Player Constructs Godzilla in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Player Constructs Godzilla in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

A Reddit user going by the name osh-kosh-ganache has crafted an impressive vehicle in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom that not only boasts a cool appearance but also wields a formidable Zonai laser capable of obliterating enemy camps. The video they posted showcases their creation, which begins with the player perched atop a structure constructed from Zonai components, remarkably resembling Godzilla. This colossal creature proceeds to stomp through the Depths and encounters a group of adversaries. With the monster’s jaws wide open, the player unleashes a laser that sends a substantial portion of the foes hurtling through the air. Several more laser shots follow, triggering timed explosives nearby, resulting in colossal explosions in the monster’s path.

The Godzilla-inspired design was assembled using a variety of random Zonai devices and items found in Tears of the Kingdom, including four large wheels, two stabilizers, and a boat. According to osh-kosh-ganache, their creation moves well but encounters difficulties on inclines. What truly piques interest in this design is the method used to generate the devastating laser attack.

The laser emanating from Godzilla’s mouth is a product of a novel technique known as “phantom clipping.” To employ this technique, the player initially utilizes the Autobuild ability to create an object using Zonai devices scattered throughout Hyrule. Subsequently, they must travel a sufficient distance away to allow the Zonai devices to respawn. Remarkably, items identical to the ones initially spawned at the same location lack collision detection in Tears of the Kingdom. Consequently, when the player returns to the area where the Zonai device was initially located, they can employ the Ultrahand ability to seamlessly “clip” the newly spawned device into the previously constructed creation. In the case of the Godzilla design, it might appear as if there’s only a single laser in its mouth, but in reality, it comprises multiple lasers “clipped” into one, significantly amplifying its firepower.

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While phantom clipping might seem complex at first glance, it becomes easier to grasp after a few attempts. Nevertheless, there exists a possibility that Nintendo will address this exploit in a future update. Furthermore, it’s worth noting that this technique consumes more power, so players may opt to equip all three pieces of Zonaite Armor, which can be found in Tears of the Kingdom, to conserve battery life.

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