Starfield Player Stumbles Upon Shocking Twist Preventing Fast Travel

Starfield spaceship

A Starfield player got quite the unexpected surprise when they tried to fast-travel to a planet but stumbled upon an unwelcome stowaway among their crew. This unusual incident adds to the growing list of bugs and hiccups some Starfield players have encountered since the game’s early access launch on September 1.

It’s not to say that Xbox Game Studios didn’t keep their promise of delivering the smoothest launch for a Bethesda game. However, a few issues managed to sneak into the day-one version of this ambitious space-faring RPG, which is somewhat customary for such grand projects.

The latest glitch was uncovered by a Reddit user going by the name AQTBGL_DaddyIssues. They were scratching their heads, trying to figure out why they couldn’t fast-travel to Numitor. To their astonishment, they found themselves face-to-face with a level 35 Pack Ankylosaurus on board their Starfield ship. This massive dinosaur seemed to have wedged itself inside the ship, but it still had enough reach to take a swing at the player as soon as they got up from the cockpit. The unwelcome stowaway’s space adventure was brought to an end when the captain emptied about half a magazine of an assault rifle into its jaw.

The player speculated about the reasons behind this bizarre discovery, mentioning they had seen the Pack Ankylosaurus perched on top of their ship during liftoff. The creature’s model remained stuck within the vessel as it soared into space. The player concluded that this proximity to the spacecraft triggered the game to spawn the colossal reptile inside the ship upon loading its interior.

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Whether this theory holds true or not, this particular glitch isn’t the first sign that Starfield’s spacecraft launch sequences may have some gaps in their bug safeguards. Recently, there was a comically disastrous Starfield ship launch where a player rocketed into orbit with only their cockpit, a situation that might have been amusing had the broken state not persisted across loading screens.

Starfield has already received one pre-release patch before its early access phase and is likely to receive more in the months to come, based on Bethesda’s support history. In the meantime, players are advised to save their progress frequently, and the more cautious among them might want to do a wildlife check before blasting off into space. Community fixes in the form of Starfield mods and patches are bound to surface eventually, but the modding scene won’t truly take off until Bethesda releases its Creation Kit, which unfortunately still lacks a release date.

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