The Gravity-Defying Railing of TOTK

zelda totk hoverbike

In The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, an extraordinary item has completely transformed the way players construct vehicles within the game. By combining Zonai Devices with various other building materials, players can now unleash their creativity and design a diverse array of contraptions in TOTK. However, not all objects are equally useful for building these vehicles.

The art of crafting contraptions has become an iconic feature of TOTK, and it’s no surprise that many players have dedicated considerable time to in-game engineering. The possibilities seem almost limitless, with players engaging in extensive experimentation. While some Zonai Devices prove invaluable in actual gameplay, others may not offer significant advantages. Nonetheless, this freedom of exploration has resulted in an influx of extraordinary vehicles being designed and shared online. Some of these inventions exhibit peculiar properties that interact uniquely with TOTK’s engine, enabling Link to defy the laws of physics in thrilling new ways.

These imaginative creations often incorporate remarkably unconventional materials, like utilizing tumbleweeds to provide lightweight buoyancy and enhance their functionality. As players continue to push the boundaries of their creativity, the world of TOTK becomes an ever-evolving tapestry of remarkable and unexpected vehicle designs.

Zelda  Tears of the Kingdom Link standing on top of a flying machine

TOTK players have made a groundbreaking discovery related to vehicle construction. They have uncovered the significance of a particular item found in the Right Leg Depot, located in the Depths during the “Guidance from Ages Past” quest. The item in question is the railing of an elevator, which possesses unique properties that make it extremely valuable for vehicle building.

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Unlike regular railings, this elevator railing can be broken off using sufficient torque, such as that generated by Rockets or Stabilizers. Interestingly, it defies the usual laws of physics: it is unaffected by gravity, impervious to burning or electrical conduction, and remarkably low in friction. Notably, it also boasts exceptional durability, further adding to its appeal as a prime material for constructing vehicles.

zelda totk hoverbike

A Reddit user with the handle Bored-Fish00 has demonstrated a remarkable application of this railing, showcasing its potential in vehicle modification within the TOTK community. Specifically, they utilized it to enhance the already highly acclaimed hoverbike build, known for its economical design and excellent flight capabilities.

The incorporation of this unique railing reportedly brings about a significant improvement in the vehicle’s stability and maneuverability, enabling the protagonist, Link, to navigate the skies with unprecedented ease. As word of this breakthrough spreads, it becomes evident that the physics-defying railing can be adapted to revolutionize various other vehicle types, promising to completely transform the field of engineering in the world of Hyrule.

Although initially, it might appear challenging for aspiring builders to consistently acquire this railing, in reality, keeping it accessible is a straightforward process. Typically, parts obtained through Autobuild disintegrate once disconnected from other components. However, the unique characteristics of this railing disrupt this norm, allowing a separated Autobuild copy to remain intact and available for use in other vehicle constructions. As a result, Link doesn’t need to transport the railing from the Depths; instead, he can attach some pieces to it within the Right Leg Depot, saving it to his Autobuild favorites and ensuring easy access indefinitely.

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It’s evident that this railing wasn’t intended to be available to players, and its detachability seems to stem from an error in the elevator instance’s construction. Nevertheless, since players have now uncovered its potential, the railing is poised to become widely utilized in the projects of dedicated builders. Its gravity-defying properties and other advantageous quirks appear tailor-made to facilitate the creation of even more impressive vehicles than what has already been achieved in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

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