Strategies for Defeating Champion Victor in Lies of P

Strategies for Defeating Champion Victor in Lies of P

After vanquishing the King of Puppets, Lies of P players will delve deeper into the ominous secrets hidden within the game. Leaving the blazing opera behind, Pinocchio embarks on a journey to the Grand Exhibition, only to encounter an array of menacing puppets and grotesque carcass monsters. Among them stands Champion Victor, the largest and most formidable adversary, a once-human now infected by the Petrification Virus.

Champion Victor’s imposing presence stems from his muscular physique, making him a daunting opponent. To progress to the next area, Lies of P players must conquer him. Here’s a guide on how to outwit this formidable foe:

How to Beat Lies of P’s Champion Victor

Before engaging in battle with Champion Victor, players should take heed of the following preparations:

  1. Utilize Amulets that enhance maximum stamina and recovery.
  2. Equip Grindstones to sharpen your weaponry.
  3. Purchase Friendship Wishstones from Giangio, a valuable resource.
  4. Consider raising the level of your current weapon.
  5. Summon a specter to aid you if the battle proves overly challenging.

Victor’s combat style centers on his extraordinary strength and agility. He possesses the ability to swiftly change direction, posing a significant threat to players. However, there is a discernible pattern in his attacks that can be exploited to one’s advantage. When Pinocchio draws near Champion Victor, the latter initiates a punch combo capable of inflicting substantial damage to the hero’s HP. Therefore, the first part of your strategy should be to maintain a safe distance from Champion Victor.

Once he concludes his combo, players can seize the opportunity to close in and land a series of strikes. However, be prepared to swiftly evade, as Champion Victor executes a spinning attack shortly after.

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Strategies for Defeating Champion Victor in Lies of P

When players position themselves at a distance from Champion Victor, he resorts to charge attacks. These moves are relatively straightforward to dodge, provided players time their evasive maneuvers correctly. Periodically, Victor leaps into the air, but these aerial maneuvers are also easy to evade. Whenever Champion Victor executes either of these attacks, players can swiftly dodge and seize the opportunity to counterattack.

As Champion Victor’s HP nears the 50% mark, it signals the onset of the second phase of the battle. In this enraged state, Victor’s attack patterns remain recognizable. He continues to unleash dash attacks repeatedly, and once his flurry of strikes concludes, players can capitalize on the moment to strike back. If they have the aid of a specter, they can adhere to the strategy of evading and dodging attacks to position themselves behind Champion Victor. Subsequently, players can land critical blows to steadily chip away at the enemy’s HP.

It is advisable for players to utilize a Lies of P weapon with a decent range to avoid venturing too close to their formidable opponent.

How to Beat Lies of P's Champion Victor

Upon triumphing over Champion Victor, players will be rewarded with the following item:

  • Reborn Champion’s Ergo

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