World of Warcraft: Brewfest Returns with Fresh Cosmetic Prizes

World of Warcraft Brewfest Returns with Fresh Cosmetic Prizes

World of Warcraft has kicked off this year’s Brewfest celebration, introducing a fresh array of cosmetics for players to collect, including a saddle for a Dragonriding mount. Gamers will have several weeks to amass these new World of Warcraft items.

Brewfest is an in-game holiday loosely inspired by Bavaria’s real-life Oktoberfest festivities. This event is packed with alcoholic activities, quests, and rewards, encompassing toys, pets, mounts, and even an experience boost. The Brewfest holiday is currently underway in World of Warcraft and will run until October 6.

In addition to the familiar rewards that players may recall from past Brewfest events in World of Warcraft, this year offers a selection of new items. Among them is the Brew Barrel, a novel toy that allows players to hop on and ride a short distance. This can be purchased for 200 Gold. However, one of the most exciting additions to this year’s collection is the Brewfest Armor Dragonriding manuscript designed for the Renewed Proto-Drake. This special brew-themed barding can be found in the Keg-Shaped Treasure Chest, dropped during the unique Coren Direbrew encounter available during Brewfest.

Regrettably, it appears that only level 70 players have the opportunity to obtain Keg-Shaped Treasure Chests from the event. Players below the level cap receive Keg-Shaped Treasure Boxes, which do not yield significant items like the Great Brewfest Kodo, Swift Brewfest Ram, or this new Dragonflight Dragonriding mount customization. Most holiday events typically grant lower-level characters an equal chance to earn these rewards, but it seems that World of Warcraft has altered this aspect for Brewfest this year.

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World of Warcraft Brewfest Returns with Fresh Cosmetic Prizes

Furthermore, there are some new Brewfest-themed rewards and activities tied to World of Warcraft’s Trading Post. The Homebrewer’s Sampling Crest back piece is presently featured in the September Trading Post catalog, available for 500 Trader’s Tender. Additionally, by defeating Coren Direbrew once and collecting 600 Brewfest Prize Tokens, players can earn 400 points toward completing their Traveler’s Log tasks for September—nearly half of what they need to secure their monthly reward.

In a delightful twist, players can also partake in Brewfest festivities within Wrath of the Lich King Classic. World of Warcraft has just announced that the Fall of the Lich King update is set to arrive on October 10. Given that Brewfest runs until just a week before this update, the holiday promises to provide players with plenty of entertainment before the gates of Icecrown swing wide open. Whether on Retail or Classic WoW, players are encouraged to head to Orgrimmar or Ironforge to immerse themselves in the merriment and reap fantastic rewards.

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