Starfield: Outfitting Your Companions with Weapons and Armor

Starfield Outfitting Your Companions with Weapons and Armor

In the classic Bethesda style, Starfield offers gamers some trusty comrades to assist them during tough battles, making those challenging encounters a bit easier to handle. Nonetheless, as both our characters and the adversaries get stronger, our trusty companions might find themselves ill-equipped to take down the mightiest of monsters. That’s when we, as players, start itching to gear up our companions with superior weaponry or maybe even some custom-made gear to tip the scales in our favor. The burning question, though, is: How exactly can we kit out our companions with these different firearms? Well, let me give you the lowdown.

How can I equip weapons for my companions?

Starfield How to Arm Companions

Equipping your companion with a specific weapon in Starfield is a straightforward process. All you need to do is kick off a gear exchange with your companion. Once the trade is wrapped up, delve into their inventory, hover over the weapon of your choice, and simply hit the Y button to assign it to them. Keep in mind that the weapon should already be present in your companion’s inventory for this method to work its magic.

For those who may not be well-acquainted with the process, trading weapons in Starfield closely mirrors how you’d handle regular inventory management. To get started, just approach your trusty companion and hit the A button to initiate a conversation. Within the dialogue menu, select “Trade Gear.” Then, while using the left trigger (LB) to access your personal inventory, simply press A on the item you wish to trade. Easy as pie!

How to resolve the issue of your companion not utilizing their designated weapon?

Starfield How to Arm Companions

When your companion isn’t using the weapon you’ve assigned to them, it’s usually a telltale sign that they’ve run out of ammunition. The quick fix for this is to make sure your companion has at least one round of ammo for that specific weapon. To prevent future ammo shortages, it’s a wise move to equip them with an infinite gun, like the Cutter, which ensures they’ll never run dry on bullets.

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Interestingly, some players have shared their experiences, suggesting that companions only need a single box of ammunition to operate any firearm, and as long as you provide them with at least one round, they won’t run out of ammo. However, it’s important to note that this information hasn’t been officially confirmed yet, and it could potentially be a glitch.

How can I switch the attire of my companions?

Starfield companions outfit

Just like the process of outfitting your companions with firearms, you can also freshen up their look by simply hitting the Y button while picking an outfit from your inventory.

However, it’s important to keep in mind that while players can try to switch up their companion’s attire, there’s no guarantee that they’ll actually put on the provided costume. Companions tend to have their own autonomy when it comes to choosing what to wear.

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