Coolest Weapons in Remnant’s 2 Based on Their Aesthetics

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Remnant 2 Weapons

Remnant 2 boasts an impressive array of top-notch weaponry, with a delightful twist: some of the most potent tools also sport the most captivating designs. Few frustrations match the disappointment of having to equip unsightly gear solely for statistical gains in games. However, this predicament is effortlessly circumvented within Remnant 2. Whether you fancy sleek blades or creatively cobbled scrap guns, this game offers a diverse selection of weapons, each infused with its own unique style.

While Remnant 2 carries recognizable traits of Soulslike games, it distinguishes itself by seamlessly incorporating firearms alongside close-combat options. The arms are neatly categorized into three distinct groups: long guns, handguns, and melee weapons. Acquiring the premier weaponry in Remnant 2 isn’t a mere coincidence; the game encourages dedicated efforts in the pursuit of loot. Whether vanquishing formidable bosses, deciphering intricate puzzles, or diligently scavenging for specific items, players can curate an arsenal that harmonizes both aesthetics and potency.


Sagittarius Remnant 2

While Remnant 2’s assortment of firearms might lean towards the flashy side, the Sagittarius bow manages to capture attention in a truly distinctive manner. This weapon exudes an aura of antiquity that stands out amidst the game’s offerings, evoking a sensation of having once belonged to a slightly fantastical version of various ancient civilizations. The Sagittarius’ visual appeal harmonizes with its in-game lore, which positions it as a legendary weapon, possibly once wielded by the hero Carycua.

This legendary bow from Remnant 2 becomes even more captivating in motion, primarily due to its Weapon Mod, Starfall. Those who wield the Sagittarius can conjure portals above their adversaries, unleashing cascades of star fragments—a formidable technique that offers a captivating spectacle for any bystanders. Coupled with impressive DPS and robust fundamental attributes, the Sagittarius stands as the quintessential longbow choice, seamlessly blending both style and substance.


Remnant 2 widowmaker

While the Widowmaker stands as one of Remnant 2’s premier long guns, its visual impact falls slightly short when compared to some of the other standout weapons. Crafted as a relatively straightforward scrap-based firearm, the ingenuity required to piece together such a weapon is perhaps more captivating than the weapon itself. From a distance, the Widowmaker bears a resemblance to a standard sniper rifle, with its slightly incongruent components revealing themselves upon closer examination.

Among sniping options, the Widowmaker reigns as the most formidable choice in the game, delivering substantial damage in a single shot. However, its longer reload and firing times set it apart from other long gun alternatives. Consequently, this weapon shines brightest in the hands of sharpshooters who possess unwavering confidence in their accuracy. While the Widowmaker may not dazzle foes with its style, it excels at a more visceral level, effectively getting the job done. The value of a simplistic design is not to be underestimated, especially considering that the more elaborate or idiosyncratically designed weapons in Remnant 2 might resonate differently based on personal preferences.

Cube Gun

Cube Gun Remnant 2

The Cube Gun stands as an undeniably anomalous weapon, casting aside the gentle contours of nature and the refined touch of skilled craftsmanship in favor of an impossibly geometric composition. What elevates this firearm to one of Remnant 2’s most visually captivating weapons is its dynamic motion. The distinct cuboids that constitute the weapon subtly shift of their own accord, instilling the Cube Gun with an enduring sensation of motion and vitality, even during periods of inactivity.

Squeezing the trigger further amplifies the visual spectacle, as both the muzzle flash and impact reverberate with fittingly geometric brilliance. Functionally, the Cube Gun assumes a role akin to the Rune Pistol, boasting a weapon mod that conjures a protective Cube Shield. Operating on a timed basis, mastering the art of swift and efficient kills becomes integral to harnessing the Cube Gun’s peak potential.

Rune Pistol

Rune Pistol Remnant 2

Diametrically opposed to the Widowmaker, the Rune Pistol resides on the far end of the spectrum, blending intricate and enigmatic design within a compact frame. The metallic contours, evoking an H.R. Giger-esque sensibility, infuse the handgun with an organic elegance, further heightened by an otherworldly radiance that emanates from its barrel. While the Widowmaker’s origin appears rooted in the mortal realm, the Rune Pistol’s essence resonates with its Fae heritage, making a resounding statement. Beneath the ornate embellishments, a semblance of a conventional pistol design lingers, though adversaries are unlikely to approach closely enough to discern it.

Securing the Rune Pistol mandates the discovery of Remnant 2’s Nimue, a Fae goddess adorned with an aura as mystifying as the weapon itself. The pistol’s most formidable attribute in combat materializes through its Weapon Mod, known as Soul Brand. Dispatching foes with the Rune Pistol leaves ethereal remnants, offering rejuvenation to any player who ventures within proximity. While employing the handgun for sniping purposes might diminish this capability, engaging in close-quarter frenzy allows the life-replenishing prowess of Soul Brand to radiate brilliantly.

World’s Edge

World's Edge Remnant 2

Obtaining the World’s Edge in Remnant 2 is no small feat; nevertheless, the performance and panache that this exceptional greatsword brings to the forefront might just render the challenges of acquiring it worthwhile. While the hilt may exhibit the utilitarian appearance of more commonplace Remnant 2 weaponry, a single glance reveals that the blade itself holds an aura of distinction. Bathed in a fiery crimson glow that escalates with each motion, the potency coursing through the World’s Edge becomes readily apparent to the naked eye.

Forged from the shards of a fractured Worldstone, the sword’s origin tale alone would confer significance, even if its combat prowess were not particularly remarkable. Primarily suited for addressing swarming adversaries, the World’s Edge wields a broad horizontal projectile capable of wreaking havoc upon multiple foes in a solitary strike. However, relying on it as a simple path to triumph is a fallacy, for the sword’s acquisition demands facing Brabus after conquering Remnant 2’s ultimate adversary and completing the game on Apocalypse difficulty. While this endeavor might prove no trifling matter, the potential payoff of wielding one of Remnant 2’s finest and most remarkable weapons could make the struggle truly worthwhile.

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