Retro Reign: Review of Kingdom Eighties

Kingdom Eighties

In a world of high-stakes, fast-paced triple-A games that demand your utmost skill, focus, and lightning-fast reflexes, there’s something deeply satisfying about taking a step back and immersing yourself in a more laid-back experience of base-building, strategic decision-making, and the occasional puzzle-solving. These three elements perfectly encapsulate the essence of the latest release from Raw Fury in the beloved “Kingdom” universe: “Kingdom Eighties.”

While not necessarily groundbreaking within its genre or franchise, “Kingdom Eighties” serves as an excellent entry point for newcomers to the “Kingdom” series, offering a stylish aesthetic, intuitive controls, and a cohesive storyline.

With that being said, will this standalone expansion hybrid game capture your attention enough to give it a chance—maybe even more than once? Will the music and graphics overwhelm you with nostalgic 80s vibes? And will this title immerse you deeply enough in its franchise to transform you into the next devoted “Kingdom” fan? Put simply, it holds immense potential to achieve all three.

A Bold and Captivating Departure

Kingdom Eighties

Arguably the most notable aspect of “Kingdom Eighties” lies in its graphical style and design. While the world of pixel art games has seen its fair share of both mediocre and exceptional creations, there’s something undeniably captivating about the fusion of a pixel art aesthetic with a story set in the 80s. Raw Fury knew exactly what they were doing, as “Kingdom Eighties” looks absolutely stunning.

Playing this game not only transports you back to the classic gaming era, but it also showcases the advancements of modern technology. The in-game cutscenes evoke memories of manually rewinding VHS tapes, complete with the nostalgic image noise. Those were the good old days, and we didn’t even realize it.

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While some may view the 80s setting as an overused trope, thanks to the abundance of media capitalizing on 80s nostalgia, “Kingdom Eighties” manages to take this familiar backdrop and craft a captivating, story-driven game that tugs at your memories and emotions.

Up until now, the “Kingdom” series has always been rooted in medieval times, featuring horses, archery, and the occasional appearance of a hippogriff. Thus, taking a more recent yet vintage turn in the franchise was a bold decision. And frankly, it was the right one. Since “Kingdom Eighties” is a standalone game with a significantly shorter duration than its predecessors, Raw Fury wisely chose to take risks with the setting and graphical style.

The Unfolding Gameplay

Kingdom Eighties

“Kingdom Eighties” delivers an engaging experience through its intuitive controls and distinctive gameplay mechanics that effortlessly draw you into the game.

The gameplay itself is fairly straightforward: Expand your base, unlock characters and vehicles, and fend off enemies hell-bent on crushing your survival aspirations. As you progress, utilize Builders to construct and upgrade defenses while Archers rain arrows upon the faceless foes. All of this is complemented by an economic system revolving around generating and collecting coins. Your loyal army? A group of extraordinary youngsters, wielding both brawn and intellect, battling against the malevolent force known as the Greed, a confluence of interdimensional evil creatures.

To truly appreciate this game, it’s essential to assess it on its own merits. While it introduces new elements to confront the challenges you face, certain aspects present in previous “Kingdom” titles, such as the co-op mode from “Kingdom Two Crowns,” are noticeably absent. The game offers a satisfying experience, albeit with limitations in terms of scale and length, averaging around five hours of gameplay. While this doesn’t significantly detract from the overall enjoyment, there are moments where it feels slightly diluted. Nevertheless, when evaluating “Kingdom Eighties” independently from its predecessors, it stands as an excellent casual base-building strategy game.

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The Struggle Against the Greed

Kingdom Eighties

Within the game, the Greed assumes the role of a supernatural antagonist, tearing families apart, decimating entire cities, and relentlessly pursuing the destruction of the world. It’s a tale that follows the timeless narrative of underdogs triumphing against insurmountable odds, employing vintage character archetypes and occasional clichés that are inherent to 80s-inspired media. We’ve got the nerds, the tech-savvy individuals, the quarterbacks, and the hoodie-wearing protagonists — a quintessential 80s flick in the making!

While this premise may initially sound incredible, a deeper exploration of character development and perhaps some spoken dialogue during cutscenes would enhance the game’s cinematic appeal.

Now let’s talk about the game’s difficulty, or lack thereof. To put it simply, it’s easy. Really easy. The game provides thorough instructions and ample exposure to its core mechanics, leaving little room for genuine challenge.

Each of the main characters possesses unique abilities that inject excitement into the gameplay. However, there’s a distinct lack of balance when it comes to the relative difficulty of the Greed.

In terms of resources, coins pose no real issue whatsoever. Occasionally, you may find yourself temporarily strapped for cash, but a quick bike ride around your base can turn you into a millionaire with the sheer abundance of coins available. Furthermore, regardless of your chosen upgrade priorities, there are no significant penalties or consequences as long as your base maintains a well-balanced structure.

A Solid Choice

Kingdom Eighties

“Kingdom Eighties” may not revolutionize the gaming industry or even redefine its own franchise, but it offers a genuinely enjoyable experience, particularly for those new to the “Kingdom” games. It serves as an excellent introduction to the series, making it the top choice for newcomers. If you’re seeking a fantastic adventure infused with 80s nostalgia, this game might be just what you’re looking for. And if you’re in need of a break from the stress of the day or from other frustrating titles, “Kingdom Eighties” can provide the perfect therapeutic escape.

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However, it’s important not to approach this game with lofty expectations, especially if you’re seeking a challenging and lengthy experience. Not every game needs to be relentlessly difficult and punishing. Despite its somewhat limited content and duration, “Kingdom Eighties” remains a solid choice worth picking up and trying out.

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