The 15 Most Creative Corps Members in DC Lore


Among the numerous Green Lanterns within the DC Universe, only a select few possess the notable distinction of genuine creativity. Below, we present a captivating lineup featuring 15 of the most intriguing members of the Green Lantern Corps.

The DC Universe boasts the Green Lantern Corps as one of its vast and extensive crime-fighting organizations. Spanning an impressive 3600 sectors of space, this Corps recruits officers from a diverse range of galaxies and star systems. Though the Corps comprises thousands of ring-slingers, it is the Earth-based Green Lanterns who often receive the most attention.

While the Earth-based Lanterns showcase remarkable skills, the DCU harbors a wealth of imaginative and extraordinary alien beings who also serve in the Corps. From floating heads to sentient equations, delve into the realms of DC lore and discover 15 of the most creatively intriguing Green Lanterns.



Mogo, a renowned member of the Green Lanterns, holds a prominent place in their ranks. Despite being an enormous planet, Mogo possesses sentience, enabling it to establish telepathic communication with fellow Lanterns. Mogo generously shares its vibrant ecosystem and psychic abilities with other Green Lanterns, offering them a therapeutic refuge. Regarded as the very essence of the Corps, Mogo’s presence consistently exerts a positive influence on each and every Lantern fortunate enough to encounter it.



While certain Green Lanterns possess a formidable appearance, others exude sheer cuteness. Take Ch’p, for instance, a H’lvenite from an extraterrestrial species resembling anthropomorphic squirrels. But don’t let Ch’p’s adorable exterior deceive you, as this little warrior has proven to be quite skilled in combat. In the Injustice storyline, it was Ch’p who successfully incapacitated Superman temporarily by employing his ring to target the Man of Steel’s brain.



Among the Green Lanterns, the one hailing from Sector 1416 truly catches the eye. Meet Chaselon, an extraterrestrial being crafted from crystalline material, effortlessly levitating and wielding four formidable robotic limbs. Not only does Chaselon boast an extraordinary appearance, but his species is also blessed with the possession of 13 senses, granting him an awareness that eludes human comprehension. Chaselon’s intriguing appearance even earns him the admiration of Green Lantern Hal Jordan, who holds the unique Lantern in high regard.

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It is often said that great things come in small packages, and this statement rings true for an extraordinary Green Lantern. Bzzd, the Green Lantern of Sector 2261, defied expectations with his diminutive stature, serving as the trusted partner of the colossal Mogo. Despite his small size, Bzzd garnered immense respect from his fellow Lanterns, acclaimed for his swift decision-making and strategic brilliance. While a fly might not appear as the typical choice for a Lantern, Bzzd transformed into a legendary figure during his tenure in the Corps.

Galius Zed


Galius Zed certainly redefines the concept of blending into a crowd. As a Noc’sagian Green Lantern, Zed belongs to a species characterized by heads that dominate their bodies in size. Although Zed, and later his successor Cundiff Cood, never received significant attention within the Corps, they deserve commendation for their ability to stand out amidst a multitude of extraordinary beings. Even among a gathering of otherworldly creatures, Zed and Cood manage to make a distinct impression.



The DC Universe extends far beyond what fans may realize, teeming with an array of extraordinary extraterrestrial beings. A prime example is B’ox, a member of the Green Lantern Corps, who outwardly resembles nothing more than a sizable rectangular box. Though little is known about B’ox’s background, origin, or powers, this Lantern serves as a testament to the boundless diversity found within the Corps, showcasing the truly remarkable and unconventional nature of its members.



G’nort may not be the Green Lantern Corps’ most brilliant, skilled, or accomplished ring-bearer. Nevertheless, this canine-like extraterrestrial holds a unique distinction among non-human Green Lanterns by being a member of the esteemed Justice League. Primarily crafted to provide comic relief, G’nort is far from the epitome of a serious Green Lantern. Despite his numerous blunders and mishaps, G’nort’s endearing quality lies in his unwavering determination to always give his best, even in the face of adversity.

Percival II


In an unforeseen turn of events, this Green Lantern left an indelible mark on Earth’s culture. Percival, a descendant of the Maltusians—the very same species as the Guardians of the Universe—found a home on Earth through his ancestral lineage. Percival, along with his predecessors, played a significant role in the formation of myths surrounding leprechauns, fairies, and other enchanting creatures found in folklore. Their influence in shaping these tales has left a lasting impact on human imagination and storytelling.

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Leezle Pon


Irrespective of size, every Green Lantern’s unique abilities can contribute to the collective efforts of the Corps. Leezle Pon, despite being one of the tiniest and most peculiar members, is a sentient smallpox virus. This unconventional entity proves to be an exceptional Lantern, playing a crucial role in aiding Guy Gardner’s recovery from the Sinestro Corps’ malevolent sentient virus known as Despotellis. Despite its unorthodox nature, Leezle Pon’s capabilities and contributions exemplify the inclusive nature of the Green Lantern Corps, where even the smallest and most unexpected members can make a significant impact.

Mother Mercy


Mongul utilized the fearsome Black Mercy plant to ensnare Superman within a haunting dream realm. Yet, the true originator of this flora was none other than an extraterrestrial entity known as Mother Mercy—a being resembling a plant. Mother Mercy’s creation granted her both a Sinestro Corps Power Ring and a Green Lantern ring. However, driven by a desire to rectify the damage inflicted by Mongul, Mother Mercy made the conscious decision to align herself with the Green Lanterns, dedicating her service to their cause.

Krkkzz Zappl


The Green Lanterns draw their power from the vast Emotional Spectrum, which closely mirrors the electromagnetic spectrum in the real world. Among them is Krkkzz Zappl, a unique ‘Radio Lantern’ who derives his powers from the Unseen Spectrum of radio waves. While Krkkzz Zappl has made only one notable appearance, his very existence sparks intriguing inquiries about the true extent of the Emotional Spectrum and the myriad of beings that might dwell within it. This raises captivating possibilities regarding the uncharted realms and diverse entities that could potentially emerge within this expansive cosmic framework.



While Green Lanterns understand the potential risks involved in their service, Olapet has taken proactive measures to prepare for such a circumstance. As a plant-like being, Olapet carries a seed within her form, which, upon her demise, sprouts into a new incarnation of Olapet, inheriting both her legacy and Green Lantern Power Ring. This unique ability grants Olapet an advantage that her fellow Corps members lack, essentially rendering her impervious to permanent death.

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Dkrtzy RRR


Within the ranks of Green Lanterns, a striking diversity of sizes exists, with some being colossal and others diminutive. However, Dkrtzy RRR breaks the mold entirely by lacking a physical form altogether. Instead, Dkrtzy RRR exists solely as a complex mathematical equation, perceptible solely to the Guardians of the Universe. While numerous Green Lanterns are worthy of admiration for their distinctive designs, the presence of a sentient equation like Dkrtzy RRR truly stands out amidst the organization’s most eccentric members, showcasing the unparalleled uniqueness of this mathematical anomaly.



In the usual course of events, when a Green Lantern meets their demise, their ring seeks out a new bearer. However, in a remarkable deviation, Driq’s ring defied death when he became entangled in an explosion. Rather than allowing him to perish, the ring reconstructed his body, leaving him in a haunting state of partial existence. Undeniably chilling and disconcerting, this unconventional outcome stands as one of the most inventive applications of a Green Lantern ring, even though the ultimate result may be deemed eerie.

Rot Lop Fan


Rot Lop Fan, much like any Lantern, was chosen for his exceptional willpower. However, Fan hails from a desolate region of the universe devoid of light, rendering him unaware of the concept of the color green. Consequently, within the esteemed Green Lantern Corps, Fan received a special designation: he became the exclusive member of the F-Sharp Bell Corps. This inventive adaptation adds a unique and imaginative twist to the iconic DC organization.

The DC Universe thrives with a multitude of inventive and extraordinary alien beings. Among them, these 15 individuals stand out as some of the most creative Green Lanterns within DC’s rich canon. Their diverse backgrounds and remarkable abilities contribute to the rich tapestry of characters that make the Green Lantern Corps a truly captivating presence in the DC Universe.

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