RE4 Remake: Separate Ways – How to Get Infinite Knife (Elite Knife)

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RE4 Remake Separate Ways – How to Get Infinite Knife (Elite Knife)

In the Resident Evil 4 Remake’s Separate Ways DLC, you can get your hands on the coveted Elite Knife, which happens to be an infinite bonus weapon. The best part? Once you’ve unlocked it, there’s no need to fret about the blade wearing out – it’s practically indestructible. But just like Leon’s journey to obtain his unbreakable blade, Ada has her own set of missions to tackle before she can claim the Elite Knife as her own. To be precise, she needs to complete seven specific objectives to secure this invaluable weapon. This guide is here to lend a hand to RE4: Separate Ways enthusiasts, helping them breeze through these missions and snag the infinite knife with ease.

How to Unlock the Elite Knife

How to Unlock the Elite Knife

Obtaining the infinite knife (Elite) in Separate Ways requires completing all seven Merchant Requests. This accomplishment will unlock the coveted bonus weapon within the Extras menu, available for purchase at a cost of 1,000 Challenge Points.

What makes the Elite Knife stand out is its impervious nature – no repairs necessary. Nevertheless, players can still enhance this weapon at the Merchant stops to unleash its Exclusive effect: Double Power. By fully maximizing the potential of this infinite blade, its damage output receives a remarkable x2 boost, solidifying its position as the most potent melee weapon in the DLC. It’s a striking parallel to the main game’s Leon, who earned a similar blade by toppling 16 clockwork castellans in the Resident Evil 4 remake.

How to Equip the Infinite Knife

RE4 Remake Separate Ways How to Equip the Infinite Knife

After Ada successfully fulfills all the Requests within the game, the Elite Knife becomes available through the Extras menu. The process starts by acquiring the Elite Knife in the Bonus Weapons section, and then players should access a typewriter to retrieve it from the Storage section.

A noteworthy aspect is that Bonus Weapons usage doesn’t impact your achievements, so players can freely employ the Elite Knife in their S+ rank playthrough. However, it’s crucial to bear in mind that this run must be initiated on a fresh save file, not a New Game Plus (NG+) save.

Elite Knife Stats

Ada RE4 Remake Separate Ways

Among the top-tier melee choices in the expansion, the Elite Knife boasts a starting power of 0.55 and a swift attack speed clocking in at 1.20. Yet, the beauty of this blade lies in its unbreakable nature, allowing players to take it all the way to a formidable 2-power knife through upgrades.

What sets Ada’s infinite blade apart is its innate unbreakable quality. This sets it apart from the Primal Knife, sparing players the need to shell out an additional 260,000 Pesetas just to make it invulnerable.

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