Armored Core 6: A Guide to Unlocking Additional Parts

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Mech construction stands as a fundamental gameplay element within Armored Core 6. To triumph over the game’s most formidable trials, players must exhibit adaptability in tailoring their loadouts. Prior to crafting their agile skirmish mechs or airborne spider tanks, enthusiasts must initially gain access to suitable components. The tradition of part unlocking, ingrained in the series, remains unaltered in Armored Core 6. While acquiring massive weaponry and robust chassis proves to be no small feat, players must engage piloted robots and diligently strive to attain the desired parts.

Obtaining Additional Mech Parts

Obtaining Additional Mech Parts Armored Core 6

Unlocking mech parts encompasses various avenues, with the primary and most apparent method involving mission completion. As players navigate through the Armored Core 6 campaign, they gradually amass a collection of aftermarket weaponry, chassis options, and internal components for their mechs. Progressing further into the game opens up access to more advanced parts, particularly as players advance to later stages. Themed parts, on the other hand, become available once players successfully conclude missions for specific factions like Balam and Arquebus.

A subsequent means of expanding the parts inventory in Armored Core 6 involves engaging in Loghunts. During certain missions, players might encounter adversaries distinguished by a Combat Log icon situated at the upper left corner of the lock-on reticule. This feature is especially noticeable during combat engagements. The initial instance of such a foe materializes in the “Destroy the Transport Helicopters” mission with the appearance of the BAWS Tetrapod, an entity that Walter advises players to disregard. Accumulating a sufficient number of logs elevates one’s Hunter Ranks, thereby unlocking novel parts accessible exclusively via Loghunts.

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Obtaining Additional Mech Parts Armored Core 6

Lastly, participants can procure more parts by completing tutorial missions. These brief tutorials serve as introductory sessions, acquainting players with the fundamentals of combat and the mechanics underpinning distinct mech archetypes and weaponry. These tutorials necessitate just a few minutes to finalize, and the parts they confer prove exceptionally effective for specific builds and early-game scenarios.

Given that Loghunts are intertwined with narrative progression and tutorial missions are finite in nature, the optimal strategy for players to amass additional parts revolves around undertaking main campaign missions. Those grappling with challenging encounters must experiment with their existing arsenal and tailor their strategies to the best of their abilities.

Parts unlocked as mission rewards can be purchased from the Parts Shop. Conversely, components procured via tutorial missions and Loghunts are complimentary and can be seamlessly integrated into mechs upon acquisition.

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