Navigating the Snowbreak Containment Zone: A Guide to Haru Absconditus

Navigating the Snowbreak Containment Zone A Guide to Haru Absconditus

September has ushered in the second update for the Snowbreak Containment Zone, known as Fogbound Dream. Within this update, players can now acquire the latest addition to their ranks through the gacha system – Haru Absconditus. Haru Absconditus wields a kinetic pistol and is a higher-tier version of the purple-tier operative, Haru “The Ace.” This guide will delve into the workings of this unit and provide insights on how to equip her optimally for maximum effectiveness.

A crucial point to note from the outset is that Haru Absconditus is a limited orange-tier unit, meaning she will only be accessible through a limited-time gacha banner for approximately one month. While there’s a likelihood of Haru Absconditus making a return in the future, only the developers hold that information for certain. Alongside her release is the Fogbound Dream event, the eponymous feature of this update. This event carries significant importance for players aiming to develop and enhance their Haru Absconditus unit.

Deciphering Haru Absconditus’ Arsenal

Deciphering Haru Absconditus' Arsenal

As mentioned earlier, Haru Absconditus specializes in kinetic weaponry, particularly pistols, and her kit revolves around her signature standard skill, “Compensatory Justice.” When activated, this skill releases 3 “Faithful Slices” in front of her, dealing kinetic damage to up to 5 enemies. One notable feature of her skill is its ability to penetrate obstacles, making it effective against enemies taking cover or otherwise out of reach. By leveling her relevant neural skills, defeating foes with “Compensatory Justice” enhances Haru Absconditus in several ways. It boosts her movement speed, restores some of the skill’s charge, and grants a temporary period during which her skill won’t consume S-Energy.

While off the battlefield, Haru Absconditus can utilize her support skill, “Swift Execution.” This skill involves three “Evidentiary Slashes,” followed by a more potent strike called the “Executionary Slash,” all inflicting kinetic damage. Leveling her middle neural skills further empowers her support skill by reducing its cooldown upon hitting enemies with the “Executionary Slash” and adding a stunning effect to this particular strike.

When Haru accumulates enough energy, she can unleash her ultimate skill, “Triumphant Body, Victorious Blade.” This devastating move involves a flurry of violent slashes against enemies in front of her, causing kinetic damage. It also triggers the “Body as Blade” state, granting Haru Absconditus a substantially reduced cooldown for her standard skill, an additional “Faithful Slice” to her standard skill, and the ability to use her standard skill without expending S-Energy. Players can maximize the duration of this state by leveling the relevant neural skills.

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Despite the “Body as Blade” state being triggered by her ultimate skill, the additional damage dealt by her standard skill during this state still counts as standard skill damage, not ultimate skill damage.

Lastly, Haru Absconditus boasts a passive ability known as “Piercing Oath 2 – Deiwos Alignment.” This passive enhances her damage output by causing enemies without shields and with HP below a certain percentage of Haru’s HP to take additional true damage equal to their current HP. This passive makes Haru Absconditus exceptionally effective at dispatching weakened enemies, particularly in cooperative gameplay scenarios.

Are Haru Absconditus Duplicates a Valuable Investment or Grind?

Are Haru Absconditus Duplicates a Valuable Investment or Grind

Now that we’ve covered the intricacies of Haru Absconditus’ kit, let’s briefly explore the impact of duplicate units on her performance. In Snowbreak: Containment Zone, duplicate units aren’t limited solely to gacha pulls; they can also be obtained through grinding. However, it’s worth noting that acquiring duplicates from the gacha can expedite this process. Players should exercise prudent spending if they opt for gacha pulls to obtain duplicates.

Snowbreak: Containment Zone features a unique duplicate mechanic where accumulating character fragments will unlock incremental passive buffs, such as a 0.5% increase in HP or attack power. With enough duplicates, players can unlock up to five “manifestations” for each character.

Virtuous PursuitThe final manifestation will increase Haru Absconditus’ damage based on how low the enemy’s HP is when in her “Body as Blade” state.
Righteous EnforcementUnlocking this will raise Haru Absconditus’ standard skill level by one and decrease its cooldown and S-Energy consumption.
Iron Law of VictoryHaru Absconditus gains the “Iron Body” effect when using a skill if this manifestation is unlocked.
Frenzied RageThis manifestation increases Haru Absconditus’ attack whenever she uses a skill, and triggering it again will reset the duration.
Battleground DominanceWhen unlocked, Haru Absconditus will be able to use her ultimate skill without consuming U-Energy every 600 seconds.

Indeed, while Haru Absconditus’ manifestations can enhance her performance, they aren’t essential for her to excel as a unit. It’s advisable for players to pursue these manifestations when they have the willingness and resources to do so. However, the primary focus should remain on optimizing her equipment, as that will have a more significant impact on her overall effectiveness in combat. Balancing your priorities between manifestations and equipment upgrades can help you make the most out of Haru Absconditus in Snowbreak: Containment Zone.

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Mastering the Weapons of Haru Absconditus: A Comprehensive Guide

Mastering the Weapons of Haru Absconditus A Comprehensive Guide

As emphasized throughout this guide, Haru Absconditus is a pistol-wielding unit, and equipping her with a kinetic damage pistol is strongly recommended. This choice enhances her standard skill by providing additional damage and movement speed. In Snowbreak: Containment Zone, there is a variety of kinetic pistols available, but let’s delve into the most relevant options tailored to Haru Absconditus:

1. 16-Psyche (Signature Weapon): This is Haru Absconditus’ own signature weapon, accessible from the limited weapon banner that coincides with her unit banner. As an orange-tier kinetic pistol, it not only boosts kinetic damage but also enhances attack with its “corrosion effect.” Moreover, the weapon further increases skill damage when you use an ultimate skill. This synergy complements Haru Absconditus exceptionally well, as her ultimate skill already enhances her standard skill’s damage and cooldown.

2. Wild Wasp Stinger (Free Purple-Tier Weapon): For players who may not have the resources to pull for the “16-Psyche” or simply prefer not to, Snowbreak: Containment Zone’s latest patch offers a generous opportunity. Amazing Seasun Games provides Haru Absconditus’ best purple-tier weapon for free through grinding in the ongoing Fogbound Dream event. To obtain this weapon, named “Wild Wasp Stinger,” players should complete the stages under the “Pursuing Embers” section of the event until they can claim this valuable equipment piece.

Both of these weapon options cater to Haru Absconditus’ kinetic prowess, allowing players to choose the one that best suits their preferences and resources.

Mastering the Weapons of Haru Absconditus A Comprehensive Guide

The purple-tier weapon “Wild Wasp Stinger,” suggested for Haru Absconditus, boasts a distinctive design featuring yellow and black elements, reminiscent of a wasp’s hive. What makes this weapon particularly intriguing is its passive ability called “Buzzing Diffusal.” This passive grants Haru an attack boost when she consecutively utilizes the same skill, a mechanic referred to as the “Hive effect.”

The “Hive effect” aligns harmoniously with Haru Absconditus’ overall kit, as she relies heavily on her standard skill, frequently employing it in a continuous manner. This synergy makes “Wild Wasp Stinger” an excellent choice for players looking to enhance Haru Absconditus’ performance, amplifying her kinetic prowess with each successive use of her standard skill.

Yojimbo weapon Mastering the Weapons of Haru Absconditus A Comprehensive Guide

In case the event for obtaining the “Wild Wasp Stinger” has concluded and players were unable to secure it, the next best alternative would be the purple-tier kinetic pistol named “Yojimbo.” This weapon is accessible through Snowbreak: Containment Zone’s battle pass system and offers a substantial base skill damage boost for Haru Absconditus. While not as specialized as the “Wild Wasp Stinger” for her continuous skill usage, “Yojimbo” serves as a reliable choice to enhance her overall damage output.

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Efficiency and Strategy: The Haru Absconditus Logistics Guide

Akitsu squad Efficiency and Strategy The Haru Absconditus Logistics Guide

When it comes to optimizing Haru Absconditus’ logistics, her best option is currently available through the Fogbound Dream event. These orange-tier logistics are known as the “Akitsu Squad,” and they offer a substantial skill damage boost as their two-piece set bonus. Additionally, they introduce a new stackable mechanic named “Golden Osmanthus” as part of their three-piece set bonus. Accumulating “Golden Osmanthus” stacks is achievable by using skills, and they confer both an attack increase and a kinetic damage boost.

It’s worth noting that the availability of the Akitsu Squad logistics beyond the Fogbound Dream event is currently unknown. Historically, event-specific logistics have not been made accessible after the respective events conclude.

However, for players who may miss the opportunity to obtain the event-exclusive logistics, there is still a viable alternative for enhancing Haru Absconditus. The orange-tier logistics recommended in this scenario are the “Thebes Squad.” These logistics are permanent and obtainable through grinding. They provide Haru Absconditus with a skill damage boost as their two-piece set bonus and grant an attack buff each time one of her skills hits an enemy for their three-piece set bonus. While not identical to the Akitsu Squad, the Thebes Squad logistics offer a reliable way to bolster Haru Absconditus’ effectiveness in combat.

Thebes squad Efficiency and Strategy The Haru Absconditus Logistics Guide

For players who have not yet reached the point where they can grind for orange-tier logistics or have encountered unfavorable RNG luck, the next best option among purple-tier logistics to benefit Haru Absconditus is the “Elven Squad.” These logistics offer valuable bonuses that can enhance her performance:

  • Two-Piece Set Bonus: Provides an increase in skill damage, boosting the effectiveness of Haru Absconditus’ skills.
  • Three-Piece Set Bonus: Grants an increase in kinetic damage, further amplifying her kinetic damage output.

While purple-tier logistics may not be as potent as their orange-tier counterparts, the “Elven Squad” logistics offer a solid boost to Haru Absconditus’ damage capabilities, making them a reliable choice for players in need of suitable logistics for her.

Elven squad Efficiency and Strategy The Haru Absconditus Logistics Guide

Haru Absconditus undoubtedly stands as a formidable operative in Snowbreak: Containment Zone, boasting strong crowd control and assassination capabilities. When built correctly, she can emerge as a valuable damage-dealing asset for most players. If you find yourself lacking a potent damage-oriented operative, it’s highly advisable to consider pulling for her.

Furthermore, the Fogbound Dream event offers valuable rewards, including a pistol and logistics squad that can greatly benefit Haru Absconditus. Even if you don’t currently plan to pull for her, it’s still recommended to participate in the event and grind for these rewards. They may prove beneficial for other operatives in the future or should you decide to pursue Haru Absconditus during a potential rerun banner. Covering all bases ensures you’re prepared for various scenarios and maximizes your overall progress in the game.

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