Remnant 2: A Guide to Weapon Upgrades

Remnant 2 A Guide to Weapon Upgrades

As players advance through Remnant 2, they will encounter progressively tougher adversaries. To stand a chance against these formidable foes, upgrading weapons is essential for survival.

Players have the option to enhance a wide array of weaponry, spanning from handguns to melee arms. However, a considerable number of players struggle with the upgrade process due to a lack of guidance. Thankfully, this guide offers a straightforward set of steps to facilitate the weapon upgrading process in Remnant 2. It’s important to highlight that, unlike its precursor, armor upgrades are not available for players in Remnant 2.

Upgrading Weapons in Remnant 2

Remnant 2 A Guide to Weapon Upgrades

Enhancing weapons within Remnant 2 proves to be a more intricate process than mere words suggest. This endeavor demands players to accomplish a series of supplementary objectives. Primarily, players must complete the initial tutorial segment. Following the successful completion of this foundational tutorial, upgrading weapons in Remnant 2 can be achieved through the following uncomplicated sequence:

  1. Proceed to Ward 13, the central hub in Remnant 2.
  2. Locate Dion Rigler, situated in a warehouse adjacent to the World Stone.
  3. Despite Rigler being categorized as a merchant, his inventory is void of goods for sale. Players can entrust their weapons to Rigler for the purpose of upgrading.
  4. It is essential for players to furnish Rigler with requisite materials to facilitate the weapon upgrade process, which encompasses resources such as Scrap and Iron.

As players engage in the progression of their weapons, the necessity for superior-grade materials becomes apparent, inevitably incurring higher costs than conventional resources. These superior materials encompass:

  • Iron for elevating Weapon Rank to +5
  • Forged Iron for achieving Weapon Rank +10
  • Galvanized Iron for attaining Weapon Rank +15
  • Hardened Iron for reaching Weapon Rank +19
  • Simulacrum for advancing to Weapon Rank +20
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The acquisition of Iron can be accomplished through purchase from Cass or by means of scavenging chests. Furthermore, players have the option to procure Scrap from merchants at a reasonable cost.

Upgrading Boss Weapons in Remnant 2

Remnant 2 Boss

The process of enhancing Boss Weapons mirrors that of standard weapons, with the sole distinction being that Boss Weapons cap at +10 Weapon Rank. Additionally, players need to contribute Lumenite Crystals alongside Iron and Scrap to elevate Boss Weapons. Despite the substantial investment of time and materials, upgrading Boss Weapons proves rewarding due to the formidable might they offer.

Armed with this insight, players can fully unleash the potential of their preferred weapons, negating the need to abandon them for newer options due to unfamiliarity with the upgrade mechanics.

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