Ranking the Characters in the Snowbreak Containment Zone: A Tier List

Ranking the Characters in the Snowbreak Containment Zone A Tier List

When Snowbreak Containment Zone initially launched, it introduced a substantial roster of 18 playable characters. Among these characters, six were classified as orange-tier (5*), while the remaining 12 fell into the purple-tier (4*) category. Since the game’s launch, it has seen multiple updates, which have introduced two additional orange-tier characters and one more purple-tier character. Future updates are expected to continue expanding the roster.

While the goal of this article is to provide an informative tier list to assist players in prioritizing their choices and potential pulls, it’s essential to emphasize that every character in Snowbreak: Containment Zone is entirely viable and competitive. Even if a character is ranked lower on this list, it merely reflects how exceptionally well the higher-rated characters perform and the utility of their respective builds.

Players should not interpret this tier list as an indication that any character is subpar or unworthy of pursuit. Every character has strengths and unique playstyles, and ultimately, the decision of who to build and use should align with personal preference and playstyle compatibility. The game offers a diverse range of characters to cater to different player preferences, ensuring that everyone can find a character they enjoy and excel with.

The Pinnacle of Power: S-Tier Characters in Snowbreak Containment Zone

In this tier list, the highest tier will be designated as the S-Tier. Characters who secure a place in this ranking excel significantly in their respective roles. Whether they deliver unparalleled damage output or offer top-tier utility, players can have absolute confidence that the characters in the S-Tier are outstanding additions to their roster. These characters are exceptional choices for players aiming to maximize their performance in Snowbreak: Containment Zone.

Haru – Absconditus

Haru - Absconditus

Haru Absconditus, as the latest addition to the Snowbreak: Containment Zone roster, follows the typical gacha pattern of being an exceptional character. She shines as a kinetic pistol DPS unit, demonstrating remarkable prowess in assassinating foes with low HP while also possessing solid crowd control capabilities. Her placement in the S-Tier of this tier list is further solidified by the advantageous circumstances surrounding her release. During her banner’s duration, she becomes notably accessible to build, thanks to the concurrent event providing players with a free weapon and logistics that synergize exceptionally well with her kit. Haru Absconditus emerges as a standout choice for players seeking a top-tier character to add to their lineup.

Acacia – Kaguya

Acacia - Kaguya

Acacia Kaguya made her debut as the inaugural orange-tier character, and she continues to shine, even when pitted against the latest additions to the roster. Armed with her trusty pistol, she excels as both a frost-based DPS and a crowd-control maestro. Kaguya relentlessly deploys her skills to incapacitate foes or leave them utterly vulnerable. Moreover, her pistol shots pack a considerable punch that demands attention. Kaguya possesses the unique ability to slow down her adversaries or freeze them outright, making her an invaluable asset to any team.

Yao – Winter Solstice

Yao - Winter Solstice

Yao Winter Solstice is a formidable sniper unit specializing in inflicting thermal damage, boasting one of the most devastating single-target damage outputs across the entire game. The community has engaged in spirited discussions about whether Yao rightfully belongs at the pinnacle of tier lists, primarily because of her intense focus on single-target DPS. Nevertheless, there’s no denying that Yao possesses the unparalleled ability to effortlessly dispatch bosses, making her an unrivaled asset in this aspect of the game.

Chenxing – Ethereal Cloud

Chenxing - Ethereal Cloud

Chenxing Ethereal Cloud, akin to Haru Absconditus, emerges as a formidable force on the battlefield, primarily due to her remarkable damage output. As an electric DPS character utilizing assault rifle-style weaponry, she specializes in delivering substantial damage in quick succession. Her “Silk Spiritual Slip” skill plays a pivotal role in her kit, as it marks enemies (multiple times for larger foes) and inflicts multiple instances of damage on those marks. This skill enables Chenxing to swiftly eliminate additional mobs and deal significant damage to even the most formidable bosses with substantial HP pools. Chenxing Ethereal Cloud’s exceptional damage-dealing capabilities position her as an excellent choice for players seeking a character capable of delivering immense firepower in Snowbreak: Containment Zone.

Formidable Contenders: A-Tier Characters in Snowbreak Containment Zone

While S-Tier units exhibit extraordinary power, those residing in the A-Tier are undeniably impressive, although they might fall slightly short of the upper echelon. Many of these units tend to lean towards a more supportive role, and while their damage output may not match that of the top-tier units, overlooking them for your team would be a missed opportunity.

Enya – Big Sis

Enya - Big Sis

Enya Big Sis wields a thermal damage pistol and stands out as a specialist in providing support to sniper units, with a particular affinity for enhancing the performance of heroes like Yao Winter Solstice. Her unique synergy with snipers becomes evident in her ability to amplify individual shots, effectively transforming Yao Winter Solstice’s already substantial single-target damage into an even more awe-inspiring and formidable numerical display.

Siris – The Goldfish

Siris - The Goldfish

Siris is both endearing and formidable, armed with a shotgun and excelling as a kinetic support unit that seamlessly integrates into any team, despite occasional lapses in memory about her purpose. Siris’ toolkit primarily revolves around shielding mechanics and other defensive strategies to mitigate incoming damage while simultaneously enhancing her own damage-dealing capabilities through an array of survivability techniques. As a purple-tier unit, investing in Siris is a highly rewarding endeavor.

Fenny – Coronet

Fenny - Coronet

Fenny Coronet, a lightning DPS expert, boasts a remarkable proficiency in wielding her shotgun with unparalleled speed. Her forte lies in delivering massive single-target damage, swiftly eliminating mobs one after another. Additionally, her ultimate skill offers a touch of crowd control, further enhancing her versatility in dealing with a variety of situations.

Fritia – Hush

Fritia - Hush

Fritia Hush is a versatile character who seamlessly combines the roles of support and DPS, harnessing the power of thermal abilities while wielding an assault rifle. While in combat, Fritia Hush truly shines by delivering potent single-target damage and offering valuable crowd control, which, while not overwhelming, remains far from negligible. However, when not actively engaged in combat, Fritia takes on the role of a guardian, providing the active character with an exceptionally robust shield. This shield proves invaluable in sustaining players through even the most grueling boss battles, ensuring their survival when it matters most.

Chenxing – The Observer

Chenxing - The Observer

In contrast to the S-Tier orange-tier Chenxing, the purple-tier version of Chenxing adopts a different role, prioritizing support and healing over DPS. Armed with an assault rifle and electric abilities, Chenxing shines in her capacity to bolster and mend her team. Imagine Chenxing as akin to certain well-known video game characters who deploy turrets and witness them steadily diminish the health of nearby foes. To draw a comparison to another popular gacha game, she shares similarities with Genshin Impact’s Yae Miko, albeit with distinctive features like her white hair and healing prowess. Furthermore, Chenxing also extends valuable buffs to enhance a player’s team performance, making her a valuable addition to any lineup.

Lyfe – Wild Hunt

Lyfe - Wild Hunt

No comprehensive tier list would be complete without recognizing the main protagonist of Snowbreak, and Lyfe Wild Hunt has found her place in the A-Tier. She stands as a formidable frost DPS and crowd control specialist, brandishing a sub-machine gun. When Lyfe joins the battle, expect enemies to be frozen frequently, making her a reliable choice for crowd control. In co-op matches, playing as Wild Hunt becomes a valuable asset, offering crucial support to fellow players in the match.

Acacia – Redacted

Acacia - Redacted

Acacia Redacted, akin to her previously mentioned orange-tier counterpart, presents an array of potent crowd control abilities along with a remarkable damage output. However, this unique Acacia, despite wielding pistols like her predecessor, deals chaos damage instead of the previous frost damage specialty.

B-Tier and Lower-Tier Characters in Snowbreak Containment Zone

While the remaining characters may not have secured a spot in the top two tiers, it’s crucial to emphasize that they are still highly capable choices. As previously mentioned, in Snowbreak: Containment Zone, you can’t really go wrong with any character—each one excels in their role. Players are encouraged to select characters based on their preferred playstyle, design, and personality, and to consider this tier list merely as a rough guideline regarding each character’s strengths.


  • Lyfe – Wednesday
  • Mauxir – Kitty
  • Yao – Quiet Quitter
  • Fritia – Little Sunshine
  • Marian – Queen of Pain


  • Marian – Swift
  • Cherno – Those Two
  • Fenny – Lionheart
  • Nita – Hands
  • Haru – “The Ace”
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