these queries, one will find resolution within this guide — specifically, the means to elevate the population cap in Age of Empires 4.

How To Increase Population Limit in Age Of Empires 4

How To Increase Population Limit in Age Of Empires 4

The population threshold holds significant importance in Age of Empires 4, with its upper cap fixed at 200. However, when assuming the role of the Mongols, players are instantly granted this maximum limit. A considerable number of gamers favor the strategy of quantity, often referred to as spam attacks. This involves amassing a vast army of economical units, a tactic that proves remarkably effective across various scenarios. Nevertheless, the augmentation of population bears relevance in diverse strategies as well. Let us now delve into the available avenues for expanding the population limit:

Construct Residences

Much akin to the approach in numerous analogous real-time strategy games, in Age of Empires 4, bolstering the population ceiling merely requires the construction of residences. Each structure contributes 10 units to the limit, entailing a cost of 50 wood. However, for those aiming to maximize the population cap by erecting numerous residences, prudent base planning becomes imperative. Inadequate positioning and defense of these edifices render them vulnerable to swift destruction during city assaults, thereby diminishing the population limit. Such an outcome can swiftly lead to defeat, as the production of fresh units becomes untenable.

Build Town Centers

Similar to residences, civic centers abide by the same principle. Erecting them necessitates 400 units of wood and 300 units of stone, while augmenting the population limit by 10 units, mirroring the effect of residences.

Why Increase the Population?

How To Increase Population Limit in Age Of Empires 4

The rationale behind augmenting the population in Age of Empires 4 has multifaceted significance. As previously highlighted, one avenue involves employing spam attacks. However, there exists an additional imperative: the swift accumulation of resources. With a surplus of workers at their disposal, players can expedite resource extraction, enabling them to elevate their structures, strengthen their military forces, and ultimately assert dominance over adversaries, culminating in victory. Undoubtedly, an expanded population facilitates the formation of a grander army. Nevertheless, striking a harmonious equilibrium between military might and the workforce remains crucial.

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