Hades’ Secret Weapon Aspects: A Guide to Unlocking Them

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Hades' Secret Weapon

Every weapon within the realm of Hades possesses the extraordinary ability to manifest in various forms. While some of these forms are readily apparent to the player, others demand a touch of investigative prowess to uncover. It appears that Zagreus’ Infernal Arms are intertwined not only with heroes and entities from Greek mythology but also with figures from beyond, bestowing their unique attributes upon him once he proves his mettle.

The unveiling of each concealed aspect mandates the utterance of a “rousing phrase,” a secret key bestowed upon Zagreus by specific NPCs after specific conditions have been fulfilled. In some instances, multiple interactions with the said character might be necessary before they divulge the cryptic phrase. Exercise patience, for within the realm of Hades, diligent players will ultimately reap the rewards of extraordinary might. With the acquisition of the phrase, Zagreus can access each concealed aspect, expending three units of Titan Blood. Additionally, he can enhance an Aspect’s potency by investing an equivalent amount, further amplifying his prowess.

Eagerly awaiting a forthcoming sequel, ardent aficionados of Hades find themselves yearning for more of Supergiant’s enthralling tales from the netherworld. Although the sequel is slated for release in late 2023, the absence of an official launch date propels enthusiasts of the game back toward the original masterpiece, sating their appetite for mythological, roguelike dungeon-crawling adventures. Long after players have traversed the core narrative, they persist in subjecting themselves to ever-grueling conditions in their pursuit of extricating Zagreus from the depths below. Amidst these advanced stages of gameplay, the concealed weapon aspects emerge as a captivating facet, embodying not only stalwart heroes but also nefarious antagonists hailing from realms beyond Greek mythology. These potent armaments assume an indispensable role as Zagreus orchestrates his recurring escapes. Presented here is the roadmap to acquiring these remarkable arsenals.

Unlocking the concealed aspect of any weapon mandates the prior investment of a specific measure of Titan Blood in alternative aspects. Furthermore, a substantive reserve of this precious substance is requisite to access and augment the concealed aspects themselves.

Hades offers manifold avenues through which to amass Titan Blood. Triumph over the Fury sisters and the ultimate boss garners a unit of Titan Blood for each distinctive weapon, a reward that multiplies for every incremental Heat level. A supplementary source emerges through the fulfillment of prophecies or transactions conducted with the Wretched Broker. Refer to this comprehensive compendium of Titan Blood opportunities for further guidance.



Aspect of Beowulf

The venerable Old English champion extends his shield of guardianship to Zagreus through the Aspect of Aegis. In this embodiment, Aegis’ Attack, Bull Rush, and the shield-propelling Special remain largely unchanged. However, this aspect introduces a novel facet known as the Dragon Rush. Below is the method by which Zagreus can harness this newfound capability:

  • Engage the Cast command to load one or more Bloodstones into the shield (akin to Coronacht’s Aspect of Hera).
  • Hold the Attack input, set your trajectory, and subsequently release, akin to executing a conventional Bull Rush.

Although resembling the Bull Rush in essence, the Dragon Rush distinguishes itself by conferring a 20% amplification in damage with each progressive tier, in addition to its foundational damage and an extra +50 damage for each embedded Bloodstone. Noteworthy both in its offensive and defensive applications, the Aspect of Beowulf grants Zagreus the capacity to leverage the shield’s defensive prowess while concurrently inflicting augmented damage. Nevertheless, an ancillary drawback is associated with this aspect: while wielding the Aspect of Beowulf, Zagreus sustains an additional 10% of incoming damage. Ensuring the adept utilization of the shield’s defensive attributes becomes imperative to prevent a premature return to the House of Hades. For further insights into constructing optimal configurations for this aspect, consider perusing advice on adept build strategies.

Unlocking the Aspect:

Upon engaging in conversation with Chaos while employing any aspect of the Shield of Chaos, the ancient deity will allude to their past utilization of the shield. Subsequently, following the investment of 5 units of Titan Blood into Shield aspects, revisit Chaos after the initial exchange. Chaos shall bestow upon Zagreus the pivotal phrase: “I perceive you holding your ground against the serpent’s blaze,” an allusion to Beowulf’s fabled confrontation with a dragon.

For those encountering difficulties in locating Chaos Gates, contemplate procuring the Light of Ixion artifact from a Well of Charon, thereby guaranteeing the appearance of such a gate in the subsequent chamber. Carrying the Cosmic Egg may also prove advantageous, facilitating Zagreus’ ingress into the gates sans health forfeiture.



Aspect of Arthur

A homage to the renowned King of Camelot, the Arthurian Aspect takes a contrasting approach to the Guan Yu Aspect: it imparts a +50 increment to Zagreus’ life pool whilst under its influence. Employing the sword, Zagreus can execute Attacks and Combos much in the same manner as his customary style, albeit with a considerably heightened base damage. The fundamental attack mechanics are outlined as follows:

  • Initiate an Attack input to administer a strike. Repeated Attack inputs yield consecutive strikes for a Combo.
  • Activate an Attack command followed by a swift Dash input for a prompt Dash Strike.

Nonetheless, similar to numerous other concealed Aspects, the most distinctive facet here lies within its Special maneuver. When Zagreus utilizes his Special ability with the Arthurian Aspect, he envelops himself in an aura designated as Hallowed Ground, maintaining its presence for a span of eight seconds. Within this sanctified territory, traps are rendered impotent, the velocity of adversary projectiles is diminished, and the inflicted harm upon Zagreus is mitigated. While ensconced within Hallowed Ground, executing the Special command triggers the Nova Smash in the customary fashion. The capacity to summon Hallowed Ground anew right upon its cessation grants Zagreus the potential for an almost continual enhancement.

This singular effect renders the Aspect of Arthur an optimal defensive alternative, teeming with prospects for potent configurations. Empowered by the might of Excalibur, Zagreus transforms himself into a substantially more resilient target for adversaries, all the while delivering a flurry of formidable blows.

Unlocking the Aspect:

Once a minimum of 5 units of Titan Blood have been channeled into the Stygian Blade’s assorted aspects, engage in conversation with Nyx. She shall impart to Zagreus that her progeny, the Fates, visited her with a message. The essential phrase, “I perceive your royal exoneration from a prison of stone,” is thereby bestowed upon the player. This phrase hearkens to the legend wherein King Arthur extracted Excalibur from a stone, thereby claiming his sovereign mantle.



Aspect of Rama

Embodied as an avatar of the deity Vishnu, Rama holds a paramount standing within Hinduism’s divine pantheon. When Zagreus wields this enigmatic aspect, grasping the Attack input while aiming instigates the release of bow-fired projectiles. This maneuver largely adheres to convention; however, the distinction lies in the arrows’ newfound capacity to Pierce adversaries. Upon striking a target, the arrows persevere in their trajectory, potentially inflicting harm upon multiple foes with a single shot. Meanwhile, the Special maneuver encapsulates a novel facet.

Engaging the Special command launches a triad of arrows that ricochet, tracing erratic paths. Although seemingly a reduction in comparison to the typical Special’s spread of nine arrows, these projectiles harbor an innovative impact. The arrows stemming from the Aspect of Rama’s Special impose Shared Suffering upon the targets they strike. This malevolent affliction entails that the afflicted entities sustain a fraction of the damage dealt by Zagreus to other foes, enduring this effect for a limited duration.

The Aspect of Rama manifests as an exemplary choice for players aspiring to disseminate extensive damage, particularly when harmonized with judiciously selected boons and keepsakes. Within realms where the shades of Hades pervade or a boss’s subordinates besiege Zagreus, the distinct capability of this aspect proves ideal for simultaneously chipping away at a multitude of adversaries.

Unlocking the Aspect:

Incorporate Artemis’ boon while wielding Coronacht, and upon her interaction with Zagreus, the huntress goddess will allude to the legendary bow. Subsequently, subsequent to investing 5 units of Titan Blood into any bow aspect, locate Artemis anew. To ensure her appearance, contemplate employing her keepsake, the Adamant Arrowhead. Upon this second encounter, Artemis shall pronounce the revealing phrase: “I perceive you enfolded in the embrace of the seventh incarnation.” This allusion pays homage to Rama’s portrayal as the seventh incarnation of Vishnu, the Hindu deity emblematic of benevolence and preservation.


Aspect of Lucifer

It holds a sense of irony that the sovereign of Christian Hell would find a semblance of invocation within a realm intertwined with the afterlife. The Aspect of Lucifer bestows upon Exagryph a nuanced alteration in its offensive capability: players have the option to grasp the Attack input, channeling it into a beam of inflicted damage directed at adversaries. This discharge, however, consumes ammunition, albeit with an elevated magazine capacity of 20 rounds. Reload protocols remain unchanged.

Meanwhile, the distinctiveness of this aspect unfolds through its Special maneuver. Resembling its counterparts, this aspect deploys a bomb, aptly christened Hellfire, which operates with a distinct modus operandi. The mechanics are as follows:

  • Upon impact, Hellfire engenders continuous damage within its radius at a periodic interval. This encompasses any damaging Boons acquired for the Special attack; for instance, if Zagreus has embraced Drunken Flourish from Dionysus, Hellfire will bestow Hangover upon foes within its scope.
  • Hellfire detonates upon incurring any form of damage, be it from adversaries, the player, or any detrimental Boon effects such as lightning bolts. Upon detonation, the bomb administers prodigious damage throughout its vicinity.
  • Zagreus retains the capacity to deploy up to three Hellfire bombs concurrently. Upon firing a fourth, the initial bomb will undergo detonation.

Utilizing the Aspect of Lucifer necessitates agile decision-making and meticulous strategizing as players strategically position their traps across the battlefield. Optimal placement and precise timing for the detonation are pivotal. A compendium detailing boons, keepsakes, and enhancements that amplify the potential of the Aspect of Lucifer can be consulted for optimal efficacy.

Unlocking the Aspect:

Initiate dialogue with Zeus while wielding the Adamant Rail, and akin to other phrase-bestowers, he will reflect upon the weapon. Upon channeling a minimum of 5 units of Titan Blood into Exagryph, proceed to receive a boon from Zeus anew. In this interaction, he will impart the pivotal phrase: “I discern your haughty descent from the heavens into the inferno,” a reference to Lucifer’s Biblical narrative of plummeting from celestial grace into the abyss of Hell. For Zagreus to ensure encounters with his uncle Zeus, the Thunder Signet, Zeus’ keepsake, should be equipped.



Aspect of Guan Yu

Varatha’s covert aspect channels the essence of a time-honored Chinese general, whose triumphs in warfare ascended to such mythical echelons that he became a deity within Chinese folk belief. This aspect bestows upon the wielder the Frost Fair Blade, endowed with an alternative sequence of maneuvers:

  • Initiate an Attack input to thrust the spear in the customary manner.
  • Engage a prolonged Attack input to unleash the Serpent Strike, an unhurried, revolving projectile. This replaces the typical spinning attack of the spear. The Serpent Strike recuperates Zagreus by 1 point for each successful connection with the adversary, acting as a counterbalance to the health decrement from the Guan Yu Aspect.
  • Activate the Special command to release a crackling projectile; unlike other Aspects, this projectile cannot be retrieved.

However, the principal drawback of this weapon aspect is its reduction of Zagreus’ maximum vitality and restorative capabilities during the expedition. Initially, the Aspect of Guan Yu truncates Zagreus’ health by a staggering 70%. Gradually, with each augmentation of the blade through Titan Blood, this health reduction decreases by 5%. Yet, even at its zenith, the aspect continues to diminish the player’s health by 45%. The vitality recuperation from the Serpent Strike maneuver proves advantageous, though mastering it may necessitate a period of acclimatization. Given the health diminution, players are advised to bolster Zagreus’ well-being whenever feasible while embracing the Guan Yu Aspect. The optimal configuration for Guan Yu encompasses safeguards enhancing resilience and vitality, along with fortifying blessings and augmentations.

Unlocking the Aspect:

Varatha’s concealed aspect, embodied by Guan Yu, constitutes Zagreus’ inaugural revelation, precluding the unlocking of any other covert aspect beforehand. The ensuing prerequisites must be satisfied to obtain the corresponding incantation:

  • Engage the final adversary in the game at least once (emerging victorious is not obligatory).
  • Attain access to a minimum of 5 aspects across any of the Infernal Arms. This mandates the allocation of no less than 5 units of Titan Blood, obtainable via gathering rewards from the Fury sisters or the ultimate adversary.
  • Should this not have been accomplished earlier, secure the Fated List of Minor Prophecies from the House Contractor, attainable for 20 gemstones.

Once the above criteria have been fulfilled, engage in dialogue with Achilles within the precincts of the House of Hades. It might necessitate several exchanges to exhaust his discourse, eventually unveiling a vision that Achilles received through Varatha. He then imparts to Zagreus the requisite phrase to awaken the concealed aspect: “I perceive you through the gaze of the crimson phoenix,” a nod to the archaic chronicles depicting Guan Yu’s eyes as reminiscent of the mythical avian creature.



Aspect of Gilgamesh

The concealed facet of the Twin Fists summons forth an ancient Mesopotamian hero whose saga traverses a myriad of feats and exploits. Once unlocked, the Aspect of Gilgamesh transforms the Malphon into the Claws of Enkidu, presenting an array of formidable maneuvers:

  • The Attack action approximates that of Malphon’s alternative aspects, albeit manifesting as a sweeping motion instead of a punch.
  • The Special move retains the Rising Cutter technique.
  • By holding the Dash button, players can consecutively execute a sequence of dashes.
  • To harness this aspect’s most distinctive attribute, execute a Dash-Upper by promptly pressing the Dash and Special commands in succession. Upon successful execution, the targeted adversary becomes afflicted with the Maim status curse. For a duration of 4 seconds, the affected foe sustains augmented damage while concurrently dealing enhanced damage. Upon the curse’s expiration, a surge of damage is further inflicted.

The Aspect of Gilgamesh endows players with heightened mobility via rapid dashes, enabling them to mete out damage to multiple adversaries in a condensed span. The Maim effect embodies a proposition of elevated risk yielding commensurate reward. However, if Zagreus employs his augmented dash to maintain a safe distance from adversaries, the gamble pays off splendidly. For optimal utilization of this potent aspect, consider consulting a comprehensive guide.

Unlocking the Aspect:

Equip the Twin Fists and confront Asterius, the Minotaur of Minos, within his isolated mini-boss engagement in Elysium, bereft of Theseus’ presence. The renowned Minotaur will acknowledge Zagreus’ audacity in confronting him sans weaponry.

Subsequently, once a minimum of 5 units of Titan Blood have been infused into Malphon’s diverse aspects, seek out Asterius once more when he stands alone, and engage him in conversation. He shall recount a dream he experienced and furnish the player with the pivotal phrase: “I perceive you prevailing over the untamed and reconciling with mortality.” Asterius’ personal narrative mirrors the referenced Mesopotamian legend wherein the valiant warrior Gilgamesh and the feral figure Enkidu, after valiant confrontations and heroic feats, are reunited in the Netherworld.

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