Margot Robbie’s Mysterious Role in an Asteroid City


Asteroid City surprises viewers with a fleeting appearance by Margot Robbie, whose brief cameo serves a significant purpose, explaining the deliberate secrecy surrounding her pivotal role.

Caution: SPOILERS Ahead for Asteroid City

Margot Robbie’s appearance in Asteroid City was a strategic choice by director Wes Anderson, who wisely kept her role hidden. The film itself is a labyrinth of intricacies, blending comedy and drama as it delves into the fictional play titled “Asteroid City.” Notably, Asteroid City also explores the making of this play, where the real-life actors portray both their characters within the play and the actors portraying them.

For instance, Jason Schwartzman brilliantly portrays Jones Hall, a theater actor embodying Augie Steenbeck, the bereaved father and central figure in the play “Asteroid City.” The film’s complex narrative eventually converges towards a poignant ending, but it takes a convoluted path to reach its destination. With a star-studded ensemble cast that includes Anderson’s frequent collaborators like Jeffrey Wright, Edward Norton, and Schwartzman, as well as renowned actors like Steve Carrell, Bryan Cranston, and Tom Hanks, it’s no wonder that Asteroid City chose to downplay certain high-profile appearances.

The film also features the remarkable talents of Maya Hawke, Hong Chau, and Scarlett Johansson in pivotal roles. Considering the ensemble’s stellar lineup, it’s understandable why the inclusion of one major name remained undisclosed in Asteroid City’s trailers.

Margot Robbie’s Impact in Asteroid City


Margot Robbie makes an appearance in Asteroid City, albeit in a relatively minor role that takes some time to unveil. Initially, Robbie is only seen in a photograph as Augie reminisces about his unnamed deceased wife. However, as the story progresses, Robbie appears both as the character of the deceased wife in the in-universe play “Asteroid City” and as the actress portraying her.

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During her second appearance, Robbie is given a few minutes of screen time as she reminds Augie’s actor of a scene that was ultimately cut from the play. This moment provides viewers with insight into Augie’s journey of coping with his wife’s death and working through his grief.

Towards the conclusion of Asteroid City, Jones, the actor playing Augie, temporarily leaves the stage due to forgetting his character’s motivation. Outside on a fire escape, he encounters Robbie’s character, another actor taking a cigarette break from her role as an understudy in a neighboring theater. Robbie’s character reminds Jones that she initially portrayed his wife in a dream sequence that was removed from the play. She describes the dream sequence, where Augie’s late wife encourages him to open his heart to love again. Jones shares a bittersweet farewell with Robbie’s character and returns to the stage. In the play itself, Augie is invited to visit Midge, a captivating woman he recently met.

Why Asteroid City Hid Margot Robbie’s Role


Downplaying Margot Robbie’s role in Asteroid City was a deliberate move by the creators to avoid disappointing viewers. After her shorter-than-expected appearance in Once Upon A Time In Hollywood as Sharon Tate, it is likely that Anderson and the team wanted to prevent a similar disappointment. By keeping Robbie’s involvement a surprise and excluding her from promotional materials, they ensured a fun and impactful moment in the film.

Robbie’s presence, as a major A-list movie star, has the potential to momentarily distract viewers. Her unexpected appearance raises curiosity, especially since it was not mentioned in the film’s promotions. Interestingly, this meta-level effect aligns well with Jones’ character stepping outside the play’s reality for a breath of fresh air. As Robbie appears, the audience is briefly reminded that Asteroid City is a movie about the creation and staging of a fictional play, presented as a television broadcast.

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The Flawlessness of Margot Robbie’s Role in Asteroid City


Robbie’s presence in Asteroid City seamlessly aligns with her public persona and remarkable success in the industry. In the film, Robbie portrays a struggling actor who initially gets cut from the titular production. However, her role is reinstated effectively when the movie shifts its focus to her conversation with Jones. Through her compelling monologue, Robbie showcases her acting prowess, proving the creators of “Asteroid City” wrong for omitting her from the play. This meta-textual layer serves as a reminder of the inherent limitations present in every art form.

Robbie’s character, though nameless, appears in a single cut scene and only in one of the movie’s scenes. In this pivotal moment, her character provides Jones with the motivation necessary to make the ending of the play work. Arguably, the movie’s ending in Asteroid City succeeds due to the viewers having witnessed the interaction between Jones and Robbie’s unnamed actor. Without the context of the cut scene, there would be no reason to become emotionally invested in Augie’s journey to overcome his wife’s loss. Paradoxically, by reminding the audience that Augie is merely a fictional character, even within the movie’s universe, Asteroid City simultaneously encourages viewers not to become too deeply involved in his story. This delicate balance of tragedy and comedy is challenging to achieve, but Robbie flawlessly embodies it in Asteroid City.

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