How to Pour Beer in Dave the Diver

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How to Pour Beer in Dave the Diver

Introducing “Dave the Diver,” a captivating game that takes players on an oceanic adventure during the day, where they explore the depths in search of fish and embark on various thrilling escapades. As night falls, players shift gears, taking on the role of a sushi restaurant waiter. The game’s stunning graphics and serene ambiance have quickly ensnared the hearts of numerous gamers. Moreover, “Dave the Diver” boasts an engrossing storyline, intriguing characters, and mesmerizing cut scenes, adding to its allure.

Beyond its primary objectives of fish hunting and restaurant service, “Dave the Diver” offers a plethora of diverse activities. In this article, we’ll delve into one such activity: the art of beer pouring. Fans will discover the secrets of mastering this skill, along with the exciting process of unlocking it within the game.

Unlocking Beer: Dave the Diver

how to pour beer dave the diver

In the captivating world of “Dave the Diver,” players can unlock the delightful addition of beer after approximately 2-3 hours of gameplay, while the entire game spans around 14-16 hours. To access this exciting feature, players will encounter VIP clients like sushi expert Vincent Yamaoka and the renowned TV show Star The Chef’s very own Yui. When these esteemed guests visit, Vincent will challenge players to prepare a dish that will truly surprise him, and Bancho, ever eager to take on the challenge, will accept.

This marks the beginning of the thrilling Gourmet Vincent’s Challenge mission. To craft the dish, players must gather two essential ingredients:

  1. SeaGrape
  2. White Spotted Jellyfish

These elusive components can be found in the depths of the Limestone Cave, approximately 100 meters down. Players will need to capture the White Spotted Jellyfish alive, which requires acquiring a Tranquilizer or a Net Gun from chests scattered throughout the underwater world.

Once the ingredients are collected, and two days have passed in the game, the VIP clients will return to the restaurant, eager to taste Bancho’s creation. Following a series of engaging dialogues and a captivating cut scene, Vincent will be thoroughly impressed by the dish. In appreciation, he will reward the fans with a refrigerator, which, in turn, unlocks the coveted beer content for their enjoyment in “Dave the Diver.” Cheers to the completion of this challenging culinary quest!

How to Master Beer Pouring in Dave the Diver

In “Dave the Diver,” customers may occasionally request beer after their meal, presenting a great opportunity to boost revenue for the restaurant. Pouring beer is a simple task, much like pouring tea. The key is to be attentive and serve the beer to the customer promptly. Failure to do so may leave them disappointed, resulting in negative consequences for the establishment.

To achieve the perfect pour, aim for around 20% foam in the mug. One effective technique is to initially hold the pour button for a specific duration and then conclude with several quick presses. This method makes it easier for players to achieve the desired foam level, but practice is still essential to refine this skill. With a little practice, players will become beer-pouring experts, delighting their customers and enhancing the restaurant’s reputation.

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