Starfield: Is It Possible to Liberate the Prisoner from The Well?

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Starfield Is It Possible to Liberate the Prisoner from The Well

In Starfield, players will have the chance to delve into a multitude of diverse locations, each harboring a treasure trove of captivating missions and activities just waiting to be uncovered. Among these vibrant locales, “The Well” stands out as one of the liveliest, teeming with a myriad of intriguing characters who will lead players down a plethora of unique paths.

As players venture through “The Well,” they may stumble upon a curious sight: a jail cell containing a lone prisoner. Given Starfield’s penchant for granting players boundless freedom, they might naturally wonder if it’s possible to liberate this captive. The good news is that such a feat is entirely achievable, and in this guide, we’ll reveal the steps to make it happen.

How to Unlock the UC Security Office Jail Cell

Starfield How to Unlock the UC Security Office Jail Cell

Right next to The Well’s entrance lies the UC Security Office, likely one of the initial stops for gamers as they embark on their first journey into this area. As they explore this establishment, players will eventually ascend to the second floor where they’ll encounter a jail cell housing a confined individual. What may pique the curiosity of intrepid gamers is the realization that they possess the ability to swing open that cell door, granting freedom to the incarcerated soul within.

For those eager to give it a try, they can opt for a more hands-on approach using a Digipick to pick the lock. However, it’s worth noting that the lock in question presents an advanced level of difficulty, possibly posing a challenge for those still in the early stages of the game. Alternatively, resourceful gamers may consider the route of pilfering the UC Security Well Key, a clever solution that grants access to all locked doors within the building.

How to Get the UC Security Well Key

Starfield How to Get the UC Security Well Key

To snag the UC Security Well Key, gamers must first acquire the Theft Skill nestled within the Social Skill Tree. This skill is the key to unlocking the art of pickpocketing.

Within the confines of this building, every UC Security officer is in possession of a UC Security Well Key, rendering the selection of a target irrelevant.

Executing the theft operation involves a stealthy approach. Players should crouch, approach a UC Security Officer from behind, and then opt for the Pickpocket action, followed by selecting “Steal UC Security – Well Key.” The odds of a successful pickpocket maneuver skyrocket when players maintain their cover of invisibility and boast a high Theft Skill level.

However, if players are detected during this clandestine operation, they’ll swiftly find themselves on the wrong side of the law, a predicament that significantly heightens the difficulty of reaching the prison cell without falling into the clutches of the authorities.

Starfield How to Get the UC Security Well Key

Once dedicated fans secure the key, the next step is to approach the cell and select the “Unlock” option. Strangely enough, freeing the prisoner doesn’t yield any tangible rewards, nor does it incur any form of punishment. Rather oddly, once the liberated citizen regains their freedom, they casually saunter past all the guards within the building and continue with their daily affairs as if nothing extraordinary had just transpired.

Moreover, the versatile UC Security Well Key not only opens the cell but also grants access to the safes located just outside the door, positioned opposite the jail cell.

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