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One Piece: Could the Marines Attempt a Rescue of Garp?

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One Piece Marines Attempt a Rescue of Garp

Recently, Eiichiro Oda has been consistently delivering successive chapters filled with intense action, unveiling of backstory, and significant revelations, ushering in the climactic Final Saga of the One Piece series. In the recent installments, the narrative focus has shifted away from Vegapunk and the Straw Hat crew situated on Egghead Island, as well as the unfolding events of the Levely, to center on Hachinosu Island – commonly known as Pirate Island. This island now serves as the operational hub for the infamous Blackbeard Pirates.

A hostage scenario took an unexpected turn, prompting the covert Marine Unit SWORD to launch a daring assault on the island in an attempt to rescue the captives. The outcome of this confrontation led to severe repercussions for both sides involved.

Though the Marines managed to eventually withdraw from the island, the urban landscape suffered significant damage due to their actions. Regrettably, the Marine forces also suffered a substantial loss in their ranks. Faced with insurmountable odds, the members of SWORD were compelled to abandon Vice Admiral Monkey D. Garp on the battlefield due to his grave injuries sustained during the conflict.

As Chapter 1088 concluded with uncertainty surrounding his fate, enthusiasts of the One Piece series will likely engage in debates over whether the Marines or the World Government will undertake any measures to rescue the esteemed “Hero of the Marines” from a potentially untimely demise at the hands of Blackbeard and his crew.

Heroic Stand and Sacrifice

One Piece Hachinosu

Having surrendered himself to the Blackbeard Pirates as part of a deal to ensure the safety of the Marines who had accompanied him to Amazon Lily, Captain Koby found himself incarcerated on Hachinosu Island. Marshall D. Teach, also known as Blackbeard, had strategic plans to leverage Koby’s renowned status within the Marines to solidify his rule over Hachinosu. However, when Blackbeard eventually departed from the island, an unexpected turn of events saw Koby seizing an opportunity to break free, aided by Perona. Not only did Koby manage his own escape, but he also orchestrated the release of fellow hostages held by the Blackbeard Pirates.

Their escape attempt caught the attention of Avalo Pizarro, one of the Ten Titanic Captains serving under Blackbeard. Pizarro utilized his abilities granted by the Shima Shima no Mi Devil Fruit to thwart the breakout. Meanwhile, an elite Marine unit under the leadership of Monkey D. Garp arrived at the scene, delivering a devastating blow to the pirate forces. Amidst the escalating conflict, Garp found himself facing off against his former pupil Kuzan, once known as Admiral Aokiji, who had recently aligned himself with Blackbeard’s crew.

Garp’s predicament intensified when he intervened as Koby fell victim to a cunning trap set by Blackbeard’s subordinates, who posed as innocent civilians in distress. In an attempt to rescue them, Garp shielded Koby from an attack by Shiryu of the Rain, another of Blackbeard’s Captains, who utilized his Suke Suke no Mi powers to ambush Garp. This encounter left Garp gravely wounded, struggling to maintain his stance. As Avalo Pizarro aimed to obliterate a Marine vessel attempting to escape, Koby unleashed a powerful and decisive Honesty Impact, obliterating the colossal arm of the Blackbeard Pirates’ Captain.

With all Marines accounted for, Garp issued a retreat order, recognizing the dire circumstances and entrusting the future to the up-and-coming generation as he resigned himself to his destiny.

Uncertain Destiny: Garp’s Dilemma

One Piece Koby Smoker Tashigi

In the subsequent days, Garp’s whereabouts became a mystery, shrouding his fate in uncertainty. This scenario draws striking parallels to the abduction of Ace by Blackbeard, an event that directly sparked the pre-timeskip Marineford Summit War.

Garp’s situation offers several potential outcomes. One plausible option involves Blackbeard using him as a bargaining chip, leveraging Garp’s esteemed reputation within the Marines to legitimize Hachinosu as a recognized nation under the World Government. Another route could involve handing Garp over to the Cross Guild in exchange for a bounty, or even a public execution—though both choices appear implausible for a figure of Garp’s prominence.

While a subsequent Marine rescue mission seems conceivable, numerous obstacles stand in their path, given their previous commitment to liberating Koby from Blackbeard’s grasp. Furthermore, the feasibility of a Garp rescue diminishes should Blackbeard and his Ten Titanic Captains stage a formidable return to Hachinosu, potentially leading to an all-out war. Alternatively, the World Government might resort to negotiation, akin to their prior dealings over Ace, thereby raising questions about their authority and the Marines’ standing among the Three Great Powers.

An alternative approach could mirror Garp’s own tactics during Koby’s rescue—a swift assault executed by a smaller force from the specialized SWORD unit within the Marines. Such an operation carries lesser risk, as any affiliations with this elite unit have been severed. Without a doubt, individuals like Koby, Helmeppo, and other loyalists of Garp would readily defy orders to save their mentor, possibly garnering support from high-ranking Marines like Sengoku or Tsuru, who share close ties with Garp.

Factions and Fates

One Piece Akainu

Conversely, within the ranks of the Marines, there exists a faction that could oppose any forthcoming Marine intervention on Hachinosu. Notably, Fleet Admiral Sakazuki, formerly known as Akainu, emerges as a prominent figure who holds scant regard for Garp, despite the latter’s revered status as a Marine hero. This tension primarily stems from Garp’s familial ties to Dragon and Luffy, which Sakazuki perceives as a considerable blemish on his own reputation. In parallel, Garp harbors his own animosity toward Sakazuki, having even expressed a willingness to take on the Fleet Admiral during the Marineford battle in retribution for Ace, were it not for Sengoku’s intervention.

Given these dynamics, it is highly probable that Sakazuki will endeavor to quash any potential rescue mission. Nevertheless, this course of action would require navigating the oversight of Commander-in-Chief Kong, who maintains a notably high regard for Garp.

Garp’s open disdain for the World Nobles could contribute to the Marines’ hesitance to mount a rescue operation. His capture has provided the Five Elders and Celestial Dragons an opportunity to eliminate a potential voice of dissent against the widespread corruption within the World Government. This scenario allows them to orchestrate Garp’s heroic demise in battle, preempting any unfavorable public sentiment regarding the government’s actions on Hachinosu. Given Garp’s decades-long positive public image and renown, this strategy could effectively mitigate potential backlash.

Regardless of the path that unfolds, fans of One Piece can anticipate a further escalation of events. The narrative is poised to delve deeper into Garp’s ultimate fate, potentially paving the way for a rescue endeavor by none other than Luffy and the Straw Hat crew.

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