Starfield: Acquiring a Residence in Neon

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Starfield Acquiring a Residence in Neon

Bethesda’s highly anticipated sci-fi RPG masterpiece, Starfield, has finally launched, unveiling a rich tapestry of iconic locales, intricate quests, and captivating characters for players to immerse themselves in. Among these remarkable settings, Neon stands out as one of the most fascinating and unique, marking Bethesda’s inaugural foray into the realm of cyberpunk cityscapes.

Neon is a metropolis adorned with vivid LED signs and relentless advertisements, a striking contrast of high-flying corporate power and the shadowy underbelly of underground intrigue. Situated within the Volii system, on the planet Volii Alpha, this bustling city operates as a vital trading nexus connecting several star systems. Moreover, it boasts a peculiar and coveted natural resource – hallucinogenic fish – which the residents skillfully employ in the production of the narcotic substance known as Aurora.

Neon’s urban landscape is divided into two distinct levels. The upper echelon features prominent locales like Bayu Plaza, Ikuchi Market, Trade Tower, and the imposing Ryujin Industries Headquarters. Below, in stark contrast, lies Ebbside, a destitute and poverty-stricken district, emblematic of the city’s deep class divide.

Within Neon, players have the opportunity to acquire two distinct properties, each mirroring the stark disparity between the city’s privileged upper class and the struggling masses dwelling in its lower levels. As you explore this captivating cyberpunk world, Neon promises a wealth of adventures and encounters that will undoubtedly leave a lasting mark on your Starfield experience.

Sleep Crate

Starfield  Sleep Crate

The first and most budget-friendly housing option in Neon is the Sleep Crate. It may not boast glamour or space and is situated smack in the midst of a pungent fish market within the crime-ridden Ebbside district. If you’re envisioning an abode with ample room for lavish furnishings, the Sleep Crate may fall short in that department. However, its saving grace is its incredibly affordable price tag, making it accessible to even the thriftiest of players at just 6,500 Credits to own. Moreover, it can be rented for smaller fees on a daily or weekly basis, providing flexibility for those who prefer a more transient arrangement.

To acquire the Sleep Crate, players must venture down to Ebbside and seek out the Sleep Crate vendor, conveniently located near the entrance to the lower district adjacent to the Volii Hotel. To make the purchase or rental, simply engage with the vendor, named Izna Sundararaman. The Sleep Crate residence itself is situated on the opposite side of Ebbside, in proximity to the Euphorika lounge and the bustling fish market. Despite its modest offerings, the Sleep Crate offers an affordable and practical housing solution within Neon’s eclectic and bustling urban landscape.

Sky Suite

Starfield Sky Suite

The Sky Suite stands as a markedly more opulent residence within Neon, situated in the upper echelon of the city within the Trade Tower, at the far end of the Bayu Plaza district. This lavish abode offers a level of luxury that’s a cut above the rest, and players can secure it by arranging the purchase through the bartender stationed in the Astral Lounge, one of Neon’s premier nightclubs. The Astral Lounge is conveniently nestled at the base of Trade Tower, and locating it involves a simple journey: exit to the right of the main entrance elevator, passing by various storefronts such as the Volii Hotel and The Emporium.

However, it’s important to note that this level of luxury doesn’t come cheap. The Sky Suite commands a hefty price tag of 235,000 credits, surpassing even the cost of the Dream Home and making it the most expensive property available in the game. For this substantial investment, players gain access to a generously proportioned penthouse offering panoramic views that encompass the bustling market and the surrounding cityscape. While the Sky Suite does provide an element of exclusivity and tranquility amidst Neon’s vibrant and frenetic urban landscape, some players may find that the views, impressive though they may be, do not quite match the sky-high price tag’s expectations.

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