Xbox Introduces Innovative Method for Enhancing Xbox Live Gold Experience

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Microsoft recently introduced a special emblem on certain gamers’ profiles, commemorating the legacy of Xbox Live Gold. This service, which had been quite popular from 2002 to 2023, was recently succeeded by Xbox Game Pass Core.

As the popularity of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate grew, Xbox Live Gold began to seem outdated. Game Pass Ultimate not only granted players access to all online features but also provided them with the same complimentary games offered by Games with Gold. Moreover, it boasted an extensive library of games to choose from. In light of these shifts in strategy, Microsoft made the decision to retire Xbox Live Gold this month after more than two decades in existence. Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean that the classic subscription service should fade into obscurity.

Just this week, Microsoft added a badge to the profiles of individuals who had subscribed to the now-defunct Xbox Live Gold service. This medal proudly displays the service’s name and its duration: 2002-2023. This intriguing detail was first uncovered by Ray Cox, known as Stallion83 in the online Xbox community, famous for being the first person to ever achieve a 1,000,000 Xbox Gamerscore points. Initially, Stallion83 believed the badge represented the number of years a gamer had been a subscriber, but he later clarified that the insignia remained the same regardless of the duration of the subscription.

Xbox Live Gold has now been succeeded by Xbox Game Pass Core, a more streamlined and cost-effective version of the renowned Game Pass. For just $9.99 per month (or $59.99 annually), subscribers gain access to multiplayer features and a curated list of 36 games, encompassing a mix of AAA first-party titles and indie gems. The game catalog is set to receive updates two or three times a year. Some notable titles in the current lineup include Celeste, Doom Eternal, Fallout 4, Gears 5, Stardew Valley, and Vampire Survivors. However, the monthly free games, formerly part of the Games with Gold service, have been discontinued.

With the retirement of Xbox Live Gold, Microsoft is now focusing exclusively on the various tiers of Game Pass. Currently, the standard Xbox Game Pass includes four confirmed games for the next two weeks: Payday 3, Cocoon, Gotham Knights, and The Lamplighter’s League. Additionally, Soulslike Lies of P and the party game Party Animals have recently been released, while the year’s most highly anticipated offering, Starfield, became available two weeks ago.

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