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Disney Dreamlight Valley: Obtaining the Lenses of Shadow Guide

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Disney Dreamlight Valley Obtaining the Lenses of Shadow Guide

Disney Dreamlight Valley extends a warm welcome to players, inviting them into a magical realm where they can form endearing bonds with beloved Disney characters. These connections are nurtured through the completion of quests, thoughtful gift-giving, and participation in daily activities. As players deepen their friendships with these iconic characters, new quests unfold, providing insight not only into the character’s story but also revealing more about the enchanting Valley itself.

Among these charismatic inhabitants, Scrooge McDuck takes center stage in numerous story quests within Disney Dreamlight Valley. In keeping with the Valley’s tradition, Scrooge offers a unique set of quests, tightly woven into the player’s evolving relationship with this astute shopkeeper. Here, we’ll delve into all the essential details to conquer his ultimate Friendship quest, “Treasure Hunt Part 2,” and unlock the coveted Lenses of Shadow within the enchanting world of Disney Dreamlight Valley.

How to Start the Quest “Treasure Hunt Part 2”

Disney Dreamlight Valley  How to Start the Quest “Treasure Hunt Part 2”

When a player has cultivated a deep bond with Scrooge McDuck, achieving the impressive Friendship Level 10 through the consistent exchange of daily conversations, thoughtful gift-giving, and the triumphant completion of his quests, they become eligible to embark on a thrilling journey known as “Treasure Hunt Part 2.” This quest serves as a captivating sequel to the earlier Friendship Level 8 quest, aptly titled “Treasure Hunt.” However, in addition to successfully conquering this prerequisite quest, players must also have unlocked access to several key biomes within the Disney Dreamlight Valley landscape. This can be accomplished by judiciously expending their hard-earned Dreamlight, a currency earned through the diligent fulfillment of various duties. These essential biomes include the Forest of Valor, Forgotten Lands, Frosted Heights, and the Glade of Trust. Only then can players fully immerse themselves in the adventure that awaits.

Completing the Quest “Treasure Hunt Part 2” in Disney Dreamlight Valley

The journey commences as players engage in a conversation with the ever-confident Scrooge McDuck, who remains convinced that a hidden treasure lies within the heart of Dreamlight Valley. Armed with the clues meticulously gathered during the player’s earlier exploits in his Friendship Level 8 quest, Scrooge has ingeniously pieced together a map. However, the map remains shrouded in cryptic inscriptions that defy his decoding prowess. Undaunted, Scrooge imparts a new directive to the players, suggesting they seek the sage counsel of Merlin to unravel the secrets concealed within the map’s enigmatic markings.

Speak With Merlin

Disney Dreamlight Valley  Speak With Merlin

Upon arriving at Merlin’s abode and engaging in a thoughtful conversation, the wise sorcerer takes possession of the map from the player’s hands. With a flourish of mystical incantations, Merlin weaves his magical expertise into the very fabric of the map. In a mesmerizing display of arcane power, the once-obscure inscriptions on the map are transformed into clear, legible text. The map now explicitly reveals a tantalizing message: Only those fortunate enough to possess the elusive Lenses of Shadow shall be granted the privilege of unveiling the well-guarded secrets hidden within its enigmatic depths.

Use the Map and Memory Shard

Disney Dreamlight Valley Use the Map and Memory Shard

Returning the map to the player, Merlin imparts a crucial piece of guidance, urging them to channel their magical energies towards it. To execute this mystical task, the player must delve into their inventory and initiate the process by “Opening” the map, accomplished through a simple right-click. As if touched by a sorcerer’s wand, the map undergoes a transformation, transmuting into a precious Memory shard.

Intriguingly, the player is then tasked with further interaction, as they must “Use” the Memory shard, invoking its secrets by right-clicking upon it within their inventory. This action unfurls a vivid new memory, elegantly etched into their Collection. This memory paints a vivid picture of Dreamlight Valley, meticulously annotated with crimson X marks denoting the concealed treasures’ hiding places. Yet, the map’s cryptic message is fulfilled as the player realizes that uncovering these treasures remains an elusive feat, a challenge they can only surmount with the indispensable aid of the enigmatic Lenses of Shadow.

Visit Scrooge to Obtain the Lenses of Shadow

Disney Dreamlight Valley  Visit Scrooge to Obtain the Lenses of Shadow

With the Lenses of Shadow now in their possession, the player retraces their steps back to Scrooge. The astute shopkeeper graciously discloses that these very lenses are securely stored within his vault and willingly hands them over to the player’s care. In a seamless fashion, the Lenses of Shadow find their place within the “Glasses” category within the player’s Wardrobe.

Before advancing further in the quest, the player must take a moment to equip the Lenses of Shadow, an essential step in the unfolding adventure. These stylish yet potent lenses hold not only the key to the current quest but also a pivotal role in a quest to acquire the elusive Orange Potato, a piece of a larger puzzle that eventually leads to the coveted Rainbow Fox companion.

Now equipped with the Lenses of Shadow, players embark on a quest to locate and retrieve three vital items—two key fragments and a concealed chest—each strategically hidden in specific locations throughout Dreamlight Valley. A glance at the previously unlocked memory from their Collections tab serves as a helpful reference, highlighting the exact positions marked with red Xs that guide their quest. Venturing to these marked spots, players are on the lookout for sparkling dig sites on the ground. Armed with the Royal Shovel, they skillfully excavate these sites to unearth the quest items:

  1. The first key fragment is buried within the heart of the Forest of Valor.
  2. The second key fragment lies hidden in the serene Glade of Trust.
  3. The treasure chest awaits discovery beneath the wintry terrain of Frosted Heights.

Triumphant in their retrieval of these crucial items, players eagerly return to Scrooge McDuck, poised to continue their thrilling adventure.

Repair the Broken Treasure Key

Disney Dreamlight Valley

Reassuring the player with his customary confidence, Scrooge McDuck explains that the broken key can be mended with the aid of 2 Gold Ingots. These invaluable ingots can be handcrafted at any crafting station, requiring the following materials:

MaterialWhere to Get
10 Gold NuggetGold Nuggets can be acquired from mineral nodes scattered across the Forgotten Lands, Frosted Heights, and Sunlit Plateau biomes.
2 Coal OreCoal Ore can be sourced from mineral nodes or conveniently purchased from Kristoff’s Stall.

Once the player secures the Gold Ingots and they rest snugly in their inventory, the next step is to venture to a nearby crafting station. Here, they deftly forge the Treasure Key by uniting the two key fragments, skillfully repaired. With the restored key in hand, they return to Scrooge McDuck, who promptly employs the key to unlock the long-guarded chest.

As a token of gratitude, Scrooge generously bestows upon the player their well-earned share of the treasure, an impressive haul amounting to 2,000 Star Coins. To sweeten the deal, the player also receives a coveted piece of furniture known as Scrooge McDuck’s Spare Safe, a 16-slot storage chest that proves to be both functional and ornamental.

With this gratifying exchange, the quest “Treasure Hunt Part 2” finds its triumphant conclusion within the captivating realm of Disney Dreamlight Valley.

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