Modding Allows Inclusion of New Planets in Starfield

New Planets in Starfield

Staying true to its essence as a Bethesda sandbox game, Starfield is poised to empower modders to significantly enhance the core gaming experience. Notably, they will have the remarkable capability to introduce new planets to the extensive array of star systems within the game. Powered by Creation Engine 2, the evolutionary successor to the engine that fueled Skyrim‘s groundbreaking modding community, Starfield is anticipated to exhibit remarkable strides in both graphical fidelity and technical prowess, as demonstrated in the comprehensive Starfield Direct presentation, contrasting favorably with previous titles using the Creation Engine, such as Fallout 4.

At its foundation, Starfield promises an impressive assortment of thousands of planets, although a mere 10% will be suitable for habitation. Despite featuring hundreds of hours of meticulously crafted content, Starfield is embracing a more audacious utilization of procedural generation compared to Bethesda’s prior offerings. The procedural generation will be particularly ambitious in creating diverse zones on these planets, lending variety to the initial player experience. It is plausible that these procedurally generated planets could serve as fertile ground for creative endeavors within the modding community or even official DLC, potentially transforming them into something extraordinary.

In a recent Gamescom interview posted by Darrius Fears on Twitter, Pete Hines affirmed that modders will not only possess tools to devise new quests and narratives but will also wield the capability to fashion entirely new planets. This capacity to conceive new planets from the ground up, whether harnessing Starfield’s procedural generation tools or adhering to more conventional methods, ushers in a realm of incredible possibilities for ambitious total conversion mods. The advent of Creation Engine 2’s robust features significantly amplifies the feasibility of endeavors such as the recreation of renowned locales from the Mass Effect franchise within the Starfield universe.

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Considering the substantial content poised for launch, encompassing the forthcoming Shattered Space DLC, the potential for the modding community to bolster the game on a grander scale than witnessed with Skyrim is evident. For numerous modders, this represents an exciting new beginning and a blank canvas to be populated within a modern Creation Kit under an entirely new engine. While the mechanics of Starfield mods within its Creation Club are yet to be fully revealed, it’s probable that players will predominantly gravitate toward Nexus Mods as the principal source of modded content.

The fact that The Elder Scrolls 6 is also being developed on the Creation Engine 2 confers a significant advantage upon Starfield modders when the highly anticipated sequel to Skyrim eventually debuts. Todd Howard’s articulated vision for The Elder Scrolls 6 as the ultimate fantasy simulation serves as a complementary counterpart to Starfield’s own aspiration within the realm of science fiction. While the extent to which Starfield will fulfill its lofty expectations remains to be seen, initial reactions have been overwhelmingly positive.

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