How to Pull Off an Incredibly Clever Money Heist in Starfield Without a Trace

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Money Heist in Starfield

A crafty Starfield player has ingeniously harnessed the game’s intricate physics to execute a stealthy heist, making off with a substantial amount of in-game credits without raising any alarms. In the tradition of previous Bethesda titles, Starfield offers players the liberty to pilfer virtually anything not bolted down, and, much like its predecessors, nearly every object in Starfield boasts its own physics and can be individually manipulated by players and in-game characters.

Players of Starfield have already showcased their imaginative exploits with the game’s physics engine. One particularly memorable instance involved a player gathering a plethora of potatoes, depositing them all within a room, and then swinging open the door to witness how each potato behaved with realism, thanks to their individual physics properties.

While Starfield’s physics system has been a playground for creating entertaining viral videos, it has also served as a tool for cunning players to carry out covert heists within the game. Take, for instance, the case of MrJsingh, a resourceful Starfield player who stumbled upon a gambling table loaded with a stash of valuable credits. Ordinarily, filching these credits would trigger nearby NPCs to become agitated, possibly leading to an assault on the player character or a call to the authorities. However, MrJsingh devised a clever workaround. They employed an object to seize and discreetly transport the credits into a basket strategically positioned on the floor. Then, they spirited the basket away to a concealed location, allowing them to abscond with the credits incognito.

Undoubtedly, there are more efficient avenues to amass wealth swiftly in Starfield, but MrJsingh’s method unquestionably stands out as one of the most innovative approaches to emerge from the game’s community. Now that Starfield has transitioned from its early access phase to a full-fledged release, it’s highly probable that we’ll witness even more astonishing feats and tricks employing the game’s intricate physics engine, as enthusiasts continue to share their exploits online.

As players venture further into the expansive Starfield universe, this unique form of larceny should remain in their repertoire of tactics. Nevertheless, it’s worth noting that a classic Bethesda thievery maneuver, popularized in games like Skyrim, where players could place buckets on NPC heads to obscure their line of sight and plunder their belongings unnoticed, doesn’t yield the same results in Starfield. While it’s still possible to position buckets on NPCs’ heads, it lacks the same efficacy as it did in Skyrim, meaning players can’t employ this method to pilfer everything in plain sight without consequences. Looking ahead, it will be intriguing to witness the inventive strategies that Starfield players devise for pilfering items within the game.

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