Quick Coin Farming Tips for Valheim

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Once players encounter a Trader in Valheim, they gain access to essential resources that greatly facilitate survival in the treacherous world of the Vikings. Although coins play a crucial role, the game lacks sufficient guidance on how to earn them, despite the need to accumulate a substantial amount to purchase superior items. For instance, the fishing rod provides a reliable source of food, and the Dverger Circlet functions as a flashlight.

These are just a couple of examples of the items players can acquire as they progress through various biomes, starting from the Meadows and advancing into the Black Forest and beyond. Fortunately, there exist numerous tips and tricks to facilitate the acquisition of coins in Valheim, making the process easier.

Loot Troll Caves

Loot Troll Caves Valheim

The presence of bone piles near their entrances makes Troll Caves quite conspicuous, and numerous caves can be found throughout the Black Forest. Although they may appear daunting from the outside, each Troll Cave typically houses a maximum of three Trolls. Occasionally, these caves may be unoccupied, providing an opportunity for players to explore without disturbances.

Inside a Troll Cave, one can often find scattered Amber, Pearls, Rubies, and assorted coins strewn across the floor. Considering the ease of access, it is worthwhile to plunder as many caves as possible to acquire useful tools that enhance survival in the Black Forest biome.

Investigate Viking Graveyards

Within the Meadows biome, players have the opportunity to come across Viking Graveyards, distinguishable by a cluster of stones arranged in the shape of a longship. When observed from a distance, this formation may resemble an eye.

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Exploring these burial sites and excavating the surrounding area can lead to the discovery of chests. These chests often contain valuable items such as Amber Pearls or Silver Necklaces, both of which hold significant worth when sold to Traders. Additionally, there is a chance that players may stumble upon extra Amber while digging. Bone Fragments, useful for crafting and enhancing specific tools and equipment, may also be uncovered during these excavations.

Skeletons Mean Treasure Is Nearby

Skeletons Mean Treasure Is Nearby

In the Black Forest and Swamps, Skeletons commonly guard Burial Chambers and Ruined Towers, which serve as treasure troves filled with unique items of value. Exploring these locations can yield lucrative rewards. Navigating Burial Chambers can be a bit challenging as they are designed as intricate mazes. To ensure thorough exploration, it is advisable to choose a side upon entering and follow it consistently until every corner is explored.

Ruined Towers, on the other hand, are identifiable as wooden and stone structures and house chests for looting. Although they may not contain the same level of high-value treasures as the Burial Chambers, they are relatively easier to find. Simply listen for the unsettling sounds of a group of skeletons nearby to locate them.

Hunt For Beehives

Hunt For Beehives Valheim

In Valheim, acquiring food is crucial for survival, but it can be challenging if players are unaware of where to search. While a fishing rod proves valuable later in the game, purchasing it prematurely can deplete funds that could be better saved for other essential tools.

Fortunately, beehives offer an excellent solution. These structures produce a piece of honey every twenty minutes and can store up to four servings, ensuring a steady supply of food without requiring any expenditure. Abandoned Villages scattered throughout the Meadows often harbor these beehives. If players stumble upon a Queen Bee alone, they can easily construct a beehive by combining the Queen with 10 wood at a Crafting Station. This method allows players to maintain a reliable source of nourishment without spending a single coin.

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Explore The Plains At Night

Upon reaching the Plains biome after traversing the Meadows and Black Forest, players will encounter a variety of distinct enemies that drop coins upon defeat. Among them, the most common adversaries are the Fulings.

While Fulings are relatively scarce during the daytime, they become a frequent presence when exploring the scenic rolling hills of the Plains at night. Depending on their star rating, they drop a substantial amount of coins upon elimination. Dispatching them is relatively straightforward as long as players maintain well-equipped armor and upgrades. A highly effective method for swiftly disposing of numerous Fulings is to locate one of their villages and engage them from a distance using a bow equipped with poison or needle arrows, each capable of dispatching a Fuling with a single shot.

Seek Out Sunken Crypts

Seek Out Sunken Crypts Valheim

In Valheim, Sunken Crypts serve as veritable gold mines, harboring valuable items at every turn. Equipped with a Dverger Circlet, players can rest assured that no item will go unnoticed, maximizing their earnings when selling.

These lucrative crypts exclusively manifest within the Swamp biomes. To access them, players must obtain the Swamp Key, a drop from The Elder, an early-game boss resembling a humanoid tree. Unlocking the iron gate with the Swamp Key grants entry to the Sunken Crypts. Inside, players will often discover stacks of items rather than isolated treasures. This abundance significantly increases their coin value, making the crypts well worth exploring and pillaging.

Use Portals Effectively

Valheim Fire Portal

By obtaining 1 Fine Wood, Surtling Core, and Greydwarf Eye, players can unlock the recipe for Portals in Valheim. Once these items are obtained, players have the freedom to strategically place their portals, offering a convenient and swift means of navigating the map. To optimize coin farming, it is recommended to position one portal near Haldor the Trader and another close to a base located at a considerable distance from the spawn point.

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With this setup, players can continue their exploration as usual. Whenever they obtain valuable items, they can store them in chests at their base before they become full. Then, by simply placing the items into their inventory and stepping into the portal, they can swiftly sell them to Haldor. This efficient method saves a significant amount of time, allowing players to accumulate coins rapidly.

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