Starfield Guide: Mastering the Survey of Kreet – Discovering All Resources, Flora, and Fauna

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Starfield Kreet Cover

Kreet, one of Anselon’s moons, serves as one of the initial destinations for players in Starfield. Here, players will embark on their journey, receiving the Scanner and unlocking essential tools like the surface map and Photo Mode. As soon as gamers harness the power of the Scanner, they’ll also gain the ability to collect valuable survey data. Starfield enthusiasts will be delighted to know that each fully scanned planet or moon rewards them with a Survey Slate, which can be later traded for a respectable sum of credits. This guide is your ticket to discovering the ins and outs of surveying Kreet and securing its coveted survey slate.

Kreet’s Varied Biomes

Starfield Planet

While exploring the vast cosmos, gamers won’t merely encounter desolate planets; instead, they’ll stumble upon a rich tapestry of ecosystems featuring diverse landscapes and an array of intriguing alien lifeforms. Kreet, nestled within the Narion System, enjoys the favorable conditions to support life. In its entirety, Kreet boasts three distinct biomes waiting to be explored, and players must venture into each one if they aim to document all the flora and fauna inhabiting Anselon’s moon. The polar regions present frozen volcanic expanses, while the surroundings of the North Pole constitute the Mountains biome. The majority of the moon’s surface, however, is dominated by volcanic terrain. Navigating the Kreet Starmap offers gamers the opportunity to pinpoint their destination, providing insights into the specific biome they are about to embark upon.

Life and Resources on Kreet

Starfield Resources

In order to complete a comprehensive survey of Kreet, players must meticulously scan every aspect of its ecosystem, including its diverse flora, fauna, and valuable resources. Within Kreet’s boundaries, adventurers will come across three distinct animal species, three varieties of plants, and an impressive array of eight resource types.

When it comes to resources, a single scan is sufficient to collect all the necessary data. However, for plants and animals, repeated scans are required to gather all the crucial information. To expedite the surveying endeavor, players can invest in the Zoology and Botany skills found in the Science Skill Tree, enabling them to amass more data with each scan and significantly accelerate the data-gathering process.


Starfield Resources 3

To compile a comprehensive dataset on the botanical wonders of Kreet, players will need to explore each unique biome, as distinct plant species thrive in these diverse environments. Here’s an overview of the various plant species awaiting scanning on Kreet:

Nebula VineMountains– Resource: Fiber
– Genetics: Double Helix, Carbon-based
– Reproduction: Self-cloning
Frost ReedFrozen Volcanic– Resource: Nutrient
– Genetics: Double Helix, Carbon-based
– Reproduction: Cuttings
Dust RootVolcanic– Resource: Fiber
– Genetics: Double Helix, Carbon-based
– Reproduction: Self-cloning


Starfield Resources

While the wildlife encountered on Kreet isn’t inherently aggressive, it’s not particularly sociable either. Players can confidently approach these creatures for scanning purposes, but it’s crucial to maintain a safe and respectful distance. Now, let’s take a look at the various animal species inhabiting Kreet:

Kreet GrazerMountains, Volcanic– Health: 50
– Resource: Antimicrobial
– Temperament: Wary
Kreet StalkerMountains, Volcanic– Health: 50
– Resource: Antimicrobial
– Temperament: Wary
TrilobiteFrozen Volcanic, Mountains, Volcanic– Health: 20
– Resource: Nutrient
– Temperament: Wary


Starfield Resources

Kreet offers a rich tapestry of eight distinct resources for gamers to discover. While it’s possible to come across a variety of resources within the same geographical region, some areas are notably more abundant in specific resources.

To gain insight into the resource distribution across this lunar landscape, players should access their Starmap, target Kreet, and opt for the “Show Resources” feature. This handy tool will unveil the prime locations for locating each of the following eight resources on Kreet:

  • Neon (Ne)
  • Alkanes (HnCn)
  • Iron (Fe)
  • Silver (Ag)
  • Lead (Pb)
  • Water (H2O)
  • Argon (Ar)
  • Helium-3 (He-3)

Exploring Kreet’s Characteristic

Starfield Kreet

While many planets and moons boast their own distinctive characteristics, uncovering these enigmatic traits often proves to be the most challenging aspect of surveying in Starfield. To unveil the unique trait concealed within Kreet, players should engage their Scanner and direct it toward the enigmatic Unknown markers that materialize on the horizon. By scanning these markers, players will unveil the nature of the point of interest they represent. Persistence is key here; gamers should continue this process until they stumble upon a marker labeled “Natural,” at which point they should diligently follow its lead.

Starfield Kreet

Upon reaching the Natural point of interest, dedicated fans can initiate another scan to unveil its name, ultimately revealing it as an Unexplored Geological Feature. From this point on, it’s imperative to keep the Scanner active, as it serves as an indispensable tool for locating the two pieces of evidence essential for unveiling the planet’s unique trait.

However, gamers should exercise caution and avoid approaching the gas and water surrounding these Unexplored Geological Features. These areas are tainted with microbial toxins capable of steadily diminishing their overall health until they make a timely return to their trusty ship.

Starfield Kreet

In the vicinity of the Natural area, players will encounter two substantial structures – eroded reef outcroppings. It’s imperative to scan these outcroppings, as they hold the vital evidence of bygone oceans that once graced Kreet’s surface. This pivotal discovery will unveil Kreet’s hidden trait: Deep Ocean Deposits.

Once gamers have meticulously scanned all the life forms thriving on Kreet and unveiled its unique trait, their diligent efforts will be rewarded with the coveted Survey Slate.

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