Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom – Horse Upgrades with Malanya Recipes

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Zelda Tears of the Kingdom - Horse Upgrades with Malanya Recipes

In “Tears of the Kingdom,” players have the opportunity to engage with the Horse God Malanya to revive and enhance their horses. Despite the numerous changes that have taken place in Hyrule since “Breath of the Wild,” Link will encounter familiar faces on his journey, including the Horse God Malanya. Residing in the tranquil waters of a fountain deep in the Akkala region, Malanya welcomes visitors who wish to seek his favor and assistance in their ongoing adventure.

Similar to its predecessor, “Breath of the Wild,” “Tears of the Kingdom” allows Link to bring fallen horses back to life with the help of Malanya. However, the game takes it a step further by providing an exciting new feature – the ability to upgrade the potential of many horses throughout the game. This means that players can turn almost any horse into a top-tier companion, ensuring that all horses can keep up with the challenges that lie ahead.

With this highly anticipated addition, players can now enjoy the best possible horseback experience while still riding their favorite horses. Here’s a guide to summoning Malanya, the Horse God, and receiving his blessings in “Tears of the Kingdom.”

Summoning the Horse God Malanya

To summon the Horse God Malanya, players must venture to the sacred grounds of the Malanya Spring located at coordinates 4294, 3211, 0151 in the Deep Akkala region, north of Bloodleaf Lake. To start their journey, they can either head to the East Akkala Stable or fast travel to the nearby Jochi-iu Shrine.

Summoning the Horse God Malanya

From there, they should follow the road through the picturesque North Akkala Foothills until they come across a split in the cliffs at coordinates 4203, 2883, 0148, leading to Bloodleaf Lake. Continuing past the lake, they’ll reach a small bridge at coordinates 4280, 3112, 0149, which leads to a large, peculiar plant enveloped in purple mist on a small island within the spring.

Summoning the Horse God Malanya

Approaching and examining the strange bud, a large hand emerges, demanding a single Endura Carrot. Upon fulfilling this request, the bud opens, and the Horse God Malanya emerges from the spring beneath. Malanya possesses the extraordinary ability to both revive fallen horses and upgrade Link’s stabled horses. However, these remarkable powers come at a cost. Reviving a horse requires Link to provide Malanya with Endura Carrots, while horse upgrades demand an assortment of distinct cooked dishes.

Summoning the Horse God Malanya

Reviving Horses with Malanya and Obtaining Endura Carrots

To revive horses, players must offer Malanya a Roasted Endura Carrot for each horse they wish to bring back. Preparing a Roasted Endura Carrot is simple – just hold an Endura Carrot and toss it onto an open fire. Be sure to collect the roasted carrot promptly to avoid losing the valuable ingredient. These carrots have great value as they are highly beneficial in creating stamina-enhancing food and elixirs, which Link frequently uses.

zelda totk malanya summon

Malanya’s power to revive horses is limited to those that have been registered at a stable. Unregistered horses cannot be brought back to life, so it’s essential for players to visit a stable and register any horse they want to keep. Once the required offering is given, the revived horse will appear right in front of Link.

Obtaining Endura Carrots can be done in various ways. They can be found near each of Hyrule’s eight Cherry Blossom trees, where players can make offerings to Satori, the God of the Mountain. Additionally, southwest of Satori Mountain, a small patch of Endura Carrots can be found at Rutile Lake, located at coordinates -2483, -0622, -0201. Moreover, once the farmland in Hateno Village is unlocked, Link can cultivate and grow his own Endura Carrots.

Upgrading Horses with Malanya in Tears of the Kingdom

Upgrading Horses with Malanya in Tears of the Kingdom

Players can enhance their horses’ abilities by offering Malanya specific cooked dishes that correspond to the statistics they wish to improve. However, it’s important to note that certain horses, like the Giant Horse (Ganon’s Horse) and Epona, cannot be upgraded.

Upgradeable Horses:

  • Any wild horse
  • Spot
  • Royal White Stallion
  • Golden Horse

Non-Upgradeable Horses:

  • Epona
  • Giant White Stallion
  • Giant Horse

In Tears of the Kingdom, each horse possesses four distinct abilities: Strength, Speed, Stamina, and Pull. Epona, though, lacks the Pull ability. These abilities are represented by a star rating ranging from one to five. Any horse that can be upgraded has the potential to reach a maximum of five stars in each stat. This means that players can choose nearly any horse they desire without worrying about downsides, as long as they have the necessary materials to upgrade the horse’s abilities.

To upgrade a horse’s abilities, players must provide Malanya with specific cooked dishes corresponding to the desired stat increase. A nearby Cooking Pot can be found at coordinates 4246, 2932, 0150, situated at the southwestern corner of Bloodleaf Lake if needed. Here are all the recipes, along with their ingredients, that Malanya will request to upgrade each of a horse’s abilities in Tears of the Kingdom.

In Tears of the Kingdom, the method to boost a horse’s strength ability is as follows:

In Tears of the Kingdom, the method to boost a horse's strength ability is as follows

In Tears of the Kingdom, the way to enhance a horse’s speed is as follows:

In Tears of the Kingdom, the way to enhance a horse's speed is as follows

To improve a horse’s stamina in Tears of the Kingdom, follow these steps:

To improve a horse's stamina in Tears of the Kingdom, follow these steps

To elevate a horse’s pulling capacity in Tears of the Kingdom, adhere to the subsequent guidelines:

To elevate a horse's pulling capacity in Tears of the Kingdom, adhere to the subsequent guidelines
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