Starfield Player Recreates NASA Space Shuttle Inside the Game

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Starfield Art Wallpaper

A creative Starfield player has crafted a NASA space shuttle for both flight and combat within the game. Starfield, which generated significant excitement, was released on the Xbox Series X/S and PC on September 6. Players wasted no time diving into the game, which offers role-playing elements, character customization at the outset, and the opportunity to unlock new traits and characteristics as they level up.

Starfield also provides players with the option to build and customize their own spacecraft, enabling interplanetary travel. Just like their characters, players can enhance various attributes of their ships, including hull strength, cargo capacity, laser damage, top speed, jump range, and more. The game also allows players to interact with and recruit crew members who can assist in battles and perform various tasks on their behalf.

Since Starfield’s release, fans have showcased their creativity by designing unique and futuristic spaceship models. One player recreated the flying taxi from The Fifth Element, while another replicated the iconic Normandy spaceship from the Mass Effect franchise. Recently, a Reddit user by the name of Candid-Conclusion605 shared their design of the NASA space shuttle on the Starfield subreddit, naming it “Challenger” as a nod to the real-life NASA shuttle that embarked on its first flight 40 years ago.

According to the Reddit user, they put considerable effort into creating the shuttle, visiting the technician on the Paradiso space resort to source most of the required parts. They also traveled to manufacturers on other destinations to create the most accurate model of the NASA spaceship. The Reddit post states that the spacecraft is valued at 260,115 credits and can accommodate a crew of five.

In the two weeks since the game’s release, Starfield players have demonstrated their creativity by designing numerous impressive spacecraft. Fans are now requesting build guides and schematics to replicate these designs, showcasing the community’s enthusiasm for crafting unique vessels. It’s exciting to witness gamers unleashing their creativity and drawing inspiration from various shows and games. Another fan gained social media attention for recreating their No Man’s Sky ship in Starfield. Given the rapid pace at which players are creating incredible spaceship designs, it will be intriguing to see what imaginative creations come next.

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