Best Co-Op Games to Play on Steam in July 2023

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Best Co-Op Games to Play on Steam in July 2023

Thanks to the Steam platform, PC gamers have access to an abundance of incredible games that can be purchased, downloaded, and thoroughly enjoyed. Additionally, Steam simplifies the process of playing games together by providing convenient features such as the friends list and invite system.

This establishes Steam as the ideal destination for players seeking cooperative adventures online. There is a wealth of exceptional co-op games available on Steam, catering to various preferences, including both high-profile AAA titles and beloved Indie gems. To highlight some of the noteworthy cooperative experiences found on the platform, let’s delve into a selection of the best co-op games on Steam and provide an overview of what players can anticipate from them.

For The King

For The King

For the King demonstrates that turn-based RPGs become exceptionally thrilling when enjoyed with friends. This multiplayer cooperative experience allows up to three players to embark on a story-driven adventure together. Each player selects a class and embarks on a journey to confront enemies, make crucial decisions, and unravel the game’s lore. The game boasts a vast array of areas to explore and battles to engage in, with each player taking their own turn in both the Overworld and during combat encounters.

In For the King, players have the opportunity to unlock new abilities by swapping weapons, providing a dynamic and strategic element to gameplay. Additionally, players must make a series of dice-roll decisions that can either strengthen or weaken their characters over time, introducing an element of risk and reward. This adds depth and unpredictability to the gameplay experience, making every decision feel consequential.

Overall, For the King combines the excitement of turn-based combat, exploration, and decision-making with the added thrill of cooperative play, resulting in a truly engaging multiplayer adventure.

Sons Of The Forest

sons of the forest gps

In 2014, Endnight Games introduced the immensely popular horror survival game called The Forest. Now, nearly a decade later, the studio returns with an exciting new adventure called Sons of the Forest. This highly anticipated sequel retains all the beloved gameplay elements from its predecessor while also incorporating a range of thrilling surprises. While currently available in Early Access, the developers are committed to delivering a wealth of fresh content in the upcoming months, as indicated by countdown timers outlining future patches and releases.

While Sons of the Forest offers a satisfying solo experience, it truly shines when played with friends. Just like the original game, players can construct their own bases, set up traps, fortify defenses, and embark on explorations together with their companions.

Overcooked! 2

Overcooked! 2

If you’re seeking a thrilling combination of puzzles, strategy, and skill-based challenges, look no further than Overcooked! 2. While it may initially appear as a straightforward cooking game, it quickly descends into delightful chaos, demanding exceptional teamwork for success, particularly in the later levels. Collaboration becomes paramount as players must work in unison, tossing ingredients to one another and utilizing the appropriate cooking stations to serve meals to eagerly awaiting customers.

In Overcooked! 2, each level employs a star-based rating system, motivating players to strive for excellence and earn more stars by delivering outstanding performances. The game presents a formidable challenge that keeps players on their toes, and the enjoyment derived from it is immeasurable. With the opportunity for up to four players to engage in frenetic action within a wide variety of eccentric kitchen settings, the experience becomes an exhilarating race against the clock.

Prepare yourself for a culinary adventure like no other in Overcooked! 2, where teamwork, quick thinking, and coordination are the essential ingredients for success. Brace yourself for a challenging yet immensely enjoyable experience that will have you and your friends racing around surreal kitchens, striving to create culinary masterpieces.

Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley, hailed as one of the finest Indie releases of all time, offers an incredibly enjoyable and extensive cooperative mode. In this mode, a maximum of four players can come together to construct their very own farm. However, it’s essential to note that one player assumes the role of the “owner,” while the others become farmhands. As a result, the progression of the game is contingent upon the owner’s online presence, as the characters of the farmhands are saved exclusively in the owner’s world. Nonetheless, multiplayer introduces numerous distinctive features, such as each player being able to marry their own non-playable character (NPC) and the option to construct additional player housing through cabins on the farm premises. Furthermore, players have the freedom to independently pursue and fulfill quests, amplifying the cooperative experience.



For those in search of an exhilarating and spine-chilling experience, look no further than Phasmophobia. This Indie gem thrusts players into an eerie world where they must venture into haunted locations armed with a variety of tools to gather evidence of the paranormal. What may start as a seemingly routine exploration quickly descends into chaos as players realize that the spirits they encounter are not only real but also hostile. Phasmophobia’s dark and gritty atmosphere, particularly when played in VR, can deliver bone-chilling terror that will leave players on edge.

While the horrors may be overwhelming, fear can be tempered by bringing along friends for support. Phasmophobia offers a prime opportunity for cooperative play, as players must work together and communicate effectively to navigate each location’s treacherous environment and survive the haunting encounters. Collaboration becomes essential as players pool their knowledge, skills, and resources to unravel the mysteries and evade the clutches of the supernatural.

Prepare yourself for heart-pounding moments in Phasmophobia as you and your friends delve into the depths of fear, braving the unknown and pushing the boundaries of terror. This Indie release delivers an immersive and genuinely terrifying experience that will test your courage and resilience.



While Minecraft holds the title of the quintessential building, crafting, and survival game, some argue that Terraria offers an equally, if not more, captivating experience. Departing from Minecraft’s 3D blocky aesthetic, Terraria presents a charming pixelated 2D side-scrolling adventure. Like its counterpart, Terraria generates worlds procedurally, ensuring that no two playthroughs are alike. For those seeking a more challenging alternative to a typical Minecraft session, Terraria delivers with its immersive combat system and a diverse array of formidable bosses that demand strategic fighting, dedicated grinding, and extensive exploration for better gear.

Terraria provides a delightful experience when played solo, but it truly shines when enjoyed with friends. Players have the freedom to embark on the entirety of Terraria as a cooperative duo or even as a larger group. The game’s cooperative gameplay allows for shared triumphs, collaborative building projects, and epic battles against powerful foes. Whether venturing together or engaging in friendly competition, the camaraderie and teamwork fostered in Terraria elevate the experience to new heights.

It Takes Two

It Takes Two cody and may in garden

It Takes Two is an absolute must-play for anyone seeking an immersive and captivating cooperative adventure. Crafted by the same studio that brought us the acclaimed A Way Out, this game is a true masterpiece in cooperative gaming. It not only presents a gripping storyline but also boasts a visually stunning art style and addictive gameplay. With action-packed chapters filled with puzzles and challenges, players will embark on a journey that requires unwavering support and collaboration.

In It Takes Two, regardless of the character they choose, players are constantly engaged in a dynamic dance of roles, seamlessly transitioning between leading and supporting one another. Each player will have their time in the spotlight, while also taking turns to enhance and uplift their partner’s gameplay experience. This delicate balance creates a beautifully synchronized release that showcases the extraordinary heights cooperative multiplayer can reach.

Prepare to be enthralled by It Takes Two as you and your partner navigate a world brimming with wonder and excitement. The game’s masterful blend of storytelling, stunning visuals, and addictive gameplay will leave you fully immersed in an unforgettable cooperative experience. Get ready to embark on a journey where teamwork and cooperation take center stage, showcasing the incredible potential of multiplayer gaming.

Left 4 Dead 2

Left 4 Dead 2  gameplay

Despite the recent release of Back 4 Blood by Turtle Rock Studios, a game heavily influenced by their original hit Left 4 Dead, many players are still gravitating towards Left 4 Dead 2 to satisfy their appetite for zombie-fighting action. Since its debut in 2009, Left 4 Dead 2 has remained a monumental force in the cooperative gaming scene. It not only enhances the original release but also retains the core gameplay elements that made it an extraordinary experience. The result is a sequel that delivers an engaging, adrenaline-pumping, chaotic, and incredibly enjoyable adventure.

While Left 4 Dead 2 can be played solo with AI-controlled partners, it truly shines when experienced through cooperative play. The game’s robust modding support and the availability of custom campaigns ensure that players diving into Left 4 Dead 2 will discover a wealth of content to explore alongside their friends. The cooperative experience amplifies the thrill of the game, allowing players to tackle hordes of zombies together, strategize, and overcome challenges as a cohesive unit.

Don’t Starve Together

Don't Starve Together

Don’t Starve, an Indie gem, made a significant impact on the gaming community, amassing a devoted fan base due to its challenging game world, unforgiving mechanics, and captivating storybook-esque art style. From a top-down viewpoint, players must navigate the harsh environment, scavenging for sustenance and resources, constructing shelters, and evading an assortment of menacing creatures encountered in dynamically generated playthroughs.

Don’t Starve Together allows players to share the trials and tribulations of the original release in a cooperative setting. By selecting from a diverse roster of intriguing characters, each possessing unique abilities and attributes, players can collaborate to survive the harsh realities of the game.


Valheim trap

Valheim, an Indie sensation, offers a challenging yet immensely rewarding experience as players assume the roles of Vikings. Survival in this game requires the construction of shelters, crafting of weapons, farming for coins, and gathering materials to forge armor and other essential tools. Reminiscent of The Forest and its sequel, players initially find themselves vulnerable and defenseless, compelled to either evade or confront formidable adversaries.

Valheim incorporates a combat system reminiscent of the “Dark Souls” series, demanding that players familiarize themselves with enemy attack patterns and behaviors to emerge victorious. The game also features formidable bosses that must be defeated. What adds to the appeal is the option for players to embark on the journey with a companion, making the adventure somewhat easier.

Deep Rock Galactic

Deep Rock Galactic  gameplay

Deep Rock Galactic immerses players in the role of a resource-gathering team tasked with embarking on diverse missions to collect valuable minerals and items. Set in a futuristic and whimsical universe, this first-person shooter requires players to unite as one of four distinct classes, collaborating to execute missions flawlessly. These objectives encompass various tasks such as gathering specific quantities of resources, safeguarding designated areas, and neutralizing specific threats.

As an outstanding FPS, Deep Rock Galactic strikes a delightful balance by providing a challenging experience at higher difficulty levels while fostering an enjoyable and humorous atmosphere.

Sea Of Thieves

Sea Of Thieves Season 8

When it embarked on its maiden voyage in 2018, Rare’s ambitious nautical endeavor encountered initial turbulence. However, the game persevered through those challenges and emerged victorious. Today, more than five years later, Sea of Thieves stands as a prominent fixture in the online gaming landscape, catering to both cooperative and PvP enthusiasts, as well as lone adventurers. Although lacking a linear narrative, Rare intentionally crafted the game to empower players to forge their own thrilling exploits, an endeavor that is often more enjoyable when part of a crew.

While Sea of Thieves may not rely heavily on intricate storytelling, it boasts a wealth of content and objectives. Players can embark on missions, embark on epic quests, align with factions, embark on treasure hunts, and participate in time-limited events, ensuring a captivating experience. Moreover, a crew can spend their days freely exploring the vast sandbox, eagerly embracing encounters with mythical Krakens or rival pirate ships that come their way.

Zombie Army 4: Dead War

Zombie Army 4 Dead War

While living in the shadow of Left 4 Dead, Zombie Army 4 manages to carve out its own identity on Steam as a cooperative zombie game. Rebellion’s creation distinguishes itself by being a third-person shooter, which may seem like a small detail, but in practice, it delivers a distinct experience.

The campaign of Zombie Army 4 embraces a delightfully absurd tone, propelling players forward at an exhilarating speed, with hordes of undead consistently lurking nearby. This mode boasts a satisfying length, and while it may not be overflowing with surprises, the story continually introduces fresh locations to maintain an engaging experience.



After a period of Early Access, Barotrauma made its highly anticipated full release in March 2023. This survival game submerges players into the depths of an alien ocean aboard a submarine, where terrifying entities lurk, far more menacing than the formidable Great White Shark. In addition to a single-player campaign, Barotrauma offers two co-op modes specifically designed to showcase the game’s pinnacle experience.

In these cooperative modes, players in Barotrauma assume distinct roles within the submarine, each with a vital responsibility for the success of missions and the overall survival of the crew. Even when surrounded by friends, the game effectively maintains an intense level of stress, offering a uniquely gratifying experience.

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