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Legendary Strength Unleashed: Garp’s Impact in One Piece 1087

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garp vs kuzan one piece

Attention, readers! The following content includes spoilers for One Piece Chapter 1087, “Battleship Bags,” penned by Eiichiro Oda.

After a month-long hiatus, the highly anticipated return of One Piece has not disappointed. Chapter 1087, set in the captivating Egghead Island arc, finally graced fans with its presence, and it was well worth the wait.

Interestingly, the entire focus of this chapter remained on the Pirate Island, where Vice Admiral Garp and his lively Marines engaged in a fierce battle against the formidable Blackbeard Pirates. Though fans had anticipated a shift back to Egghead Island to check in on the Straw Hat Pirates, the narrative took an unexpected turn. Nevertheless, the chapter lived up to expectations, delivering a thrilling experience and setting the stage for some enticing plot developments.

Garp’s Tragic Journey

one piece garp vs kuzan aokiji

One Piece chapter 1087 delved deeply into the life of Marine Vice Admiral Garp. The chapter opened with a glimpse into his past, shared through the character of Brannew. In a conversation with fellow Marines, Brannew shed light on Garp’s intense training regimen from years ago. The narrative later alluded to Garp’s past training with Aokiji, a fact that was further explored.

According to Brannew, Garp would use colossal marine battleships as his punching bags during his youth. These battleships bore unmistakable evidence of Garp’s raw power, as they were left severely dented and rendered unusable. Remarkably, Garp achieved these feats without relying on any Devil Fruit powers or Haki.

His purpose in abstaining from Haki during this training was to develop and strengthen his physical prowess, ensuring he could match formidable foes like the legendary Roger. At one point, a young Kuzan, who would later become a Marine Admiral, sought to train under Garp. Initially reluctant to stifle Kuzan’s freedom, Garp eventually accepted him as his apprentice. Kuzan’s determination led him to dent the battleships himself, earning Garp’s pride and admiration.

However, in the present timeline, Kuzan has turned against Garp. This feeling of loss echoes similar experiences Garp faced when his son, Dragon, joined the Revolutionary movement, and his grandson, Luffy, embraced a life of piracy. Tragedy struck further when another grandson, Ace, became a pirate and met his demise during the Paramount War.

Throughout Garp’s life, Oda masterfully highlights the myriad of tragedies he has endured, making chapter 1087 another poignant example. Nonetheless, Garp remains steadfast in fighting for his beliefs and his own brand of justice.

Garp’s Desperate Stand

one piece garp vs blackbeard pirates-

In the present timeline, One Piece 1087 shifts its focus to Garp’s intense battle against the Blackbeard Pirates. Despite their strength, none of them stand a chance against Garp, except for his own student, Aokiji, who can take on the world’s strongest fighters. Garp effortlessly defeats Sanjuan Wolf by throwing him into the water and renders Vasco Shot useless. Even Kuzan, though resilient, is beaten to a pulp multiple times.

As the fight progresses, Garp, having rescued the slaves and evacuated injured Marines, decides to leave the island, deeming the pirates endless. However, Kuzan stands in his way, setting the stage for a desperate escape plan towards the coast.

During the escape, a misunderstanding occurs when Koby misidentifies a potential enemy, leading to his capture. Garp jumps in to save Koby from an attack by Shiryu but sustains a fatal wound in the process, weakening him. Despite his injury, Garp orders his students to flee to the battleship while he faces Aokiji and the remaining pirates.

The final clash between Garp and Kuzan leaves both combatants reeling, but Garp is at a severe disadvantage due to his serious injury. The odds of escaping, especially if Blackbeard returns to the island, seem incredibly slim. Nevertheless, Garp remains conscious and determined to fulfill his duty.

The exact course of action for Garp moving forward remains uncertain, but his primary objective is to ensure the survival of the next generation of the Navy. He will likely cover their escape, reminiscent of Whitebeard’s actions during the Marineford arc, protecting his Division Commanders.

one piece 1087 avalopizzaro power

In One Piece 1087, Avalo Pizarro’s fascinating ability takes center stage as he unleashes his Shima Shima no Mi power. While other Blackbeard Pirates fell easily before Garp, Pizarro observed the battle carefully. Towards the end, he harnessed his unique ability to control the entire island, showcasing its immense strength by stopping a marine ship from escaping.

Despite Koby’s pleas, Pizarro remains unyielding, and the Navy’s only hope lies in Garp, who is still conscious and determined to fight despite his serious injury. Fans can expect Garp to put on another impressive display, potentially sacrificing himself to allow the next generation of Marines, led by Koby, to escape to headquarters and prepare for a counterattack against the Blackbeard Pirates.

As the events on the Pirate Island unfold, the story in One Piece continues to intensify, promising captivating developments in the upcoming chapters. Oda’s return has been celebrated by fans, especially for providing more insight into the beloved character, Garp. The focus is likely to remain on the current arc, drawing it to a satisfying conclusion before redirecting attention to other storylines.

All in all, One Piece 1087 delivered an exceptional chapter that fans have undoubtedly adored, showcasing the brilliance of Oda’s storytelling and the excitement surrounding Garp’s involvement.

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