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Locating the Grapple Glove in Fortnite

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Locating the Grapple Glove in Fortnite

Chapter 4 Season 3 of Fortnite ushered in an array of fresh items and enhancements. Regrettably, it also subtracted one of the game’s most treasured aspects – its array of mobility choices. Upon the debut of the Fortnite WILDS season, gaming enthusiasts brimmed with anticipation to explore the novel, gleaming attributes. Yet, their enthusiasm waned as they swiftly realized that navigating the map was not as fleet as it had been in preceding seasons. After meticulously scrutinizing player input, Epic Games resolved to reintroduce the Grapple Glove into Fortnite’s arsenal. Alas, this item’s appearance is not widespread, and devotees might initially encounter difficulties locating it. Gratefully, this guide will aptly direct them to its precise whereabouts.

Locating the Grapple Glove in Fortnite

The Grapple Glove holds an Epic rarity, signifying its infrequent appearance on the Battle Royale island. To secure the Grapple Glove within Fortnite, players must either chance upon it concealed within a chest or as loot on the ground. Given the expansive array of items currently available in the Fortnite loot pool, pinpointing its location becomes a challenging endeavor, making discovery less straightforward.

Through an unpublicized hotfix, the Grapple Glove has been reinstated from the vault, and intelligence gleaned from the patch divulges that players stand a heightened chance of obtaining this coveted item while engaged in Zero Build mode. In this mode, the likelihood of encountering the Grapple Glove within chests escalates by ten percent, while the prospects of stumbling upon it as floor loot increases by five percent.

Functionality of the Grapple Glove

Locating the Grapple Glove in Fortnite

Similar in concept to the Spider-Verse Web-Shooters and the ODM Gear, the Grapple Glove empowers players to elegantly traverse the terrain. By aiming and deploying its grapple towards structures or objects, gamers can effortlessly swing from one location to another. A reservoir of 30 charges fuels the Grapple Glove’s capabilities, dissipating as players utilize them, eventually leading to its removal from their inventory.

Upon vanquishing an adversary and claiming their Grapple Glove, the charge count remains unaffected, declining in line with the original usage.

To deter perpetual swinging upon landing, a cooldown mechanism is in place. Releasing the Grapple Glove or failing to establish a connection with a nearby object prompts a descent to ground level and triggers a cooldown. The Grapple Glove becomes available again only after the cooldown concludes.

Engaging the Grapple Glove in successive swings lengthens the cooldown duration. Employing a single swing incurs a five-second cooldown, a double swing results in a ten-second cooldown, and surpassing two consecutive swings mandates a 15-second cooldown period.

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