Starfield: Obtaining the Hard Target Rifle – Guide

Starfield Obtaining the Hard Target Rifle - Guide

The Hard Target rifle in Starfield stands out as a bolt-action Ballistic weapon that employs .50 Caliber ammunition, affording it an impressive 100-unit range, making it a prime choice for executing long-range assassinations. Distinguishing itself from other rifles, the Hard Target is a rare find, with players seldom encountering one until they attain a certain level in the game. Nevertheless, there exist two reliable methods to secure this firearm. This guide will outline how players of Starfield can obtain the Hard Target rifle at an early stage and enhance its effectiveness by making strategic firearm modifications.

Is Hard Target Worth It?

Is Hard Target Worth It Starfield

In Starfield, the Hard Target stands out as the premier Ballistic rifle due to its base and maximum power, making it a formidable choice for long-range engagements. Available for a reasonable price of 20,000 Credits at Level 30, players can acquire this powerful weapon and tailor it to suit various stealth-oriented builds.

Here are the base stats for the Hard Target:

  • Physical DMG: 116
  • Range: 100
  • Accuracy: 74.2%
  • Fire Rate: 25
  • Magazine Capacity: 5

However, for players solely focused on maximizing rifle damage output, the Magsniper may be a preferable option. This is because an Advanced version of the Magsniper can deliver up to 794 damage, which is nearly double the damage output of an Advanced Hard Target rifle.

How to Get Hard Target in Starfield

In Starfield, players have the opportunity to obtain the Hard Target rifle either by purchasing it from weapon vendors or by discovering it as a random drop. However, if this particular firearm doesn’t appear in the inventory of merchants, it indicates that players are currently below Level 30.

Farm from High-Level Spacers

Farm from High-Level Spacers Starfield

For Starfield players who have not yet reached Level 30, obtaining a Hard Target rifle can be achieved by defeating high-level space pirates. To accomplish this, a technique known as “save scumming” is employed, wherein players repeatedly confront Spacer bosses who are at Level 50 or higher until the Hard Target rifle is dropped as loot.

One prime location for this save-scumming method is the Abandoned Facilities found on high-level planets. The Proxima Ternion system, for example, serves as an excellent starting point for this endeavor.

Purchase from a Vendor at Level 30

Purchase from a Vendor at Level 30 Starfield

The Hard Target rifle becomes accessible at merchant spots once players reach Level 30. After meeting this requirement, players can visit any of the weapon vendors located in major cities and acquire the Hard Target rifle for approximately 20,000 Credits.

Best Mods for Hard Target

Best Mods for Hard Target Starfield

Given that the Hard Target is a bolt-action rifle in Starfield, players have the opportunity to enhance its performance through several weapon modifications. These modifications include:

  1. Suppressor
  2. High Powered
  3. Tactical Grip
  4. Bull Barrel
  5. Recon Laser Sight

It’s important to emphasize that the Hard Target rifle can accommodate up to seven mods in total. This means that players can optimize its physical damage potential to surpass the 400 mark when utilizing these modifications effectively.

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