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Three Reasons to Tune In to Spy x Family

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Spy x Family

Spy x Family, initially introduced as a manga in 2019, swiftly emerged as a chart-topping sensation in Japan and North America over the course of three years. While it may appear ordinary in an age where manga reigns supreme in the realm of global comics, it’s worth noting that most manga blockbusters owe their success to an anime adaptation. Demon Slayer, Jujutsu Kaisen, and Tokyo Revengers serve as prime examples of this phenomenon.

Contrarily, Spy x Family’s manga managed to garner immense popularity and secure its place on bestseller lists even before the prospect of an anime adaptation emerged. The fervent support from its avid readership practically guaranteed the anime’s success.

Now, if you’re not an avid manga reader, you might be uncertain about why you should invest your time in watching Spy x Family. Perhaps you suspect it to be excessively hyped (which it is not). It’s possible you possess a contrarian inclination and are disinclined to engage with something solely due to its widespread popularity (a sentiment we can all relate to). Therefore, let’s delve into a few compelling reasons why you should consider giving it a chance.

It Offers a Refreshing Change of Pace

In recent years, many prominent anime series have gravitated towards the supernatural horror and fantasy genres. Works like Demon Slayer and Jujutsu Kaisen immerse viewers in worlds teeming with demons and the individuals who hunt them down. Even the Chainsaw Man revolves around a pact between a man and a demon. While these premises often lead to thrilling plotlines and intense battle sequences, there are times when one craves a departure from such themes. After all, they say that variety is the spice of life.

At first glance, Spy x Family presents familiar elements, especially for enthusiasts of espionage thrillers. The story unfolds in the backdrop of a Cold War between two rival nations, Westalis and Ostania. Behind the scenes, intelligence gathering, sabotage, and assassination become the tools of battle. However, the fragile peace is on the brink of collapse, prompting Westalis to dispatch its finest agent, Twilight, to spy on an Ostanian politician. To accomplish this mission, Twilight must assemble a counterfeit family—hence the title.

Given these details, one might assume that Spy x Family is a high-octane thriller brimming with twists and turns. While surprises and unforeseen developments do arise, this is not a plot-driven narrative. Spy x Family transcends the boundaries of a conventional thriller and takes on the guise of a slice-of-life action-comedy.

As an added delight, two out of the three main characters are adults—actual adults. Not to diminish the appeal of teenage protagonists found in series like Demon Slayer or My Hero Academia, but there are occasions when we yearn for tales centered around adult characters, grappling with adult concerns and navigating their adult lives. And if those adults happen to be spies and assassins? Well, that’s even more intriguing.

Spy x Family Embraces Its Absurd Premise

Spy x Family

The crux of Twilight’s mission in Spy x Family revolves around safeguarding his true identity from discovery. Instead of being a master of disguise, he assumes the role of Loid Forger, a psychiatrist who is married and has a young daughter from a previous marriage. It’s essential for him to maintain this facade, not only with the rest of his new fake family but with everyone he encounters. However, he soon realizes that he is not the only one harboring secrets. His new fake wife and newly adopted daughter possess equally significant and undisclosed truths.

Loid believes he is married to a lovely woman named Yor, who works as a clerk at City Hall. Unbeknownst to him, Yor was trained since childhood as a lethal Ostanian assassin. Loid also assumes he has adopted a clever six-year-old girl named Anya. However, Anya is not only younger than she appears, but she has also escaped from a clandestine government program that creates psychics.

In this intricate web of deceit, Loid keeps his true identity as a spy hidden from Yor, while Yor conceals her true profession as an assassin from Loid. Both parents strive to shield Anya from the truth, but Anya possesses telepathic abilities, rendering her aware of everything. Despite having spy and assassin parents, Anya remains unafraid, finding immense joy in this unconventional family dynamic. Neither Loid nor Yor realizes Anya’s telepathic capabilities, as psychics are not expected to exist in their reality.

A significant part of the anime’s allure lies in the suspenseful longevity of the masquerade. Each character is concealing their true selves, leading to questions such as when the truth will be unveiled and how everyone will react. Moreover, Loid and Yor seem oblivious to the peculiarities exhibited by the people they share their lives with. This concoction of deception and secrecy is tailor-made to captivate and sustain viewers’ interest.

Above all, what truly drives the series is the humor derived from the collision between genuine and counterfeit identities. Loid excels as a hyper-competent spy, yet his espionage training provides no preparation for the challenges of parenthood. Yor possesses the ability to effortlessly eliminate multiple adversaries, but navigating office gossip proves to be perplexing for her.

And if you believe that these are the sole characters harboring secrets (and secret identities), just wait. With only three episodes aired thus far and an abundance of manga material yet to be adapted, the series holds many more surprises in store.

The Heartwarming Slice-of-Life Approach Will Tug at Your Heartstrings

Spy x Family

One wouldn’t anticipate a wholesome anime amidst a backdrop of spies and assassins. Typically, such occupations don’t attract individuals known for their tender and affectionate nature. However, in the realm of anime, anything is possible.

Spy x Family, contrary to expectations, manages to harmoniously blend its exaggerated elements together, thanks to the respective backgrounds of Loid and Yor. Loid pursued a career as a spy to spare other children from enduring the same tragic childhood he experienced. Yor, on the other hand, became an assassin to support her much-younger brother after their parents’ demise. Neither of these circumstances are ideal. However, it is precisely due to their backgrounds that Loid and Yor wholeheartedly strive to provide a semblance of normalcy for Anya, even though Anya herself is far from ordinary.

The interplay between reality and falsehood serves as the emotional core of the series. Loid plans to return Anya to the orphanage once his mission is complete, but deep down, do we truly believe that will happen? Loid and Yor initially entered into a marriage of convenience, but it is hard to ignore the budding feelings between them. While the tropes may be familiar, it is the execution and handling of these elements that keep viewers yearning for more.

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