Starfield: Is Joining the Vanguard the Right Choice?

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Starfield Is Joining the Vanguard the Right Choice

In the vast expanse of the Settled Systems in Starfield, numerous factions await players as they delve deeper into the game’s storyline. One of the first factions players will encounter is the United Colonies Vanguard, conveniently situated in the heart of New Atlantis within the MAST District. Commander John Tuala, an early game presence, will extend a warm invitation for players to consider joining the Vanguard, as the United Colonies volunteer fleet continually seeks fresh recruits. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the steps to become a part of the Vanguard in Starfield and shed light on the perks that await those who choose to do so.

How can I become a member of the UC Vanguard?

Starfield How can I become a member of the UC Vanguard

If gamers aspire to become a part of the United Colonies Vanguard, they can initiate the process by engaging in a conversation with Commander John Tuala at their convenience. He can usually be found in the MAST Building, situated directly above the NAT Station within the MAST District.

Once players express their interest in joining the Vanguard, the adventure kicks off with the “Supra Et Ultra” mission, leading them through the necessary trials for enlistment. However, before diving headfirst into their journey, gamers must make their way to the elevator within the MAST Building. This elevator ride takes them to the Orientation Hall, where they’ll need to interact with one of the registration terminals.

Here, within the Orientation Hall, they’ll encounter the Enlistment Agreement, which they must thoroughly review and ultimately accept in order to proceed with their enrollment in the Vanguard.

To achieve full-fledged membership status, gamers must successfully complete two pivotal steps: a simulated combat flight test, where they need to earn a satisfactory grade, and a probationary mission that must be carried out with precision and dedication.

Simulated Combat Flight

Starfield Simulated Combat Flight

The initial challenge on the path to UC Vanguard membership is the simulated combat flight trial, and players can initiate this test by entering the Vanguard Pilot Simulator located in the Examination Chamber. However, it’s worth noting that players have the liberty to take their time exploring the captivating Orientation Hall, a museum brimming with pivotal historic events from the Settled Systems.

During the simulated combat trial, players assume control of a Class B Deimos Hoplithe ship. To secure a passing grade, players must successfully eliminate a minimum of three tiers of simulated adversaries.

While the benchmark for passing necessitates taking down six enemy tiers, players can certainly aim for more. In total, they have the opportunity to vanquish six tiers of foes. Striving for a higher score in this trial not only expedites the process of attaining UC citizenship but also grants a bonus upon application.

After gamers have triumphantly completed the trial, they should make their way back to the lobby to engage in a conversation with Tuala. Here, they will solemnly swear an oath in front of the MAST Building, sealing their commitment. Following this pledge, they will be entrusted with their probationary mission, marking the next step in their journey towards UC Vanguard membership.

UC Vanguard Probationary Mission

Starfield UC Vanguard Probationary Mission

The UC Vanguard’s probationary mission, aptly named “Grunt Work,” revolves around a straightforward yet essential objective: delivering much-needed materials to the settlers on Tau Ceti II. To embark on this mission, gamers should make their way to the Spaceport situated in New Atlantis. Here, they can pick up both the required materials and a warm welcome goodie bag thoughtfully prepared by Crew Chief Herath.

Once fully equipped with the materials and goodie bag, players are all set to embark on their journey to the Tau Gurmet Production Center, nestled on Tau Ceti II within the Tau Ceti system. This marks the destination where they’ll make their valuable contribution to the settlers and take a significant step in solidifying their place within the UC Vanguard.

Starfield UC Vanguard Probationary Mission

The probationary mission takes an unexpected turn upon arrival at the Tau Gurmet Production Center. Instead of finding settlers in need of materials, players are met with a grim scene. The lone survivor, Hadrian Sanon, reveals a horrifying truth – a Terrormorph has wreaked havoc and claimed the lives of all the settlers.

What makes this Terrormorph particularly perplexing is that these creatures typically emerge on colonized planets decades after the Settled Systems settlers’ arrival. In the case of Tau Ceti II, however, the planet is relatively young, with settlers having established themselves for only 20 years. Sanon expresses a keen interest in obtaining a tissue sample from this aberrant creature to unravel its mystery, which means players will ultimately have to confront and defeat it.

Sanon’s plan involves reactivating the security system and turrets at the Security Outpost. Players are tasked with resetting the connection and activating the tracking system through the Tau Gourmet: Livestock Tracking terminal. They must then adjust the Tracker Frequency Tuner to the precise frequency of 183.5 to prepare for the impending showdown with the formidable Terrormorph.

Starfield UC Vanguard Probationary Mission

To confront the menacing Terrormorph, gamers have a couple of tactical options at their disposal:

  1. Turret Power-Up Strategy: One approach is to energize the facility’s turrets by activating the breakers on each building. Once the turrets are online, players can lure the alien towards them, utilizing the turrets as allies in their battle.
  2. Direct Confrontation: Alternatively, players can opt for a more direct approach and engage the Terrormorph in combat using their weaponry, facing the creature head-on.

After successfully neutralizing the threat and obtaining the coveted tissue sample, players should return to Hadrian Sanon. Handing over the sample marks the completion of their probationary mission.

With this accomplishment under their belt, gamers can head back to Commander Tuala on Jemison, officially solidifying their place within the UC Vanguard. As a reward, they’ll receive their inaugural official assignment, which involves a journey to Mars and the commencement of the “Delivering Devils” mission, further unraveling the storyline within the UC Vanguard’s ranks.

Is joining the UC Vanguard a worthwhile endeavor?

Starfield UC Vanguard a worthwhile endeavor

In the expansive world of Starfield, players enjoy the freedom to align themselves with multiple factions simultaneously, making it entirely feasible to be both a Freestar Ranger and a member of the United Colonies Vanguard.

The beauty of this dual-faction approach is that there are no adverse consequences to joining another faction, making it a worthwhile decision to enlist in the Vanguard. By doing so, gamers gain access to a host of compelling benefits, including a plethora of missions, exclusive perks within United Colonies airspace, Vanguard-specific rewards, and an array of privileges. Here’s a comprehensive breakdown of what players can expect to receive for joining the Vanguard:

  1. Opportunity for UC Citizenship: A gateway to becoming a United Colonies citizen.
  2. Property Ownership in New Atlantis: The ability to purchase property within the vibrant city of New Atlantis.
  3. Exclusive Discounts on UC Territory: Access to special discounts when dealing with United Colonies territory.
  4. UC Vanguard Space Helmet: A distinctive Vanguard-themed space helmet.
  5. Calibrated UC Vanguard Spacesuit: A specialized Vanguard spacesuit, expertly calibrated for optimal performance.
  6. UC Vanguard Pilot Pack: A comprehensive pilot pack exclusively available to Vanguard members.
  7. Custom UC Vanguard Ship Mods: A suite of custom ship modifications tailored to the Vanguard’s specifications, including:
    • Vanguard Tempeste CE-13 Missile Launcher
    • Vanguard Obliterator Autoprojector
    • Vanguard Hellfire Autocannon
    • Vanguard Starseeker Pulse Laser
    • Vanguard Ares Particle Cannon
    • Vanguard Bulwark Shield Generator
    • Vanguard Recon Grav Drive

With these enticing rewards and privileges, joining the United Colonies Vanguard offers gamers an exciting and enriching experience within the vast universe of Starfield.

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