Disney Dreamlight Valley: The Forgotten – Acts of Care Quest Guide

Disney Dreamlight Valley The Forgotten - Acts of Care Quest Guide

After completing the first act of Disney Dreamlight Valley‘s main story, the village welcomes a formerly villainous character known as the Forgotten. This character is in the process of adapting to a new life among the villagers but still considers the Dark Castle as their home for the time being.

However, with a strong desire to establish connections and make amends for past actions, the Forgotten sets out on a goodwill quest, and players play a significant role in assisting them on this mission. Here’s how players can help the Forgotten in the quest “Acts of Care” in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

How to Start “Acts of Care”

How to Start Acts of Care

The “Acts of Care” quest becomes available after players have completed the initial quest with the Forgotten, titled “The Magic in Everything.” Once this quest is completed, “Acts of Care” will automatically start. Players are instructed to visit the Forgotten, who can be found inside the Dark Castle. To reach the Dark Castle, players can use a portal located in the Plaza area, near the wishing well.

How to Complete “Acts of Care”

How to Complete Acts of Care

When players speak with the Forgotten, they will discover that this character is in high spirits as a result of the outcomes of the preceding quest. Fueled by a desire to share this newfound joy with the residents of Dreamlight Valley, the Forgotten devises a plan. Reflecting on the less pleasant interactions they’ve had with Mickey, Minnie, and Goofy during the quest “Forgotten Memories: Friendship,” the Forgotten decides it’s time to rectify their past mistakes and enlists the player’s assistance in doing so.

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Collect Flowers for Mickey

Collect Flowers for Mickey

The Forgotten’s first request is for assistance in collecting flowers to gift to Mickey, which he will then give to Minnie. They also want to prepare Bouillabaisse for Goofy. For the first task, players need to collect the following flowers:

  • 3 White & Pink Falling Penstemon: Foraged in the Plaza biome.
  • 2 Black Passion Lily: Foraged in the Frosted Heights biome.
  • 2 Red Daisy: Foraged in the Peaceful Meadow biome.

Once players have collected the required flowers, they should bring them to the Forgotten. Although the Forgotten may be surprised that the player is handing over the flowers, the player can explain that they believe the Forgotten should be the one to give the flowers to Mickey.

However, please note that the quest may be bugged, causing the Forgotten to return to the Dark Castle instead of going to Mickey Mouse’s location. If this issue occurs, players should speak with Mickey and have him accompany them as a companion. Then, head to the Dark Castle with Mickey by your side.

Enter the Dark Castle, and if the Forgotten is on the lower level, she will approach Mickey, and a conversation will begin. If the Forgotten is not at the castle entrance, players should exit and re-enter the castle until the Forgotten is on the lowest level and can reach Mickey Mouse.

Following a brief conversation, Mickey will thank the Forgotten for the flowers, and the Forgotten will express excitement about the exchange. The Forgotten will express a desire to do something nice for everyone in the Village, but the player suggests they stick to the original plan.

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Catch and Harvest Ingredients for Bouillabaisse

Disney Dreamlight Valley Catch and Harvest  Ingredients for Bouillabaisse

For the meal they want to prepare, the Forgotten insists on using only the freshest ingredients, which means the player must harvest and catch the required ingredients rather than using materials from their inventory. Here are the ingredients the player needs to obtain:

  • Tomato: Harvested from grown Tomato Seeds, which can be purchased at Goofy’s Stall in Dazzle Beach.
  • Shrimp: Obtained from white or blue fishing spots in Dazzle Beach.

Once these two ingredients have been obtained, the player will also need to harvest any one other vegetable and catch two more seafood items, which can be either Lobster or Shrimp.

Please note that Wheat grows quickly but isn’t considered a vegetable, so it won’t count for this quest. Instead, plant and harvest Lettuce Seeds or any other vegetable to fulfill this requirement.

Disney Dreamlight Valley The Forgotten - Acts of Care Quest Guide

After obtaining the required ingredients, head to a cooking station to prepare Bouillabaisse. Although the quest initially specifies catching seafood, it’s also acceptable to use Scallops or Clams in the dish.

Once the Bouillabaisse is ready, serve it to Goofy. He will express his thanks and invite the player and the Forgotten for cake. After a short scene transition, Goofy will express his gratitude for the enjoyable time.

Finally, return to the Forgotten to collect a reward of 2,000 Star Coins for your assistance in making amends and spreading goodwill in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Disney Dreamlight Valley providing players the opportunity to explore and enjoy the magical world of Disney.

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