Starfield: To Kill or Spare Tomisar

Starfield To Kill or Spare Tomisar

In Starfield, the character Tomisar plays a pivotal role in Andreja’s companion questline, and players are faced with a critical decision regarding his fate. This guide aims to shed light on the potential outcomes and consequences of this decision, assisting Starfield players in making an informed choice regarding whether to spare or seek vengeance against Tomisar.

The Tomisar Dilemma in Starfield: To Spare or to Kill?

The Tomisar Dilemma in Starfield To Spare or to Kill

Given that the outcome doesn’t really sway the storyline, players are free to make a crucial decision regarding Tomisar: whether to end his life or show mercy. Each choice comes with its own set of pros and cons. If you decide to assassinate Tomisar, it might help satisfy Andreja’s thirst for vengeance, but sparing him could keep Andreja’s dreams of reuniting with House Va’ruun alive.

Various Outcomes in the Divided Loyalties Quest

Starfield To Kill or Spare Tomisar

During the intense confrontation with Tomisar, players face a pivotal moment with three distinct choices: either urging Andreja to take matters into her own hands and end Tomisar, taking on the grim task themselves, or attempting to convince Andreja to spare Tomisar’s life. These choices carry significant consequences.

Encouraging Andreja to Exact Vengeance:

By selecting the dialogue option “Empower Your Friends’ Quest for Vengeance,” players can bolster Andreja’s resolve to assassinate Tomisar, seeking retribution for her fallen comrades. While this decision doesn’t directly impact the player’s relationship with Andreja, she will grapple with the lingering worry that the Great Serpent may never forgive her for this act.

Choosing Mercy for Tomisar:

Opting for the second choice, “He’s Not Worth It, The Cost Is Too High,” offers a more pacifist approach. Players can try to convince Andreja to release her thirst for revenge and instead encourage her to pardon Tomisar. While this choice won’t mend her ties with House Va’ruun, it will keep alive her optimism that circumstances may improve in the future.

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Taking Tomisar’s Life on Behalf of Andreja:

The third dialogue option, “I’ll Handle It, Spare Yourself the Burden,” allows players to shoulder the responsibility of ending Tomisar in place of Andreja. Despite the appearance of preserving her connection with House Va’ruun, the reality remains that Andreja will still lose her affiliation with them.

The Aftermath of Confronting Tomisar

The Aftermath of Confronting Tomisar Starfield

No matter what path the player chooses, the Divided Loyalties quest reaches its conclusion with a chance to form a close bond or even a romantic connection with Andreja. After the decision to either end or spare Tomisar, players accompany Andreja to The Lodge, where they are given the opportunity to share their feelings with her, or alternatively, ask her to become their closest confidant and friend.

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