Lies Of P: Harnessing the Power of Ergo Fragments

Lies Of P Harnessing the Power of Ergo Fragments

Taking a darker twist on a beloved children’s tale, Lies of P reimagines Pinocchio’s story in a whole new, eerie light. Players will find themselves in the once-thriving Krat, now infested with corrupted puppets. As they embark on a journey to unravel the enigma of the Puppet Frenzy and aid Pinocchio in his quest to become a real boy, they’ll stumble upon various collectibles that serve diverse purposes. Among these treasures are Ergo Fragments, crystalline reservoirs of Ergo energy, the primary currency within the world of Lies of P. This guide will delve into what these fragments are and how players can harness their power.

Mastering of Ergo Fragments

Mastering the Utilization of Ergo Fragments

Ergo Fragments are everyday items that players can collect from fallen enemies or discover hidden within chests scattered throughout Krat. These fragments come in various rarities, with the rarity level determining the amount of Ergo energy they contain. Upon consumption, Ergo Fragments instantly replenish Pinocchio’s Ergo reserves. Although they add Ergo to the player’s overall currency, there’s a specific process to access the precious energy stored within them.

To utilize an Ergo Fragment, players must first equip it on either of Pinocchio’s belts or place it in his equipment bag. Once equipped, using the fragment is as straightforward as activating any other consumable or throwable item in Pinocchio’s inventory. By pressing the designated button, the main character retrieves the item from his pocket, crushes it in his hand, thereby releasing and absorbing the Ergo contained within. The fragment’s value is then added to Pinocchio’s Ergo total, which is displayed in the top-right corner.

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When to Opt for Ergo Fragments

Although Ergo Fragments can be consumed at any time, there are strategic moments in the game when doing so is more prudent. It’s essential to consider that losing Ergo upon death incurs a retrieval cost, so consuming the fragments is best done when there are no imminent threats.

The optimal time to use Ergo Fragments is when players find themselves at a vendor, ready to make a purchase. These fragments are not forfeited upon death, making them a secure place to store currency until needed. Consuming them during challenging combat scenarios carries a high risk of losing both Ergo and the fragment itself, so discretion is advised in such situations.

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