Starfield Health Guide: Remedying Lung Damage

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Starfield Health Guide Remedying Lung Damage

In Starfield, lung damage is a pulmonary ailment often induced by exposure to toxins and poisons. Players afflicted with this condition will find their ability to sprint diminished and will also contend with elevated CO2 levels within their spacesuits.

The symptoms of lung damage include:

  • Rapid depletion of oxygen (O2).
  • Occasional bouts of coughing.

Coughing proves to be the most vexing side effect of respiratory issues in Starfield. It acts as a telltale sign to adversaries, potentially compromising stealth missions by revealing the player’s location. For those seeking a quick remedy for this ailment, this guide provides four straightforward methods for an immediate cure for lung damage.

Starfield Health Guide Remedying Lung Damage

To recover from lung damage in Starfield, players have several options available to them. This condition can be remedied by using an Antibiotic Injector, consuming Snake Oil, seeking medical assistance, or simply spending time in a clean environment. Respiratory diseases in the game tend to naturally dissipate, especially when players steer clear of hazardous areas.

Here are the methods to cure lung damage:

  1. Use an Injector: Injectors offer immediate relief for lung infections. These can be purchased from vendors, discovered in random loot drops and first-aid boxes, or crafted in the Pharmaceutical Lab.
  2. Consume Snake Oil: Snake Oil serves as a natural remedy for lung damage and can typically be obtained from merchants for a price of 125 Credits or less.
  3. Visit a doctor: Medics have the ability to cure all afflictions, including respiratory diseases. To receive treatment, players should visit a medic at a hospital or a local health center and pay them 1,000 Credits.
  4. Wait it out: Lung damage is a self-resolving ailment in Starfield. Players can allow it to heal by spending a few in-game hours in a toxin-free environment, such as their own ship.

To confirm the successful cure of lung damage, pause the game, press the Y button, and review the “Prognosis” tab. Unless it displays “Poor,” you can be certain that the affliction has been effectively treated.

For immediate on-the-spot treatment of any ailments, it’s advisable to recruit a doctor and assign them to your ship. This ensures that you have access to medical expertise whenever the need arises during your spacefaring adventures in Starfield.

Factors Behind Lung Damage

Factors Behind Lung Damage Starfield

In the world of Starfield, lung damage can occur as a consequence of inhaling toxic gases. Additionally, players might experience pulmonary issues if they engage in strenuous activities like sprinting while carrying heavy loads. Essentially, anything that causes an increase in the CO2 level inside the player’s helmet can potentially result in lung damage. It’s important for players to be cautious and mindful of their environmental surroundings to avoid such health complications in the game.

How to Prevent Lung Damage in Starfield

How to Prevent Lung Damage in Starfield

To safeguard against lung damage in Starfield, players should adhere to several precautions:

  1. Sturdy Helmet: Wearing a durable and well-sealed helmet is crucial for protecting against inhaling toxic gases or other harmful environmental elements.
  2. Manage Encumbrance: To prevent overexertion and potential lung damage, players should avoid becoming encumbered. This can be achieved by transferring excess loot either to the ship’s storage or to one of their companions, ensuring that their carrying capacity is not exceeded.
  3. Avoid Poisonous Gases: Exercise caution when encountering poisonous gaseous resources. It’s best to stay away from them unless players possess the appropriate equipment and gear to approach them safely. Proper preparation is essential to avoid any health hazards associated with exposure to these substances.

By following these guidelines, players can significantly reduce the risk of lung damage and enjoy a safer and healthier journey through the cosmos of Starfield.

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