Top Starfield Weapon Locations: Uncovering the Finest Armaments

Top Starfield Weapon Locations: Uncovering the Finest Armaments

In Starfield, you’ll encounter a wide variety of weapons, each with its own set of stats and mods, making each playthrough unique. However, amidst the randomness, there are some special firearms that every player can acquire. You can obtain them by completing specific side quests, advancing in the main story, or simply by visiting the numerous weapon merchants scattered throughout the game.

The top-tier weapons in Starfield are indispensable tools as you explore the vast universe. They enable you to dispatch your adversaries with precision and grace. Additionally, these firearms and melee weapons are excellent candidates for further customization, often coming with several mods already equipped when you first acquire them.

Please note that this guide is a work in progress and will be continuously updated as more unique Starfield weapons are uncovered.

Be cautious as the following guide may contain minor spoilers related to the Starfield storyline.

Unique Weapons from Merchants

Frank renick starfield

In the world of Starfield, players have the option to purchase distinctive weapons from weapon merchants situated in major settlements. Typically, these merchants stock two or three unique Rare weapons for sale. The price tag for these firearms can range upwards of 20,000 Credits, contingent on their stats and whether players have unlocked the Commerce skill. The debate over whether these weapons truly rival the absolute best in Starfield may vary, but for those seeking to enhance their firepower, they are certainly worth considering as a valuable addition to their arsenal.

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The BuzzcutNeon Tactical (Neon)
Boom BoomNeon Tactical (Neon)
Head RangerLaredo Firearms (Akila City)
The PrimeLaredo Firearms (Akila City)
The ZapperRowland Arms (Akila City)
EleganceRowland Arms (Akila City)

Unrestrained Vengeance

Starfield unrestrained vengeance

If you manage to take down the Hunter during the main story mission “High Price to Pay,” you’ll be rewarded with the Unrestrained Vengeance. To achieve this, you’ll only need to reduce his health bar once, causing him to momentarily vanish. He may reappear later, but as long as you can defeat him at least once, he’ll offer you the Rare laser rifle along with some credits when you return to your ship and depart.

The Last Priest

Starfield the last priest

To acquire The Last Priest, you’ll have to finish the Infinity’s End side quest. This quest becomes available only if you choose to align with the Hunter during the final stages of the Unearthed main story mission. Players will be rewarded with this Rare melee weapon by either following the Hunter’s instructions or by persuading him that you’ve done so, even if you haven’t actually completed the task.

Unmitigated Violence

Starfield  weapon unmitigated violence

Unmitigated Violence serves as the Hunter’s primary weapon, and it’s no wonder that it ranks among the top-tier firearms in Starfield. Players can acquire this Legendary laser rifle by defeating the Hunter at the Buried Temple. However, this opportunity is only available to those who do not side with him at the conclusion of the Unearthed main story mission. Consequently, if you have your sights set on obtaining his weapon, you should opt for the Emissary or remain neutral in your allegiance.

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Eternity’s Gate

Starfield eternitys gate

Eternity’s Gate stands as a Legendary particle beam rifle, easily earning its reputation as one of the finest firearms in Starfield, and certainly one of the most coveted. Players can claim this remarkable weapon by emerging victorious in their battle against the Emissary at the Buried Temple. This opportunity arises when players opt to align with the Hunter during the Unearthed main story mission or remain neutral in their allegiance.

Heller’s Cutter

Starfield hellers cutter

Heller’s Cutter can be discovered within a crate on Vectera, the moon where Starfield’s narrative initially unfolds. However, players won’t have the chance to obtain it during their initial visit. Instead, they can return to the Narion system after delivering the Artifact to Constellation. Upon their return, they will have the opportunity to locate Heller’s Cutter inside a crate.


Starfield keelhauler

Players can claim The Keelauler as a reward by successfully completing the Deep Cover side mission. This mission is initiated when players venture into United Colonies airspace either with contraband aboard their ship or carrying a bounty on their head. To complete the mission, players must successfully infiltrate the Crimson Fleet. Their efforts will be generously rewarded with this Legendary pistol, which is undoubtedly one of the finest sidearms in all of Starfield, making it a highly sought-after treasure.

Sir Livingstone’s Pistol

Starfield livingstones pistol

Sir Livingstone’s Pistol may not be the ultimate weapon in Starfield, but its sentimental significance makes it a cherished find. To obtain this special firearm, players must have chosen the Kid’s Stuff trait at the beginning of the game. If this condition is met, they should align themselves with Constellation and proceed to the Residential District of New Atlantis to pay a visit to their parents. Their digital Dad, brimming with pride, will then graciously present Sir Livingstone’s Pistol as a gift.

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Starfield peacekeeper

By spending sufficient time around the Altair system, players may stumble upon a distress signal sent by someone named Private Mahoney. This signal initiates the Groundpounder side quest. To successfully finish this quest, players must journey to the Freestar Collective Research Outpost located on Altair II and confront a group of Spacers. As a token of appreciation for their efforts, players will be rewarded with the Peacekeeper, a valuable firearm.

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