Disney Dreamlight Valley: Completing the 3-Course Halloween Meal Dreamlight Duty – Guide

Disney Dreamlight Valley Completing the 3-Course Halloween Meal Dreamlight Duty - Guide

Disney Dreamlight Valley offers players a diverse range of activities, including fishing, farming, and cooking meals for the residents of Chez Remy, the renowned rat chef’s restaurant. Players can also unlock numerous quests for the Village’s inhabitants by building friendships through gift-giving, conversations, and shared activities.

These activities also contribute to completing special tasks called Dreamlight Duties. These duties present players with opportunities to earn Dreamlight, an in-game currency crucial for unlocking new realms within the game and for crafting various recipes, including special elixirs that assist players in resource gathering.

Disney Dreamlight Valley includes several types of Dreamlight Duties for players to undertake. Some of these duties consist of a rotating selection of daily challenges, like catching three fish or cooking two meals. Others are cumulative, where players unlock new tiers by meeting specific requirements over time. This variety adds depth and engagement to the gameplay experience.

How Do Seasonal Dreamlight Duties Work

Disney Dreamlight Valley   Seasonal Dreamlight Duties Work

Disney Dreamlight Valley introduces special Dreamlight Duties that correspond to specific in-game events, including adaptations of Easter, Halloween, and Christmas. During these seasonal periods, players have the opportunity to fulfill unique tasks that often involve the acquisition of event-specific items. One such seasonal Dreamlight Duty is “Complete a 3-Course Halloween Meal.”

This particular duty can be located within the Village category in the Dreamlight menu. While it remains available throughout the year, it necessitates the collection of special, time-limited items exclusively obtainable during Disney Dreamlight Valley’s Halloween event. Once acquired, these items do not expire in the player’s inventory or storage, allowing them to complete the task at any point after the event concludes. It’s important to note that this differs from Star Path duties, which can only be accomplished during the event’s designated timeframe.

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The name of this duty may be somewhat misleading, as players might assume it relates to the game’s cooking feature. However, the actual objective centers around the collection of seasonal candies. Here’s a breakdown of what players need to do to fulfill this seasonal Dreamlight duty in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

How to “Complete a 3-Course Halloween Meal” in Dreamlight Valley

How to Complete a 3-Course Halloween Meal in Dreamlight Valley

To successfully fulfill the seasonal Dreamlight Duty titled “Complete a 3-Course Halloween Meal” in Disney Dreamlight Valley, players should follow these steps:

  1. Locate Halloween-Themed Buckets: Look for Halloween-themed buckets scattered throughout the Plaza area during the Halloween event.
  2. Identify Color-Coded Buckets: Each bucket is color-coded: blue buckets yield Purple Candy, red buckets yield Red Candy, and green buckets yield Green Candy. Pay attention to the bucket colors.
  3. Collect Candy: Approach the buckets and collect one candy of each color—Purple, Red, and Green. These candies are exclusive to the Halloween event.
  4. Consume the Candies: Eat all three candies you’ve collected. This step is essential to complete the task.
  5. Overcome Obstacles: If you encounter difficulties in finding or reaching a candy bucket due to obstacles, consider switching to Furniture mode. This mode enables you to move outdoor objects that might be blocking access to the candy buckets.
  6. Abundant Candies: Rest assured, the Halloween event provides an ample supply of candies, eliminating the need for frequent log-ins to obtain the specific candy colors.

Upon successfully obtaining and consuming all three candies, you will accomplish the seasonal Dreamlight Duty “Complete a 3-Course Halloween Meal.” As a reward, you will receive the exclusive furniture item “Green Trick or Treater’s Bounty,” which will automatically appear in your Furniture menu upon task completion.

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