Before Suicide Squad: Batman Ninja – A Must-Watch Anime Isekai for Fans!

Batman Ninja Isekai

With the highly anticipated Suicide Squad ISEKAI garnering much attention, there’s one anime isekai that enthusiasts should catch before its release: Batman Ninja. Recently unveiled at Anime Expo 2023, Wit Studio’s collaboration with Warner Bros. Japan promises an isekai anime featuring Suicide Squad characters, aptly titled Suicide Squad ISEKAI. While details are still scarce, the involvement of the studio behind Spy X Family and Attack on Titan’s first three seasons, along with writer Tappei Nagatsuki from Re:ZERO, hints at an exciting production.

While Suicide Squad ISEKAI holds its allure, prior to its arrival, isekai fans should not miss out on the thrilling world of Batman Ninja. In this anime, DC characters find themselves in an isekai tale, transported to Sengoku Japan to thwart the Joker’s sinister plans for domination. The series’ unique blend of humor and genuine storytelling sets it apart as one of the most imaginative DC animated projects. While Suicide Squad ISEKAI promises a different storyline, those who enjoy isekai adventures will find plenty to relish in the captivating world of Batman Ninja.

Batman Ninja: Anime Adventure

Batman Ninja - A Must-Watch Anime Isekai

One of the most prominent aspects that sets Batman Ninja apart is its incredible goofiness. From beginning to end, the anime is a wild ride filled with hilariously era-appropriate outfits for the Batman characters, Batman showcasing his ninja skills involving bats, and villains piloting giant robots that combine into an even larger robot, all accompanied by a nonsensical song. Not to mention, an army of monkeys joining forces to create a colossal Batman to combat the menacing robot. Every scene seems dedicated to pushing the boundaries of over-the-top storytelling, creating an entirely original experience that stands out from other animated DC movies.

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Yet, the true brilliance of Batman Ninja lies in its sincere approach to the absurdity. Rather than treating the story as a mere parody, the anime wholeheartedly embraces the exaggerated nature of comics and anime, resulting in a stylistic narrative with impeccable choreography that fearlessly embraces the goofy side to yield something genuinely cool. This captivating charm, combined with stunning visuals and masterful direction, makes Batman Ninja an absolute joy to watch. Whether you’re a die-hard Batman fan or love isekai anime, this film promises a great time filled with laughter and excitement.

Comparing Suicide Squad ISEKAI and Batman Ninja

Comparing Suicide Squad ISEKAI and Batman Ninja

For those anticipating Suicide Squad ISEKAI, watching Batman Ninja is a definite must, though the two anime showcase clear differences. To begin with, Suicide Squad ISEKAI centers around the Suicide Squad characters, while Batman Ninja delves into the world of Batman characters. Additionally, Suicide Squad ISEKAI appears to adopt traditional animation, whereas Batman Ninja is a CG film.

Their story structures also set them apart. Batman Ninja takes an isekai approach through time travel, transporting Batman characters to Sengoku Japan. On the other hand, Suicide Squad ISEKAI follows the more conventional form of isekai, where the characters find themselves transported to an entirely new world.

Another significant distinction lies in their focus on the DC Universe. Suicide Squad ISEKAI retains the essence of the Suicide Squad premise, with the team embarking on a mission in the other world, making it a promising crossover between DC and anime. This aspect could appeal to those seeking a story that remains closer in tone to DC Comics. However, Batman Ninja’s charm lies precisely in its absurdity, making it a valuable watch for anyone intrigued by Suicide Squad ISEKAI. Skipping Batman Ninja would surely be a missed opportunity for fans of the upcoming series.

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