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One Piece: The Revelation of Monkey D. Garp’s Bounty

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One Piece Garp

One Piece Chapter 1087 marked an eagerly awaited moment for fans as it signified Oda’s return after an extended hiatus. Fans were left thoroughly satisfied with the remarkable display of one of the legendary characters in the One Piece universe, none other than Garp. The entire chapter centered around the intense clash between Garp and the formidable Blackbeard Pirates, a confrontation that had been unfolding for some time.

The prolonged fight finally reached its climax in this chapter, delivering an abundance of breathtaking action and poignant flashbacks. Amidst these gripping elements, Oda also unveiled some intriguing details, including the current bounties on various Marine personnel. Among them, the renowned Hero of the Navy, Garp, was prominently featured.

Power Shift: The Cross Guild Rises

Marine Bounties One Piece

In the recent events of the One Piece world, the Reverie brought about a significant power shift. The long-standing Seven Warlord System was abolished, making way for a new force known as the Seraphims, which are powerful scientific weapons created by Vegapunk. Concurrently, some former Warlords joined forces, giving birth to the formidable Cross Guild, a criminal organization led by the cunning and enigmatic Genius Jester Buggy. Buggy, with an astounding bounty of 3.189 billion berries, was also officially declared one of the Four Emperors of the Sea.

Within the ranks of the Cross Guild are two other potent figures—Crocodile and Dracule Mihawk—who now pledge their loyalty to Buggy. As an organization opposing the World Government, the Cross Guild aims to establish dominance over the era, providing a sanctuary for pirates by countering the might of the Navy. Buggy’s personal ambition, however, lies in setting his sights on the ultimate treasure, the One Piece.

The emergence of the Cross Guild has presented numerous challenges for the World Government, leading them to issue bounties for their own Marines. This marks a complete reversal of the previous system, where only pirates were hunted and bounties placed on their heads, incentivizing people to apprehend them.

In the Cross Guild’s bounty system, they use stars and crowns to designate the value of different marines. One star equals a bounty of 100 million berries, five stars represent 500 million berries, and for bounties worth a billion berries, a crown is bestowed. This unique approach sets them apart from the more straightforward reward system employed by the Marines, where the value on a pirate’s head can fluctuate based on circumstances.

Garp: The Legendary Marine

Garp The Legendary Marine with a Monstrous Bounty

Garp’s reputation in the One Piece world precedes him, and among the entire Navy, he stands as a towering figure. As the Hero of the Marines, he has carved his name through unwavering dedication and sheer power. Capable of facing off against the mightiest characters like Roger, Rocks, and Whitebeard, Garp’s legendary status was further cemented by his fierce rivalry with the Pirate King, Roger, instilling fear in the hearts of all pirates, earning him the epithet of a demon.

The turning point in Garp’s rise to fame was the God Valley Incident, where he collaborated with Roger to defeat Rocks. Despite sharing the victory, the Navy attributed all credit to Garp, instantly elevating him to unparalleled power in the eyes of the world.

Through the years, his strength only grew, especially with his numerous clashes with Roger. This storied history earned him an immensely high bounty from the Cross Guild, despite his advanced age when the bounty system was introduced. Garp’s legacy as one of the strongest, if not the strongest, Marine officer of all time remains undisputed.

Garp’s Monumental Bounty

 Garp's Bounty  one piece

The Cross Guild has set an astronomical bounty of three crowns on Monkey D. Garp’s head, amounting to a staggering 3 billion berries. This exorbitant sum puts Garp on par with the bounties placed on the Four Emperors of the Sea by the Marines. The individual who manages to defeat Garp would be rewarded with this monumental fortune, a figure identical to Luffy’s current bounty. Surprisingly, Garp’s advanced age doesn’t diminish the perception of his immense danger, as he is considered to be as formidable as Luffy himself.

The Admirals of the Marine also bear bounties of three crowns, each equating to 3 billion berries, the same as Garp. Although this might puzzle fans, considering Garp’s legendary reputation and likely superior strength compared to any Admiral, the parity in bounties is justified within the context of the newly established Cross Guild bounty system.

Unlike the long-standing bounty system of the Navy, which saw the likes of Roger and Whitebeard accumulating their bounties over time, Garp’s bounty was established relatively recently, taking into account his age and declining strength. In his prime, Garp’s bounty would have undoubtedly surpassed three crowns, potentially reaching five or more. Nevertheless, a bounty of three crowns serves as a testament to Garp’s enduring prowess, demonstrating his ability to take on the most formidable figures in the One Piece world even in his later years.

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